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St George Amplify Platinum: 130,000 Amplify Points, $3000 Spend in 90 Days, $49 First Year Fee (Save $50)


St George back at it again with another Amplify bonus point deal to churn.

Worth $550 in gift cards makes it a good alternative to churning the QFF equivalent.
The $49 first year annual fee is a nice bonus.
Just need to spend $3000 in 90 days.

Just of note their approval process has become more strict over the past year, personally St George/BoM/BoSA the hardest banks to get a credit card off.

The St.George Amplify Platinum Visa - Amplify Rewards has 130,000 bonus Amplify Points (can get you up to $550 in eGift cards) plus a reduced first year annual fee of $49 p.a. on offer for new cardholders, along with 0% p.a. for 24 months on Balance Transfers and a range of complimentary insurances.

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    Just need to spend $3000 in 90 days.

    This needs to be in the title

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  • I cancelled the Qantas equivalent of this around 6 months ago. Do they treat the non qantas version differently?

    • No they treat it the same. You have to sit out the 12 months.

    • Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

      I think the overarching amplify program covers both unfortunately, unlike ANZ where the rewards arm is separate to the QFF arm.

  • Aside from the initial bonus, which has better yield, the Qantas or non-Qantas?

  • Is there cashback instead of Gift Card?

  • What's people experience with BOM approval process. Recently moved home loan to BOM and have been offered 200000 points on their amplify signature (100000 each every year) with annual fees taken care by the package fees. I did confirm from the broker that the points are available for the package holders as well as few folks reminded that home loan owners usually don't get the points in reward for the zero annual fees.
    Let me know your thoughts.

    • Interesting as i have the package and was thinking of going to the Amplify Signature but the 15k minimum is kind of annoying to have on your credit file.

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    What gift cards can the points be exchanged to?

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    seems good for churners collecting Krisflyer points, if i recall correctly St George has the best conversion ratio of 2:1 so 65,000 points which is better than the current ANZ offer which is 1:3 so only 60,000

  • Are westpac holders excluded from this?

    • no, all good. Only if you held St George/BoM/BoSA in the last 12 months

    • Depends on what you want, gift cards vs QFF

      • or other FF programs eg Velocity, Kris, etc

  • Is this credit card easy to approve? Has anyone been rejected?

    • Just got rejected, probably because I just started on a new job. Oh well, I'll make the wife apply for it then haha

    • Just got rejected due to being too new of a customer with St.George which is strange.

      Haven't had that problem with any other bank before.

      Opened a transaction account in the morning so I can save the annual fee and then applied for the credit card.
      Got rejected straight away on the online portal.
      Called in and they said that I don't have history with the bank and its not my score.
      Pretty dumb.

  • St George take ages to pay out the qantas reward points, not sure if this one is the same.

  • Do they have WWL or Coles giftcard?

  • Just got conditionally approved - hopefully nice and easy from here on out.

    Was a bit worried given I started my job 8 months ago and moved in to a new property.

    • how many weeks of payslips do you have to provide?

      • 2x payslips (paid fortnightly)

        • I just applied for mine yesterday, hope all goes well and I receive the card sometime this week cos I got money to spend hahaha

  • noooo, my first time rejection happened today.

    Probably because I'm holding 3 current credit cards

    Citibank - 16k limit
    28 degrees - 2k limit
    Amex - 6k limit

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    Apply from within St George app (if you are an existing customer) to get the AF waive.

    If you are not an existing customer, apply for the Freedom account

    • Thanks for posting this mate! Saved me $49. Also conditionally approved so fingers crossed.

    • thanks mate

      Does opening a savings account initiate a credit check (much like new credit card applications?)

      • No and you'll get instant approval as well

  • Terrible application process for me with St. George.

    Submitted my application over the weekend. Got conditional approved then waited until Wednesday but didn't hear back. Called them to ask for the status and they said my application was still waiting to be reviewed. Then they reviewed it immediately but apparently it was their first time seeing a half-monthly payslip. They had to escalate to a senior team to review and said that I should expect to hear back within a day. Obviously didn't hear back, called them again and they said the senior team now needs up to 10 days to review.

    I got approvals within 2 days max with all the cards I've applied so far. Would never apply their cards again.

  • Anyone know if you can get the annual fee rebate on these like you can on Westpac cards, even if you don't pay an annual fee? Like here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11264306/redir

    You can't select multiple $79 fee rebates but I was able to checkout with 1x$79+1x$99+1x$279 rebate for 83,125 points, which is a higher $/point than the gift cards.

    • Don't try multiple rebates with StG. It's works for WP but not with StG.

