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5x COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests $40 (Newsletter Sign up & Account Required) Delivered @ Healthylife


This is the Woolies site for purchasing the COVID-19 rapid antigen tests. They are $50 but if you sign up for their newsletter AND create and account you get free delivery (normally $10) and a $10 discount code emailed to you making the delivered price $40. Plus if you sign up you can also get 40 woolies rewards points.

There are lots of places out there selling 5 for $60-$80 so at $40 delivered it seems like the best price around.

Note : They only ship from 4th November.

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Referee receives a $20 discount coupon applicable to an order valued over $70 (order value excludes rapid antigen tests and practitioner only products).
Referer receives a $20 discount coupon applicable to an order valued over $70 after the referee has placed a qualifying order.

Referral offer ends 22-05-2023 and cannot be combined with other gift vouchers, coupons or promotional codes.

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    • +3

      Probably will be subsidised at some point.
      But it's sensible to let the novelty wear off so millions aren't wasted just by people being curious and wanting to test themselves for no reason, the cat, the kiwi fruit, their butt.

      Let the first wave pay for it, people will encounter them at work, events and stuff and the novelty to post a dumb test on Facebook will pass.

      • +2

        Yeah, but thanks to NSW and VIC throwing open their kimono and letting it all waft in the wind, we are about to have a significant spike in cases, hospitalisations, deaths etc. Anything that can help stem the inevitable spread is going to be worth the effort - right now.

        Best paper I can find says that these tests can slice 0.3 of the R0 number - maybe more if you can couple it with some sensible contact tracing and control. So not as good as better processes and quarantine, but a noticeable effect. https://ftp.iza.org/dp14228.pdf

        • +2

          NSW cases and more importantly hospitalizations/ICU are still falling post 70% restrictions easing.
          So predictions of doom don't seem to be true. The high vaccine rates are working.

    • It's all about making money off the population in Australia.

  • where do you sign up for the newsletter?

  • Waiting till these drop in price like masks.

    I think they will be basically free or super cheap soon

    • Yeah places like Catch will be selling these for $10-$20 soon I reckon.

      I can appreciate how the government is giving people more choice for testing but you'll get alerted if you've been in contact with a previous case and then have to go to an actual testing clinic?

  • -1

    Grabbing some coz never know who you come across might have it.

    • -2

      Grabbing some coz never know who you come across might have it.

      So why jab? You also don't know anybody come across have flu

      • 95% effective against symptomatic covid. can assume the worse for 5% and others

            • +1

              @SEasternCry: If you jabbed why keep worry and test when not necessary?

              After you have flu jab will you still keep worrying somebody have flu around you?

              • +3

                @superforever: Superforever They are paranoid mate, media scared the hell out of them haha

              • +3

                @superforever: Yeh, the vaccine is like a shield. All attacks from a virus is blocked by the vaccine shield bubble and the shield that takes the hit. that's how vaccines work, not sure why some are confused.

                • +1


                  the vaccine is like a shield. All attacks from a virus is blocked by the vaccine


                  They are paranoid mate

                  Really don't understand, fully vaccinated still don't want to go out or see others.

                  they try to sell you boosters lol. best thing is to let your body build immunity.

                  Isn't our immune system should response when infected? When not infected it will go down it is normally. Don't understand when need booster shot

                  • +1


                    the vaccine is like a shield. All attacks from a virus is blocked by the vaccine


                    Do you have the shield? Sounds pretty good if all the viruses just bounce off you like a ball.

                    • @Ughhh:

                      bounce off you like a ball.

                      Ha ha I know not 100% but no need to paranoid like that, the dead rate is still low same as flu.

                      • @superforever: Last time I caught the flu, it sucked, not being able to talk properly and do things normally. Even if it didn't kill me, I wouldn't want to have it again.

                        • @Ughhh: What? flu stopped you from talking? gosh that's one kind of flu, usually flu only gives you chills and fever and bodyaechs, and i have had flu a few times, never took flu shots,my body fights it, now don't think im anti vax, i have vaccinated my kids according to green book. if i took a vaccine for every cold and flu out there i'm depriving of my body fighting a disease and building immunity, also id you didn't know there are 3 strains of flu and only 2 strains got vaccine, go read it up on government website, so you will catch one of them anyway, that's why you still get it even after vaccine.

                          • @sammyla:

                            What? flu stopped you from talking?


                            not being able to talk properly

                            It's just one more word to read. Lol??

                  • @superforever: Nah mate, some people just have to see a lot of people in their work and/or live with family that are immunocompromised. I would stay alert, not anxious.

                • @Ughhh: Ha Vaccine is like a shield? you been living under a rock? Vaccine doesn't stop you from getting COVID nor stops you from spreading, gosh how come you don't know this? plenty of news articles and journals and studies on this and you are spreading misinformation here thinking people here are stupid?, vaccine immunity starts to wane at 4 months.i'm sure if they tried to give you a booster every month you will take it, gosh some people.

