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120,000 Qantas Points on NAB Signature Rewards Card ($3,000 Spend in 60 Days, $295 Fee 1st Year) for Pre-Assessed NAB Customers


Repost of a previous deal that seems to be no longer expired, credit: Toshjammi.

A great churning card for $120k points, and I believe NAB prorate the annual fee on cancellation so can be quite cheap if only open for a few months. I just applied and was approved, very quick and easy application which was nice. I’ll let you know when I receive the points.

Earn 120,000 Bonus Qantas Points on a new NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card when you spend $3,000 in the first 60 days.

Plus get $100 off your annual fee in the first year (usually $395, now $295) and waived joining fees for Qantas Frequent Flyer if you don’t have an account ($99.50 value)

Earn 1 Point for every dollar you spend on everyday purchases - up to $5,000 per statement period (0.5 Point earned per $1 between $5,001 to $20,000)
Plus includes some extras that might be interesting for some:

Whether you’re at home or abroad, you can access six complimentary insurances.View Disclaimer 3

Access to 24-hour, 7 day assistance for travel and lifestyle services with NAB Concierge. View Disclaimer 4

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  • +2

    So essentially $295 for 120,000 v/s $170 for 100,000 points here on the card churning journey.

    If you had to go for one option, ANZ's deal is better imo. But if you are on the 12 month waiting period with ANZ, this card is not a bad option.

    • +12

      NAB do a pro-rata refund on the annual fee when you cancel, so if you keep the card for a month, they'll refund (11/12)x$295 = $270. Net cost of $25 for 120,000 points

    • Based on what the OP is saying NAB will give you a prorated refund on your annual fee, so this deal could be better.

      Refund in not guaranteed but based on my Googling it does seem to be real.

      • +1

        I met minimum spend in the first month, but points were not credited so had to call them to add Qantas FF Nr. So I'm stuck with a second month until my points get credited.

        So best to call them right after signing up to make sure Qantas FF is added.

    • Update: agree with above comments - if one can get a prorata refund on the annual fees, this works out better than ANZ.
      Roughly $50 for 120,000 points, assuming the full spend period of 60 days, and one gets the pro rata credit on annual fees.

      • +2

        I just cancelled this card from a previous deal. Although they did pro-rata my fees, points earned in the last billing period prior to cancellation were not issued.

        • +1

          Thanks for sharing your experience. Best to wait for the bonus points to be posted before cancelling then, even if it means spending additional $25 for an additional month.

        • Did you have to do anything to get the fee refund? Like have to ring them and ask or the refund happened automatically?

          • +1

            @timhn: No, it was automatically refunded for me

      • You can get the annual fee waived if you have a home loan package with nab

        They are $400 but that's tax deductible for IPs so can work out less

      • If someone has ANZ home loan and no CC on the BreakFree package yet, then ANZ is better.
        You get money back, then you ask them to add card to BreakFree and afterwards ask for refund and they will refund the full CC fee again. Basically getting money for taking the card + points.

    • Yep I’m just cancelling my ANZ FF black for this card. Had the ANZ 120k deal which is better than the keep open 12 months deals.

    • +1

      Any thoughts on this Citi card - 100,000 for $175, are the 20,000 extra points worth $120?


      • +5

        With Citi, I always add the possibility of getting your application rejected without any reason, even with a clean credit record and a high score. So not worth a credit check for me.

    • Both?

      I can't do ANZ til end of the month.
      I have to cancel my AMEX, but I believe I still have $400 travel credit and no idea what to do with it.

    • +1

      Can vouch for the pro-rata annual fee. Couldn’t believe they offer it but great for churning as it drastically reduces the cost.

  • +1

    If you aren’t planning to churn, but want to take advantage of either this or the ANZ bonus point offers & keep the card for a couple of years thereafter, which would people recommend & why? Never been with NAB or ANZ.

    Trying to decide which card has good ongoing reward offers for online shopping (excluding travel deals)

    • +3

      I think most people here would say not to keep a card long term as the best way to a health points balance is not through spending but through churning. However if you really want to keep a card long term have a look at this link below for a good comparo.


      Never had the NAB card but the ANZ one is one of the better cards. Has 2 free Qantas club passes per year as well as discounted Qantas club membership and free Qantas wine membership (I think) if that interests you.

    • +1

      I would definitely encourage changing once every 12 months.

      Gets expensive otherwise for no real benefit.

      • +1

        Further to this logic, I often see these credit cards as a way of "buying" points. Spending money and get 1/2/3 Points per dollar only really adds up if you are a business. As an individual, I don't actually spend a lot of money and I believe it wiser to hang on to the money

        So here its possible apparently to get the card, spend the 3K required to get the 120K points and then cancel the card as soon ad the points are added to your account. Some people saying that you can get the annual fee for for $25.

