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AMD 5600G RTX 3070 Gaming PC $2399, Intel i7-10700F RTX 3080 Gaming PC $2799 & Free Delivery @ MSY


Hello folks, so we're here to celebrate Melbourne's lockdown ended after such a long haul, and therefore we've come up with a good-value RTX 3070 system for only $2399.00 with FREE delivery AUSTRALIA WIDE!

Limited units and delivery only so better be quick than regret it! Simply place the order online and get yourself ready for Christmas ;)

System features:

AMD RYZEN 5 5600G up to 4.4GHz
DDR4 16GB 3200 (8Gx2)
Kingston 480GB SSD
Rotanium Temper-TG302 RGB Black Tempered Glass ATX Gaming Case
4 x 120mm RGB fan with remote
MSI MPG A650GF 650W 80+ Gold Full Modular

Prefer something different? No worries, we have got you covered. Check out our next SYSTEM DEAL: INTEL 10700F RTX 3080 for $2799 with FREE delivery AUSTRALIA WIDE!
Yes, it is a limited quantity deal. So again, be quick folks!

Refer to the link below for a better view!


System features:

INTEL i7 10700F up to 4.8GHz
Gigabyte B560 DS3H AC
DDR4 16GB 3200 (8Gx2)
Kingston 480GB SSD
Rotanium Temper-TG307 RGB Black Tempered Glass ATX Gaming Case
4 x 120mm RGB fan with remote
Thermaltake SMART BM2 750W Semi modular 80plus Bronze
AC 1200 WIFI

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    Hi Rep,

    I missed out on the old system with the 3080ti. Any chance to bring that back?

    • +1

      Second this!

      • +1

        3rd this :)

  • +6

    Why did you choose AMD RYZEN 5 5600G? The system is not going to benefit from the integrated GPU.

    • +7

      To clear the stock? Lol

      • +1

        I believe it is a quite trendy GPU.
        Atm I'm building a gaming PC for my son, and we decided to use 5600G in spite of a plan to get a dedicated GPU. Mostly because I don't see a good reason to pay extra $100 for 5600X.
        But I maybe wrong, so it would be great to hear from professionals.

        • +3

          Not necessarily saying it's worth the price difference (although it's possible to pick up the 5600X on sale for ~$365 on a semi-regular basis), but there is a decent chunk of a gap between the two; under CPU-bottlenecked conditions, it's around 15-25% depending on the task.

          The G sacrifices L3 cache to fit the iGPU on there, and this leads to a performance hit. Whether you'd notice much of difference in a 3070 system running on 1440p+, I don't know.

          Here's a good review of the G that compares it to the X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KycNI1FxIPc

          • +2

            @TimR31: Thank you for the explanation. Unfortunately The best price for 5600x I can find is $415 atm (it seems there was a big jump in prices for hardware a few days back), and we got 5600G for $331 (it is still sealed – but every day of waiting it is a pain for 12 years old gamer)

    • +3

      It's cheaper to buy 5600G from suppliers than 5600X currently. Easier to get hold of stock too.

  • +2

    3080 system is really good, 3070 system is really bad. There isn't a $400 price gap between these two cards (more like ~$800) and it makes no sense to pair the much worse 5600g with a discrete GPU.

    • +5

      Correct Price for the 3080 build
      Mob: $149
      CPU: $375
      RAM: $100
      SSD: $65
      PSU: $129
      Case $79
      Fans: $20-50?
      Total ex GPU: $925ish ex delivery
      GPU(?): $1885 (Cheapest is $2099 at PLE)
      Building: $50-100

      All prices verified via Staticice lowest. They may change, compiled 3:45PM 4/11/2021

      • +1

        Since I got 2 RTX 3080 for clients last November for around $1280 each I still feel ~$1900-2000 for a RTX 3080 is unreasonable, that's closer to what the 3090 was selling for.

        I'm not so sure I'd be able to sell the rest of this PC for around $900 to anyone either.

        Have to keep on waiting for the right deal. Hopefully their production line can recover by next year and we don't have this problem with the 4000 series or PC gaming is going to be in trouble.

  • Is this one of the best deals for 3080 under 3000?

    • I reckon the below deal is better overall
      - More known components
      - m2 drive
      - better mobo imo
      - better CPU

      • Yes but techfast one GST is excluded, while this one has delivery and GST included

        • GST is included on techfast one, you need to apply the coupon

          Sub-Total: $2,908.18
          Coupon (10700KF-3080-OCT): $-181.82
          GST (10%): $272.64
          Total: $2,999.00

  • Buyer beware with MSY. I took my rig to their Fyshwick store a few years ago for some upgrades. They stole my 2x 1tb SDD's and replaced with a partitioned 2tb HDD and hoped i wouldn't notice. Unfortunately i couldn't prove anything so i was completely out of pocket. Absolute crooks!

    Also, don't forget that they've had to pay around $1m AUD in fines over the past 11 years to the ACCC for being super dodgy, example from 2017:

    Never forget, never forgive!

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