                  • @sammyla: :O What do you mean?

                    This is me on the streets. See the bubble? Everything bounces off!

        • +1

          lol you seem like a hypochondriac, relax your body will fight it and you will get better.you cant live in paranoia.

          You know now that even the vaccine immunity waves in as little as 4 months, they try to sell you boosters lol. best thing is to let your body build immunity.

          • +2

            @sammyla: Lol, this post has been up for 10hrs and within about an hour span, you've already made 13 comments on something you don't care or believe in. Are you paranoid? Relax dude. Calm down.

            • @Ughhh: I can comment as often as i like and i'm relaxed unlike you lol. no personal attacks today? i remember last time your comments against me got pulled. what happened this time? hahaha

              • @sammyla: How can you know if I'm relaxed or not? Are you hiding in the bushes outside my house? :o

                Awwww you remember meeeeee. Well this is awkward, I have no idea what our conversation was about, nor do I remember you. I'm sorry you don't hold the same value in my heart and brain as I hold in yours.

                • @Ughhh: in your heart? oh please no!!!!,its not about heart its about you having bad memory, actually no i think you are just lying. you wont forget my name, i'm certain of that hahahaha, stop spreading misinformation. people are not stupid.

                  • @sammyla: I remember things that are important, worth remembering or entertaining. Our conversation must've been very forgettable. You must've been very forgettable, I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings. But hey, I'm sure your mother remembers your name, that's really the only thing that matters right?

                    But if you really really want to me remember you, perhaps you could tell a funny joke or say something original instead of just repeating what others say? I didn't realise you craved for my attention this badly. Awkward.

                    • @Ughhh: please stop im in tears!!!! hahahaha

                      Ha? you are the one who started by replying to my comments and then went on to spreading misinformation?

                      It looks like you are the one following me? not the other way around?

                      Tell you a joke, i'm bad at telling jokes but let me google one

                      knock knock, whos there, not UGHHH after covid 19, is it good? lol

                      • @sammyla:

                        then went on to spreading misinformation

                        Are you referring to the vaccine shield bubble that bounces all the viruses off like a ball? I hear at the 4th dose, the viruses gets bounced off into space.

                        Lol I'm wanna see how long this takes. This is gold.

                        Looking back, my original comment re the shield wasn't even a reply to you. Thanks for following me.

                        • @Ughhh: lol come on now, you are a person who loves vaccines and takes them seriously, you aint joking about it, anyway seems you need a treatment for amnesia too, anyway its ok some people do have amnesia. sad it hasnt got aa vaccine for it isnt it?

  • Germany selling these for 2 bucks each

    • +11

      I find that hard to believe. They would only sell them using Euros

  • +1

    Isn’t the advice with these that if you do test positive, you’re still required to go to a testing site/clinic to confirm it?

    Not sure if I made that up in my head or read it somewhere 🤷‍♀️

  • How to get $10 voucher?

  • +2

    Honestly thought the Ozb community were smarter than this

    • -1

      haha, ozb has a lot of salty sheep, they are so paranoid about the virus so need this sort of thing to give them reassurance lol and they label anyone who doesn't agree with them an "Anti vaxxer" or a "Far right activist".

    • +4

      Note that this ^ person is an anti-vaxxer, this means they have done their research (watching TikTok videos) so you should totally trust them.

        • +5

          when people believe thing I don't like, they are sheep!

          I am very smart!

  • Results in positive negative, no official replacement.

  • Wouldn't a positive result force you to go to a proper pathology lab for testing anyway?

  • Cheers :)

  • I'm not clear on the purpose of these yet (all paths seem to go to PCR), except for two reasons: 1. If you want to know results quickly (accepting they may be false positivesor negatives), 2. If advised by your employer or Government for clearance purposes or other. If you don't have symptoms you're not supposed to use this, if you test negative and have symptoms you are to confirm with a PCR, if you test positive you are to confirm with a PCR

    • For people that would be reluctant to go get a PCR test and miss work while waiting for the result, will have this as an option.

      Yes it would be great if everybody with the slightest symptoms went to get a PCR test but they realise that isn't the reality for many who live hand to mouth and for whom a day missed getting paid has serious consequences for them.

      Side benefit is being able to screen people before having a family get together for risk reduction

  • +1

    the latest message from health NSW when you are a casual contact is something like get tested if you feel any symptoms. No mandatory isolation is required.
    Guess the test kits are for precautionary purpose and cannot be used as an official prove of being negative.

  • Why bother with this when u can get tested for free at a Medicare supported place

    • +1

      Read the comments above. 3 hours in line, isolate for 1-3 days for a result? Or use this and get a result while you have your morning coffee. Just one of many examples.