        You also have to consider any "credit card surcharge" charged my merchants in facilitating the $3000 minimum spend. If say 50% of the transactions had a 1% surcharge, then I would consider these charges in the "cost" of acquiring the points. So say the annual fee is $295 and the total surcharges incurred on all the transactions is $100 then the total cost of acquisition would be $395. Which in my opinion, would still be pretty good.

        I think the catch might be that it will take a while for the Qantas points to appear in your account so you may not be able to cancel after the first month. But still the Pro rata refund of the annual is really what makes this deal shine.

        Edit: Others have commented about needing to wait a few months for the points to show up in Qantas.

      • +1

        How does the credit score look like after such frequent applications/cancellations of cards?
        I would want to eventually buy a property and don't want my score to go down (significantly). Currently over 800 on creditsavvy.

  • Have just done this card as part of my flippening.
    Pretty easy to apply and use, good website/mobile app, and you get an email reminding you how how much more to spend before the cut off to get your bonus points. Application took a few days longer than I expected, but no big deal. Downside was no spending rewards - AMEX and Westpac were much better for this aspect.

  • Closing this one today. Been a good one.

    Back in 12 months

    • May I ask what the minimum credit amount is, $15k?

      Thanks in advance

      • +2

        Yep $15k

    • So, is the 12 month period is from when you cancel the card right?

      • correct. cancel then wait 12 months, then go again

  • ANZ has a 70k points with $0 annual fee first year also at the moment with 2500 spend over 3 months. good solution if your not huge into these offers and not a big spender

    • Agreed, unfortunately I’m in a waiting period now for ANZ.

  • +2

    Just one some of the comments about NAB pro-rata on fees. I've had the card almost 5 months and haven't got the points just yet. They told me when I questioned that they will add the points within 90 days of the initial 60 day period. Not sure if the same for all. I had no annual fee on the card as I have a mortgage with them

    • +1

      Did you have to do anything special to get the fee free? I've got a mortgage with them and might jump on this if I can get it fee free

    • +2

      I cancelled this card yesterday. Points hit my account the day after the statement date of my second statement… I'd suggest calling the number on the back of the card and making sure they actually have you QFF number (they didn't have mine - points didn't hit after the first statement, so I called to check and my QFF # wasn't on my account)

      • I got an email saying my bonus points will be coming on the second statement, so I would have had the card for 6-weeks at that point. Interested in how much of the annual fee you got refunded ol mate.

        • I had the card open for a total of 3 weeks and got a full refund, but I have heard others that just tip over the 1 month mark are given 11/12ths back.

        • I got the email a couple days before my second statement date (min spend achieved during that month), with a "points will appear by (2 days after third statement date). I got a refund of $178 of $195 (I signed up using The Champagne Mile's 100k with $195 annual fee promo) which works out to be 11 months.

          • @ol mate: Tidy work ol mate! I too took up the same offer. NAB made me go into a branch for ID which delayed the application as I live in Malaysia. But I finally did it a few weeks back. Will cancel as soon as the bonus points lodge.

  • Remember, if you can get the card and quickly spend, you will get the points within the first month and you can cancel and NAB refund the fees :)

    • +1

      I applied the NAB card in 10 Sept
      On 24 Sept I got the statement with the 100k points
      But up till now those points are not yet showing my QF account
      Called NAB and they said it will appear in 60days
      Not sure if there's any issues…

      Note: Just called NAB and have re-added my QF membership number
      been told will back dated all the points in the next statement

      • it gets automatically posted unless there are some issues with having the right QFF number during applcation

  • This offer only applies to personal credit card applications made by existing pre-assessed NAB customers

    Is it standard for NAB CC bonus offers to be only available to existing customers? Thinking of signing up for something with them now so I can be eligible next time around, if not this time around.

  • Got this one earlier this year, opened and closed within 45 days. Pretty straightforward from application to points crediting, and cancelling the card. Works out well if you have a NAB home loan and have that feature that waives your CC annual fee.

    • You mean no CC annual fee for NAB home loan holders at all? Or do you mean they get refund if they want to cancel?

      • Yep, none at all mate. I was expecting a refund as well but they didn't even charge for it on the first statement

  • +1

    Just got my email that I qualified for their 100k points (previous offer). It says points will be credited by next month (next statement I suppose). Should I wait until points hit my QFF or could I cancel already now?

    • +4

      Wait for the points to hit before cancelling.

    • +3

      usually the t's & c's state you don't get any points that haven't already been credited to your account once you cancel. So definitely wait for them to hit your QFF account.

  • It says offer is for existing customers. If not a NAB customer, just open a basic account?

