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5x Pack of Roche SARS-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Tests (25 Tests) $314.96 (10% off) + Free Shipping @ Rapid Proof


I’m an Uber driver and we got a code today shared on our WhatsApp group, 10% off + free express shipping on RapidProof.com.au for 5+ items. This seems to be the best value/deal around.

Breakdown: 5 x $62.99 For the "5 Pack of Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Tests" (Each pack has 5 test. = 25 test) For $349.95 - 10% = $3.14.96 + Free Shipping

Even at $63 its a good deal, Kogan has the same 5 pack for $73

This one is the Roche rapid test kit. Couldn't find much info online about it, however it seems like its one of the better test kits available.

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    It's good that we finally have this in Aus now, but why is it that you still can't buy a at home rapid HIV test kits in Australia?

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      Considering an Aus company was one of the worlds first to invent a rapid test kit. Pretty average

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      You forgot to add ‘asking for a friend’.

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        I'm asking for everyone. Who wouldn't benefit from an at-home STD test?

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      You can at this clinic, https://www.mclinic.org.au/atomo-hiv-self-test and also online https://www.atomohivtest.com/home.php

      Will cost you $25 to 30 a pop plus postage and by TGA requirement, you must watch the instructional video even if you have bought the product before.

      • This^
        They're also quite easy to use

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        i think maybe quick HIV test are useful because:
        - “druggies and hookers” are citizens who deserve to manage their risk
        - some people wanna (profanity) but also be careful
        - a chronic illness is something people want to avoid even if it’s “manageable”
        - managing a lifelong chronic illness is expensive for Medicare and the sufferer; everyone saves when someone doesn’t catch it

        • Huh I guess there’s a profanity filter

        • well few of the OCD guys here are preoccupied with HIV fear that was well ingrained in some part of the world but the government and the scientific community doesn't think that way. The fact that many countries, Australia included no longer consider HIV into granting visa/residency status speak for itself. Cost of HIV management is trivial compared to most others illness.

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      Rapid antibody screening test for HIV are not offered for sale to the public (technically) because we want people to visit sexual health clinics. Someone who wishes to have a HIV test, wants one for a reason. The aim is for the free clinics is to educate / engage with the person and look at options like pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent the infection occurring in the first place. Hopefully, this sheds some light on reasoning, and I will say it is a heavily discussed topic in the industry.

  • Do people have to stop working if they test positive?

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      You're supposed to get a PCR test (traditional test) to confirm. Isolate & wait for that result.

    • If you test positive to a RAT, you need to go get a PCR test to confirm. At that point of testing, protocols would kick in.

      RA testing is only helpful if you are testing yourself regularly (every couple of days).

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        and if you test negative but have symptoms, you're suppose to go get a PCR test and wait for that result also, due to false negative being a possibility for rapid antigen tests.

    • If you're talking Uber drivers, the answer is here which is aligned to most state-based guidance (example - NSW)

  • Searching for the tests on Woolworths website redirects you to this website:


    SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Nasal Swab 25pk Business Solution

    They apparently have free shipping on orders over $30

    $10 off $50 spend coupon for subscribing to their newsletter

    Should be $290 all up for 'The Hough Covid-19 Home Test'

    • Look like pregnancy test lol

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    14-15 months ago OzBargain was awash with mask and hand sanitiser deals.

    Today we move onto Rapid Antigen Tests.

    What a time to be alive. GO SCIENCE!

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    Woollies sells 5 for 50?

    That's 10 bucks each test and you don't have to buy in bulk….

  • I paid $60 for a pack of 5 from the local pharmacy.

  • Will this satisfy qld border requirements of negative covid result within 72hrs of entry?

    • Still a bit up in the air at this point.

      "Queensland’s new border plan requires a negative test result using a TGA-approved COVID-19 test. Currently, we use Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing as a primary means of testing for COVID-19 because it is efficient, reliable and accurate, and this will continue to be the preferred method of testing. PCR test results can be turned around on the same day, depending on the volume of testing being performed.

      We will consider the use of Rapid Antigen Tests for specific cohorts and specific testing situations as we get closer to higher vaccination rates and border openings."


      • thanks for sharing that info.

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    Conclusions: The accuracy of the SARS-CoV-2 Roche/SD Biosensor rapid antigen test in diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 infections in a primary/secondary care testing facility was considerably lower compared with the manufacturer's data. Widespread application in such a setting might lead to a considerable number of individuals falsely classified as SARS-CoV-2 negative.


    • The aim isn't to get rid of the virus, but to stabilise the public health system at this point. This is seen as simply another measure to protect our system. I personally think, NSW, VIC will do fine with these (high herd immunity), so getting the odd false negative shouldn't have a massive impact. It's also looked upon as someone testing themselves that wouldn't otherwise seek a test (people getting it for work), but I fail to completely see the logic in this

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    Does this poke your brain

    • No. Only tickle your brain.

  • They've now increased the price to $69.99 per box of 5

    This reminds me of the hand sanitiser crap all over again. 500mL was selling for $25+. Then when more supply came, they were selling for $2.50 per bottle. Now the price seems to have stabilised at around $5-6

    Imagine how much money they were making at $25/bottle. Same thing with the facemasks.

    The new hot trend seems to be these rapid antigen tests now.

  • no deal - added 5x 5 packs with these guys , showing $292 delivered https://www.superpharmacy.com.au/products/roche-sars-cov-2-r...
    and can get woolworths rewards

  • https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/rapid-antigen-self-tests#...
    Should cost $10-$15 retail
    Wholesale is around $8 each

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