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Lenovo Smart Clock Starter Kit (Smart Colour Bulb + Smart Plug Bundled) $69 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


No doubt being cleared out due to Lenovo Smart Clock 2 replacing it. Looks to be cheaper than the previous lowest price for this bundle (the Lenovo Smart Clock was cheaper on clearance before at Officeworks, though they went quickly).

This smart home starter kit includes a Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant, an RGB Smart Bulb and a Smart Plug.

Available with either a B22 Smart Bulb or a E27 Smart Bulb

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    FWIW, the smart clock is a lot smaller than the marketing photos.

    • +4

      I didn't realise it actually fits in the palm and really not much bigger than the light bulb next to the photo.

    • +1

      Dang, that's actually adorable?

      Looks like it will fit nicely under my monitor too.
      Definitely did not expect to buy one of these today.

  • Smaller is good for me. Nice to know

  • So this can do everything the nest hub can right?

    • +1

      No, it's more limited - no streaming video for instance. Think of it more of a Nest Mini with a touchscreen rather than a fully blown Nest Hub.

      • Limited smart home controls too, from what I've read. Would be keen to know specifically what controls it has vs a Nest Hub

      • Someone hacked to make YouTube work.

      • It can apparently stream nest cameras but kind of dumb it can’t do 3rd party streams. I had a Lenovo smart camera thought it would be able to handle that…

        • Incase anyones reading this down the line, it can stream the video footage from 3rd party cameras.

  • +6

    The clock is really good with its brightness levels. Bright enough that I can see the time but dim enough that it doesn't light up the room or hurt my eyes. Being able to tap the top off it to make it snooze is cool too.

    • The ability to yell stop or snooze at your alarm clock without opening your eyes or getting your arms out from under the warm blankets makes this clock worth every cent!

  • -2

    Good will stop providing support to some third party products from Jan 22.


    I'm not 100% this item is included. But if you are buying for the google assistant support, probably do some further research.

  • This seems like a great deal, the clock by itself is listed at $69, the bulbs are $15.96 each and the plug is $19, which is a ~40% discount.

    Although the reviews on the bulbs and plugs are mixed.

    Also, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is $10 off @ $49.

  • This would be useless for me since I have a Nest Hub but, I can't get over how freaking tiny and adorable it is!

    Hence why I am pushing my SO to get one!

  • +7

    Bought this from Good Guys for $99 and then saw this last week. Hadn't opened. Went to them to Price Match, they refused that it is a different SKU. One of the reps said to her manager that "I think it is the same" and the manager snapped "you think?".
    I poked them isn't JB and Good Guys part of the same company. They refunded me and I bought it from JB then.

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    Not available for C&C at my local. Thank goodness. I saved $69!

  • What’s the difference between B22 Smart Bulb vs. E27 Smart Bulb?

  • +2

    Don't know why I bought this. Nice to have a clock under my monitor since I stopped using a G19 keyboard though.

    • +1

      i miss my g19 and g15.

      • +1

        Still got mine in the box as backup along with my G9x mouse.

        • Damn, you both just gave me some serious nostalgia. I miss having a pc in general. But the G19 & G9x 😍

          • @Dreamcast: hehe

            I was still using it only up until a couple of months ago. Have gone wireless now with the G915 and a G Pro. A good replacement - but I miss the LCD on the G19.

  • Bought this clock outright before the discount and strongly recommend. Google features work well for being smart and adjustable brightness is perfect for not lighting up the room when I'm sleeping. Definitely don't expect a big screen. It's about the size of an ipod touch for reference

    • The auto brightness works well. 👍🏼

  • looks good!

  • Picked mine up this afternoon and set it up already. Great little device.

  • Anyone know if the bulb and socket are Tuya compatible? Can they be hooked up to other Tuya systems such as Brilliant Smart?

  • Price matched at the good guys as no JB's had stock close to me. Cheers OP.

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