  • +1

    what if you already have an account. any ideas? i have this exact card now

    • I'm in the same boat, have had this card for a couple of years now.

      T&C's read as follows:
      "This bonus points offer is not available to existing customers who have received or are entitled to receive NAB Qantas Rewards bonus points for a new personal NAB Qantas Rewards credit card in the 12 months prior to the opening of a NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card, NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card or NAB Qantas Rewards Card account. Offers are not available when closing/transferring from another NAB credit card account or in conjunction with any other NAB credit card offer."

      I've asked my a friend who works at NAB, and they confirmed it was okay as long as the last time I got bonus points was more than 12 months ago.

      So based off that I'm gonna apply after I cancel my current card.

  • +1

    Hot Tip:

    Make sure you call NAB after you get the card to make sure they have your QFF details on the system. Even though I entered my QFF number on their application page I did not get the points sent through to my QFF account even though NAB had given me the 100k bonus points on my second statement. I only then noticed that the points earned from the 1st statement had not been sent through to QFF either.

    I called NAB and they said this was because they did not have my QFF number (even though I am certain that I submitted it on application) - "issues with qff number coming through". They said the backlog of points will be sent through to QFF with the next statement. So I will need to wait another month. Not a happy camper. I wonder whether they do this on purpose to stall people from churning out quickly.

    • Had exactly the same issue (they did send me an SMS advising me that the number they had on file was incorrect or missing). Had to ring them as well as Secure Messaging has been switched off and their chat service can't take loyalty/card requests.

      • I did not get any notification of missing QFF number. Only rang them to find out when points were showing up on statement but not being sent through to Qantas.

    • Same issue with me. Called them and they said they don't have my QF in system - i'm pretty sure I've copy-n-paste my QF number onto the application.
      They've promised the points will be available in next statement.

      If anyone call them about this, do not call the default help number but use the 1300 on the back of the card. You'll be in the priority queue with very short waiting time.

  • Oof $3k in 60 days

    but good return, churned this some 5 months ago.
    Fast return on the points.

    • -1

      mate, you can always do a fully refundable hotel booking right?

      I just did that for the AMEX Qantas ultimate card and cancelled the booking as soon as the points were credited to my QFF account. I literally didn't spend anything on that CC other than a fully refundable booking worth 4000 AUD. Did it just 5 days before the statement and AMEX was quick to credit the point and cancelled the booking and as soon as CC balance hit zero, cancelled the card.

      • +3

        I get that this has been an option for years but its also a quick way to losing the privilege as its not in the spirit of credit cards and will end up with them barring this

      • How long did you have to wait before the refund came through?

        • 3-5 working days I believe.

  • +2

    Anyone knows what the minimum credit limit is and what the minimum annual income needs to be?

    • Looks like it's $15k minimum limit according to this link. Can't find anything about minimum income, but going off my past ANZ FF Black applications which is a similar card that was $75-80k from memory. Not sure about now though.

  • Anyone else getting 'we can't continue with your online application' after logging into your nab account when applying for this?

  • Can you convert to gift cards instead of qantas points?

  • can any expert on CC churning here clarify the below?

    Our combined income is around 250K per year and since joining OzB I have been CC churning (around 7+ cards in the last 18-24 months) and have accumulated around 520K points (Qantas). I do have a solid repayment history with no defaults ever. Had a car loan (40K) and paid it within 12 months as well.

    As of date, I have a credit score of 824 (excellent band) in CreditSavvy and 563 (good band) in illion. I am in the process of buying my first ever home and will request a bank loan in less than 2 months. I am planning to apply for both this NAB offer as well as the ANZ $0 AF offer as well. Would there by any issues when I apply for a bank loan? Though it is super interesting to churn credit cards, I don't want it to negatively affect the housing loan when I needed it the most?

    Can anyone clarify, please? Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      If you are holding those cards, the combined credit limit will affect your ability to borrow. It is not a 1:1 ratio either, so if your combined credit limit is say 30k you may only be able to borrow 40-50k less.

      If you are purchasing at the top of your borrowing capacity this may be an issue, the solution at that point is to close the cards down if required.

      • +1

        Oh okay. Thanks for your response. I have none of the cards open. All closed as of date. Sorry, should have added that info in my earlier comment.

      • More on the actual credit score - how important it is for a bank loan?

        • The credit score is just a number that's generated using a few components of your credit history (for ex - how good you repay your loans/credit accounts, age of your credit history, the average use of your total available credit, no of credit applications etc….etc)….in other words you can consider that number as an indicator. The banks don't consider that number but look in to what actually contributed to that number. As far as I have read, the repayment history boosts your profile and defaults (even late payments) drag your profile down.