      If you selected more than one, they'll only credit the first one and the rest just stuck there until you call up and they will do a manual refund those points back.

      But you can redeem for the highest amount ($279) even if your card is not the Signature one. Be warn, it took them exactly 10 business days to credit the money into your card.

      • Ah bugger. Already gave it a crack lets see what happens.

    • +1

      It worked! I had the $279, $99, and $79 redemption credits applied.

      • Thanks for sharing! This is great lol

      • Any reason why you didnt get e.g. 2 x $279 redemptions? Do they limit you to 1x$279 per redemption? Or you just didn't have enough points?

        Edit: nevermind saw that you cant submit multiple $79 redemptions so assume this also applies to other redemptions

      • Can you please share how this works? i'm an existing St George customer

      • Can also confirm that this works!

  • Yo. Could I buy Apple Gift cards with this to pay towards the spend amount?

  • speed at which you get points with St george these days? think it's 2:1 to krisflyer with them?

  • Auto rejected. No active debt besides cards. holding an amex w/ 3k and have recently opened 2 cards including the amex.

  • Signed up just to comment, I wouldn't even bother with this company. I signed up for the card and provided countless documents to them after they asked several times by phone and email, at one point when they called for more information they abruptly ended the call and ended up sending an Email afterwards as if they couldn't be bothered to call me back.

    After going back and forth with documents and verification 4-5 times I actually gave up and stopped replying to their emails in hopes the application would just expire. A day before the application was due to expire I got an email I was approved.
    I thought that I might as well try continue to activate and use the card so once it arrived (today) I called up customer service as I couldn't register nor activate the card online, they activated the card and an hour later I attempted to use it at Bunnings, it got rejected. Shortly after I got an email stating that my card and account was locked due to a suspicious transaction (the first and only transaction I've ever had with St George) so I called customer service again and was told there was nothing I could do and had to go into a branch to unlock the card and my account.
    Due to all of the above I would much rather cancel the card than have to deal with this company again so I asked if I could cancel over the phone and they advised they don't have access.

    So St George and their sister company Bank SA will be on my blacklist in future, far too much hassle to make it worthwhile. I didn't think it could be worse than ANZ or HSBC but it is.

  • Anyone do the westpac credit card and then this one? Any problems seeing as the banks are linked or did you get the points for both?

    • +1

      They are not even same rewards (Amplify vs Altitude) let a long same banks. Even though SG is part of WP group but they are not "linked".

      Also, did you look at the T&C of the deal?

      "Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer."

      Source : i have had credit cards with both of them last year and within few months apart. Matter fact I'm about to finishing of a WP promo this month and will apply for SG next.

  • Just went from WP to SG. Got auto-rejected (first time in a long time). Income, credit history are fine. I'll call and see if they can tell me what's up but based on other comments it might not be worth it. Don't think it would be to do with the related bank per T&C that timhn has mentioned.

    • called, they said there was no specific reason. my current combined credit limit is 2.5k and income far in excess of the minimum. I closed 2 CCs (combined limit 12k) early last week and asked if perhaps they had not shown up as closed on my credit file yet so maybe it looked like I was misreporting cards/credit. The person did not know what I was talking about and gave me the equifax phone number.

      Churn on to the suncorp or NAB CCs? Report the 2 closed cards in my application in case they are still open on my record? Wait a bit for the closed cards to show up as closed (how long? I anticipate a large purchase in 2-3 weeks that I would like the CC for)

      • Did you open a transaction account with SG first and then apply for this Credit card to take advantage of no fee for 1st year? It's instant rejection if you do that.

        • No, I purposely didn't. I just got a copy of my credit report from Equifax (on the grounds of being declined credit) and have noticed that bloody Westpac haven't reported my CC closed yet (I closed it early last week, called late last week to confirm it was actually closed, have the letter confirming it was closed). So my reported credit was about 6k too low, that may be it. The Amex card that I closed the day after the Westpac card is listed as closed. And Westpac enquired twice, a week apart, for that card (It was a huge hassle getting the card approved requiring multiple visits to the branch and turned out to be because the staff member typo'd the wrong birthyear when I opened the bank acct prior to applying for the card, despite also taking copies of my ID). Will never try Westpac again!

          • @mathematicalcoffee: If they really want your business, they'll call you to "confirm" your active lines of credit. While the credit check might say it's open, they'll double-check with you and ask for a letter of account closure (and I'm sure they do their own check).

            It's happened to me before, but not sure if it was St George. I've churned through most of the major players for bonus points

  • Note this isn't expired yet. March 2nd is the last day. Will see what the new offer is after it expires!

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