    • +2

      You are also paying about $100 for this "free" test as a taxpayer, and helping these pathology companies profit even more


  • Hmmm.. Shipping came up as Free. Added the $10 discount and now it's charging me shipping! WTH. Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

    • +1

      Are you logged in? Free shipping over $30 if logged in…

      • +1

        Thank buddy! Did that and it worked.
        ShopPay or whatever that was confused me. Entered the code and boom took me to the end of the checkout process.

  • Crazy expensive! In Europe you pay 15 euro for these test (5x) that is 24 aud. How do they get it to 40???

    • Ummm….most places are selling these for $60-$80 for 5 at this point…

      • +1

        I think it's a shortage issue. Face masks were also crazy expensive at the start of the pandemic.

  • -2

    They are $50 but if you sign up for their newsletter AND create and account you get free delivery (normally $10) and a $10 discount code emailed to you making the delivered price $40.

    Pond life using a global pandemic to promote their garbage business and remove as much money from you as possible.

    • What’s the issue?

  • The website is flaky, the code comes via a pop-up and it had an error initially, then I couldn't get the pop-up again (had to clear browser data). Then sent me a 10% off code, not $10 😕

  • Just wondering if this test is accepted at airports?

    • I believe most require testing at an approved provider which will provide a certified certificate. You have to pay for this, it can't be done at the normal public test facility

  • What is the accuracy ?

    I briefly went though the link and couldn't find it . I though that the most important ? they should be answering .

    • Discussed further up on page one.

    • About a 1 in 5 error rate, akin to spelling through without an "r"

  • +2

    The $10 off next purchase email says "excludes practicioner products and rapid antigen testing".

    • It does too….I still used it and it worked…

  • I've created an account, but I can't work out how to sign up for the nesletter to get the $10 discount code.

    My partner and I are fully vaccinated but we're planning to use rapid tests for ourselves and our (unvaccinated) kids before attending any large gatherings over Christmas.

    Edit: Thanks to wazbiz for pointing out that the $10 coupon can't be used on rapid antigen tests anyway.

    • +1

      It's comes via a pop-up when you select the test, make sure you don't have a pop-up blocker. I got 10% off the rapid test. Then, when you get the newsletter, just click unsubscribe

  • Would these be acceptable prior to going overseas or a state that required a negative covid test?

    • Nope. Still need a PCR t st for those.

  • +1

    "Offer excludes: Practitioner products and rapid antigen tests."

    • Which offer?

  • I think their generated emails may be overloaded - been over 30 minutes and no discount code yet. Tried with two emails, checked Spam folder etc. no luck.

  • If .gov were really serious about stopping the spread they would provide these free or maybe subsidise it. People are making shit loads of money during this pandemic

    • If the gov really was serious about stopping, the thread, they'd gives theses for free and make you pay for the more accurate reliable PCR.

      • If gov was really serious about stopping it they would stop importing ~25,000 potentially infected individuals each week

        • If the gov was really serious about stopping the spread, they would just shoot all infected on site.

          • @Ughhh: And unvaccinated. Just in case.

  • Hough Pharma's test is made in China by BIOHIT HealthCcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd in mainland China. For medical products of this level of sophistication where quality can't be observed readily, I wouldn't take a risk with Chinese made products. Roche's is made by SD Biosensor a Sth Korean company, and I'd rather go with them.


    • I thought there was an Australian company that made these sort of tests?

      • There is but isnt being carried by Coles/Woolies

  • Anyone had their order shipped. The site now has shipping from 24 November.

    • Nope mine hasn't shipped either. I want these for when I return from an overseas trip in a week and a half. November 24 shipping is basically useless for me!

      • +1

        That's annoying. You can probably just head into your local chemist warehouse. Saw 5 tests for $50 today

    • Came to ask the same thing.
      I’ve got a whole bunch of spam from them in the past week but no shipping notification.

  • I've got an Email from them for free upgrade to 2 SAN 7 pack:


  • +1

    Thank you for your recent Hough SARS CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit 5pk pre-order on healthylife.

    We wanted to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances with our supplier and global logistics challenges, the shipments that were scheduled to arrive with us this week have been delayed until the 24th November.

    We will endeavour to ship your order to you as soon as they arrive.

    Due to the delay, we would like to offer you the option of a free upgrade to the larger TGA approved 2SAN COVID Rapid Antigen Test 7 Pack, instead of the Hough Pharma 5 pack you currently have on order.

    If you choose to upgrade, your order will be dispatched within 2 business days.

    Now I’ll have one for every day of the week! When they finally arrive.

    • +1

      Hahaha, How many tests did u get?

      • +2

        Only 1 pack. Should have clarified the test for each day of the week will only last 1 week lol

    • Does that mean the original test was not the TGA approved test?

  • Order was originally meant to be processed on 1st November, now it's showing 'at least 24th November' 😩

    • Yes not the best cancelled my order as might not ship even then

    • Check your email. They were offering an “upgrade” to a 7 pack at no extra charge…

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