          I can't advise you on what to do but what I did was to hold off on any new credit applications 3 months prior to applying for the HL.

          • @ck009: Thanks, appreciate your response.

    • How many cards are actively open right now?

      • None. All closed/cancelled.

    • Looks amazing, but I currently have a Velocity AMEX. Does that make me ineligible?

      • Most probably. Worth checking by calling up.

  • never heard of a pro rata… but will keep an eye out if I need a card after anz ff one.

    edit: saw it was 3k across 2 months. I would need to buy a lot of gift cards for this one hehe

  • Damn, just signed up to the amex 120K points $4xx annual fee :( I think it gives $200 cashback and $400 in flight coupon though I guess it might still be okay

    • I was actually thinking about signing up to this very card as it might be better value as I intend to travel overseas soon. Not sure though as differences between are subtle. Hoping someone can clarify which is the better card.

      • +1


        The way I look at these offers

        AmEx - $200 fee (after $200 cashback) + 120k bonus points + $400 flight voucher = $200 gain + 120k points
        NAB - $50 fee (considering pro rata for 2 months) - 120k bonus points = $50 fee + 120k points

        I am not eligible for bonus points on both the cards (currently holding an AmEx card - churned the NAB card 4-5 months ago)….If I were eligible for both cards, I would go for the AmEx one. Apart from the above analysis, AmEx CS is lot better to deal with.

        • Ck009 thank you so much for the detailed breakdown. Very helpful.

          The choice is clear - Amex is the way to go.

  • How many payslips are needed/ minimum number of months for full time employment to apply for the card?

  • I am currently on this card(about 1.5 month ago), after looking at above comments I thought I will check and make sure my QFF number is setup with one provided when I applied and…. of course they don't have it. I had to provide it again and was advised points will backdate. Anyone who is currently churning this card might wanna check with them too. Chat will not work , you need to call them.

  • Bummer I had just got this card for the 90k deal over a month ago, but that's fine.

  • Can any churning experts fill me in on a couple of things?

    Do you just shift your day to day expenses onto the card until you hit the required spending? Or do you create artificial spending (e.g. book and cancel accomodation as suggested above)?

    Ignoring business/first class upgrades, what is the real $ value of 120k points you get from a deal like this booking international economy tickets?

    Is it easy to just stop spending and cancel the card the moment the promo has been applied?

    • I purchase everything with my credit card anyway, and pay it off at the end of the month. May as well earn points for my regular spending than pay with debit for example.

      • Do you then change cards every few months to take advantage of offers such as OP? Or just have the one

        • I do it every 12 months. My girlfriend was churning through them regularly and it effected her credit check results.

    • The real value of points, if you are just looking at economy airfares, is typically about 1.0c, but can be as low as 0.6c. Pretty poor, because you get absolutely savaged by fees on international flights with QFF.

      Some domestic flights give a better return though, maybe around 1.5c. For example east coast to Perth.

      • Thanks for the reply. I know the real value is in booking (or upgrading to) business/first, but I can't stomach the environmental impact (nor does it really bother me flying in economy) so just trying to figure out if it's still worthwhile to churn for these kinds of bonuses.

        • Yep, fair enough. The value of points when it is being based on business class flights is TOTALLY subjective. For you, sounds like the value wouldn't be much more than economy. I am similar, although I do put some value on long haul business. For me, it's about 1.8c.

  • Anyone know how many enquires is too many? It’s the only reason I can think of as to why I’ve been rejected.

    Anyone know how many is too many within a certain period? These automatic algorithms keep kicking me back…

    • -2

      Not exactly but I wouldn’t be signing up for more than one credit card every year. Also cancelling a credit card regularly less than 12 months will impact your credit score.

      • +2

        Please don't post this like it is fact. It may be your experience, but others may have a very different experience, like me. Nearly one per month for me, and credit score is barely impacted (it's actually sitting at an all time high at the moment and I just got approved for my 8th this year).

    • +2

      i do 3 to 4 a year (spread out through the year, every 3/4 months) and my rating hovers in the 800-900s and I cancel within a month of getting the points

    • @poorunsdownhill exactly the same with me!!
      Perfect cashflow.
      No credit default. No loans. No mortgage. Still keep getting rejected for over more than last year, 6 of them. I waited 3 months between each.

      • just wondering if you have at least one line of credit running…..like a mobile plan

  • +1

    Beware: For those that buy items overseas at websites that offer you the ability to buy in Australian dollars - This card will charge you a currency conversion fee. Even though there is no conversion. Single currency fee or something.

    Also the application form doesn’t capture your QFF number so you have to call up and add it once you get the plastic card.

  • +2

    What does pre-assessed customer mean?

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