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Dune 4WD 2x2m Caravan Car Awning $59 (RRP $239) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required)


Bargain deal. Club membership required, free to join.

Description from site:
The Dune 4WD 2 Metre Awning is perfect for adding extra shade and cover for those shorter camping trips. The Dune 4WD Awning is quick and easy to set up and pack away thanks to its twist locking poles. PVC cover included for convenient transportation and easy storage.

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  • +1

    Shows as $59 for me but still a good deal.

    • Sorry, typo. Fixed now.

      • Need to put store name in title mate.

  • +1

    Club price for me says 59 dollars? How did you get the price at 50?

  • +1

    do these usually have the kit included to install onto a standard Thule roof rack?

    • +2

      usually doesn't
      it's only T bolts though. you can get them in SCA for a couple of dollars

    • +1

      I bought this last year and the kit was included.

    • Hmm i had a quick google and this looks like a pain in the arse to install each time you want it on for a ‘quick’ trip

      • +3

        This makes it quicker and easier.

  • +1

    Is 2m x 2m enough? My friend has the batwing awning, which is pretty awesome.

    • +6

      Having bought this last special I wish I went bigger. Can't fit a two person tent completely under it which is kinda of annoying. If all you wanna do is park a couple camp chairs under it, will probably fit the bill.

      • +1

        Did you get it around the same price?

        • +2

          Yep, $59

    • +3

      I have a 2.5 along x 2 out and wish it was 2.5m out. With small awnings like the 2x2, you will need to constantly adjust your position as the sun moves. This might be cheap but in practical use, it is not that great.

    • 2.5 x 2.5 i find is the smallest that's practical off the side. This 2 x 2 is better suited to off the back of a 4wd.

      • Yes except it looks odd with a 2m awning mounted across the back.

        • Edit: Yep my bad too many brewskies last night, 1.5m for rear awnings on most fourbies.

  • It is available for 59 in Ballarat and Geelong stores …

  • +20

    Are these safe to use in undercover carparks?

    • Rotfl

    • Try them in your home garage first, if it's safe then you'll be fine in undercover carparks.

    • +1

      Haha! M E T A

    • Check ramp under angle before use*.

      *Ramp under is my newly created opposite to ramp over.

    • Too soon for old mate

    • Do you need more shade there?

  • Looks like Prorack are $299 for the T17 ; SCA goes to $250 but if i can get to Anaconda might be worth it.

  • The 270deg awning is also at a club price of 350$. Anyone use it before?

  • +1

    for those shorter camping trips

    Assume these are no good for anyone taller than 1.80m then?

    • -1

      Depends how high you mount them. These are 2m long by 2m.wide.

  • Heaps of these available (a pallet of about 100 units) in Frankston, VIC.

    I'd say most stores would have plenty of stock.

  • Good deal!

    That RRP is adorable.

  • -1

    In store only, no click & collect or delivery.

    Might want to add to the description?

  • Going to shoot to my local Noarlunga (SA) store to see if they have stock as I see you can't buy online.

    • Please report back, I'll get on from there as well. You could just call, but store people aren't the most reliable for bargains.

      • Will do. I only live a 2 minute drive away.

      • Hi tunzafun001,

        There's 9 left on the floor.
        They don't look too bad for the money

  • +1

    I was ready to jump on this but the more I think on it the more I feel it's better to get something that rolls out further. I don't want chairs and stuff up against my car doors because people are trying to get out of the sun. Might be better to spend more up front on something bigger rather than getting scratches and dents taken out of the paintwork.

    • Yes good call, a 2x2 is too small for a side awning you will be glad you went the bigger size.

  • How do they go at repelling sandworms?

    • Just realised you beat me to it!

  • Anyone knows the cheapest way to buy a portable car park cover?

  • +1

    And don't forget the 10% cashback from Shopback on the Adventure swap gift card.

  • Went in for some roof racks and this awning and came out with a new fishing rod as well.

  • About 40 in a big stack at Belrose!

  • +3

    Is this good for trekking the desert sands of Arrakis in search of the Spice Melange?

    • Geeks don't trek on desert.

    • You didn't read the disclaimer? This model attracts Sandworms!

  • Got me one! Can someone recommend how I could install them on my Prado 150? I only have the factory side rails…I have thought of mounting a roof rack but I like the low profile flat ones and they are so expensive! For now can I get a cross bar to install this awning? What type of cross bar to get?

    • Any cross bars that have mounts able to fit on your Prado rails.

    • The genuine Toyota Aero roof racks are Rhino racks rebadged and are a little cheaper. That's what I'm using to mount an awning to my 150.

  • I had to pay 30 bucks for the kit to attach those 2 years ago. Do a research before if you wanna keep the cost low !

  • Ok just ordered me on eBay Toyota aero roof cross bars .. PZQ3060200…let's hope it all fits.

  • Got one at Penrith this morning. Was about 20 available but I saw 5 people with one each queued waiting to pay. Flying off the shelf!

  • The website showed it went up to $99 now. Is it still a good deal? How easy to detach the awning from the rail, I wouldn’t want to have it on all the time.

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