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POCO X3 Pro Global Version (6.67", 8GB/256GB, Snapdragon 860, 48MP, NFC) US$237.13 (A$316.41) HK Stock Delivered @ Banggood


After the success of the deal on the 6GB/128GB variant I asked Banggood for a deal on the 8GB/256GB variant and they were happy to provide a discount. There are 300pcs allocated for this deal.

Featuring Android 11, 6.67" 2400x1080 450nit 120Hz display with Gorilla Glass 6, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage (supports MicroSD expansion), Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Octa-Core CPU, Widevine L1 for HD Netflix/Amazon, NFC, 48MP main rear camera, 5160mAh battery with 33W USB-C fast charging, 3.5mm audio jack, IP53 splash protection and more.

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  • +5

    Why am I thinking that only Poco is making phones any more?

    • +5

      Seems Poco have adapted the old OnePlus business model where they have flagship level specs for a low price.

    • +1

      Because OzBargain has had many deals of Poco phones appearing recently.

  • This or wait for the redmi note 11?

    • +5

      Depends what you're after. For example in terms of power the Poco X3's Snapdragon 860 beats both the Dimensity 810 in the Redmi Note 11 and Dimensity 920 in the Redmi Note 11 Pro. Then the Redmi Note 11 has 5G, while the Poco only has 4G.

      • What about efficiency? Diemnsity seems more efficient. The rest Snapdragon wins.

    • Redmi note 11 (pro) has 120w quick charger, 5100 battery.
      120hz Screen, 108m Camera, and a terrible CPU. SO its good for daily usage except performance.

      • +1

        120w quick charger


        • +2

          Xiaomi love adding their 120W charge to everything. It'll degrade your battery faster though.

          • +2

            @Clear: holy moly I thought it must have been a typo, that is insane. USB PD is only 100W!

          • @Clear: Is there an option to disable it?
            I think if you keep the phone in a cool place it might not be that harmful.
            Obviously u gotta disable it for summer.
            But keep in mind that it's super useful when u need it.
            I realised this last week when we had no electricity. Had to wait more than 2h to charge our phone in someone else's house.

            • +2

              @Mi2: You'll need a charger that supports HyperCharge so if you use any other charger you'll be fine.

          • @Clear: That's interesting. Will charging by normal USB (takes a lot longer) be helpful in maintaining battery performance over time? So we would only use the wall charger for the times when we're caught out with very low battery.

        • +1

          Redmi note 11 has standard 65w charger 4500 battery
          Redmi note 11 pro has 120w quick chaeger 5100 battery.
          I love how they state 65w as standard charger

          • @salin: My Thinkpad has a 65W charger, christ that's big on a phone.

            • -2

              @sackrace: Can you bare with MTk920's performance for daily usage?
              everything is good except this cpu

              • -1

                @salin: No idea what you're talking about sorry.

  • +1

    Works out 1c cheaper without using the code ! Plus HK warehouse only. Exactly same price when I looked at during 128gb deal.

  • +1

    If their delivery estimates for this are the same as the X3 NFC I bought a couple months ago that 16-26th Nov delivery estimate will go over, probably get it around 7-10 Dec.

    • +2

      ETA for my order of 6gb version is 8 Dec. FYI.

  • Will buy if sub 300, for easy tax deduction. I do need a cheap phone for work.

    • +7

      get the 6GB one then.

      • +4

        No, will wait for this one, the way of OZbargain.

        • This is the way.

    • +2

      If its a work phone portable electronic equipment is tax deductible and not limited to $300.

      • +4

        But it would need to be depreciated rather than written off in the same year.

        Obligatory disclaimer: This is not tax advice.

        • +1

          Exactly! I hope BG's sales person can see the comment. Their pricing needs to be suitable for local market.

  • +1

    buy now or wait till 11/11?

    • +5

      If it was me I'd buy now as it looks to be better than anything AliExpress will be offering.

      • +2

        But it's cheaper from BG as well by $6.99 on 11/11

      • I've had about 12 or 13 AliExpress orders cancelled over the past few months. I've lost faith in the place, so I'd recommend going elsewhere until things get better.

    • +1

      For 11/11, Banggood has it for $309.42, but you have to do pay a $4 deposit first. Not sure how it works exactly, but I did pull the trigger.

      Here's the link: https://au.banggood.com/marketing-double-11-sale-saver-depos...

      • +1

        Thanks for the suggestion. I just paid deposit on the 6Gb version for like $250 or something, bargain!

        • I just paid deposit on the 6Gb version for like $250 or something, bargain!

          250? It'll still be around $270?

    • Can you get proper tax invoice from Banggood?

      • Yes.

        • Thanks, thinking get Poco F3

  • +1

    any poco phones that are compact? Less than 6.5 inch? 76mm is too wide for me.

    • The pocket expands 😜

      In all seriousness, most phones are now phablets, in particular the Chinese ones. Poco have the C3 (6.43") and M3 Pro 5G (6.5") that would fit your description, but they're not flagships.

    • My wife prefers smaller phones, and has always had a 6" or less. However her latest phone is the POCO M3, its right at 6.5", with width of 77mm. Took her a while to get used to it, but now she prefers it to her old phone.

      • +10
        • and has always had a 6" or less.

        ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)

    • You don't carry a purse ?

  • Any chance of having a deal soon on this one please?
    POCO M3 6GB/128GB

  • +1

    At this price I'm really tempted.

  • +1

    Any case suggestions?

    Going to get the "For Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC/ X3 Pro Case Genuine SPIGEN Rugged Armor Shockproof Cover"

    As I've had SPIGEN cases in the past with no issues.

    • Someone commented in yesterday's deal that it comes with a back case, might be worth seeing what that is like?

      • Yep, comes with a standard clear case. It's fine, but nothing special as you'd expect.

    • +1

      I have this case on my Poco X3 NFC. It's MUCH better than the clear case that came with the phone. However, it's as though as some other cases in Spiegen range. It depends what level of protection you need. It looks very classy though.

    • +1

      Thanks mate, I got this for $12.99 with Afterpay using coupon AFTERPAY10

  • +2

    Approx 50 more for extra 128gb storage and 2gb ram compared to previous offer.

  • +2

    Damn, I bought it this morning for $20 extra and Banggood can't cancel it as it has shipped. Australian warehouse though so I guess I'll get it quicker.

    • +1

      Same, mate. Ah well. I guess we're imposter OzBargain-ers.

  • Bullshit. Just bought this for $430 from Banggood last week. Hasn't even arrived yet.

    Oh wait, i got the F3? Since when was there an f3

  • Any 5G variant of this phone with 256GB/8GB Specs?

    • +2

      POCO F3

    • Poco M3 Pro is 5G but lesser specs

  • Got one. Let's see

  • I am getting US 1.14 shipping. Total US$237.13

  • They had the POCO F3 Global for $444 Australian shipped, pay $4 deposit 11.11 promo. I clicked 5 seconds after I got email the other day and SOLD OUT .. I smell scam .. either they had bugger all stock (which they have plenty of at $477 au) or it was a scam..

    • I got it for $430 a week ago.. actually it's still there, though it y in white colour. Should be delivered today or tomorrow

      • Link ? This is the poco f3 8/256gb ?

        • Ahh shit, no. 6gb/128. My bad

  • Getting US$244.13 with coupon code?
    (never mind, insurance)

  • +2

    This or the redmi note 10 pro?
    Apparently the screen on this isn't as good, but has a slightly better processor?

  • +2
  • Great bang for buck

    • +1

      Banggood for buck


  • +1

    What are Banggood like to deal with if you have issues with the device?

    • +2

      I had issues with a desk lamp and customer service was pretty good. They ended up offering me a partial refund which I was happy to take. It gave me the confidence to purchase a Redmi Note 10 Pro from them the other day.

    • +1

      Bad, they only offered me a partial refund for a doa.

    • +1

      Banggood is pretty good to deal with. Always responds within a day in case of issue with order etc

  • +2

    Amazing price for those specs. Makes me want to ditch apple

  • +1

    Couldn't resist at this price. Pulled the trigger, paid with hsbc visa debit card in USD via PayPal, ended up with aud $323.58 in total(just incase if anyone is wondering). Thanks clear!

  • +2

    Is this promotion different to the 11.11 one? https://www.banggood.com/POCO-X3-Pro-Global-Version-Snapdrag...

    • Yes. That's cheaper by $6.99USD. If you can wait a little bit over a week.

  • I've heard of the SD 855 and the 865. What's 860?

    • +1

      Repackaged version of 855. It's like 855 plus plus.

  • How is it without custom ROM.

  • Would this be better than a galaxy 9+?

    • +1

      Yes, except it's LCD screen and camera will be worse.

  • what do you guys think of camera quality V Pixel 4A 5G ? does GCam port compare? for the Poco F3

    • +1

      I have a Poco F3 and my wife has a Pixel 4a 5g. The Pixel wins hands down when it comes to camera quality. Not even close.
      Even with Gcam installed on the F3. It still takes good photos, but the Pixel is just miles better.

      I'm still very happy with the F3, for the price it's an amazing phone.

      • Thanks mate

  • X3 or F3?

  • +3

    Back in stock for $445 au deposit promo on Poco F3

    POCO F3 Global Version 6.67 inch 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display 8GB 256GB 48MP Triple Camera 4520mAh NFC Snapdragon 870 5G Smartphone Mobile Phones from Phones & Telecommunications on banggood

    • What does the pay deposit thing mean?

      • The deposit means you get the promo price on 11.11

        • So pay $3 now, then they'll charge the remaining balance and ship it out on the 11th? So it won't be shipped out for another week?

  • +1

    Does VoLTE work on this?

  • Are any good cases with this? Preferably made from hard plastic and doesn't wobble on a flat surface with that camera ridge.

  • Is shipping insurance always recommended?

    • Not if you're paying with PayPal, as you get some buyer protection there.

  • Any indication as to how long delivery is on average? My current phone has completely lost vibration.

  • Are the poco phones worth getting without rooting and changing the interface? Never done it before and I'm a little hesitant but this deal is hard to go past….

    • Yeah the interface isn't that bad on Poco. Best to checkout reviews to see how it looks.

  • Bought the 2nd of Nov. Phone shipped yesterday. Let's see

  • In what case would I need 8gb instead of the 6 GB version? I don't need the extra 128gb storage.

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