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Asus Zenfone 8 5G 128GB 8GB $799, 256GB 8GB $879 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Key Features:

5.9" compact, pocket size design for ultimate portability and effortless one-hand operation

Premium matte-finished glass back with aluminium frame + 3D-curved Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 back

5nm Qualcomm® SDM888 5G Mobile Platform with 8GB RAM for high performance and power efficiency

4000mAh high-capacity battery with 30W HyperCharge power adapter

New System Mode power optimization for longer battery life

120Hz Samsung AMOLED display for ultra-smooth image scrolling and blur-free videos

445ppi, 112% DCI-P3 and Delta-E<1 wide colour gamut for vivid and most accurate colour

Protected by latest Corning® Gorilla® Glass VictusTM for improved drop and scratch performance

Wide camera: 64MP, SONY IMX686 sensor, F1.8, 1.6μm effective pixel size, 1/1.7” sensor size, with Quad Bayer technology, 2x1 OCL PDAF, supports OIS/EIS

Ultra wide camera: 12MP, SONY IMX363 sensor 113° wide-angle camera, Dual PD autofocus, support macro photography

Front camera: 12MP, Latest SONY IMX663, Dual PD autofocus

Up to 8K video recording for main rear camera, HyperSteady for smooth action video, and Pro video mode for professional tuning with advanced audio capturing capability

Dual stereo speakers with Cirrus smart amp for high-res audio quality

Audio specially tuned by Dirac for clear, detailed, and enhanced bass performance

3.5mm headphone jack for premium sound quality

3 microphones for noise reduction and audio zoom while recording

Water resistant certified IP68 dust and water resistance

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  • +12

    Battery life is quite bad on this phone, i struggled to get 4-5hrs of SOT with standard phone usage, dark mode on and configuring in the power settings for (hopefully) better battery life but it didn’t fix it. I’d have to top the phone up around 7-8PM to get through the night.

    • +4

      Yeah I have heard that… any recommendations for other smaller phones?

      • +1

        As far as i’m aware this is the only small phone with top end specs (unless going for a mini iphone). This is a great phone otherwise, just a big shame about battery. Currently using an iPhone 12 mini which at least gets me through the day no problem without ever needing to top up, and the 12 mini gets a lot of flak for it’s battery life…

        • Yeah this pixel 6 is like a huge brick

      • +1

        If you want a smaller one with good specs (but not top end) - possibly the Google Pixel 5 or the Samsung S10E (but it's almost 2 years old at this point). Alternatively if you don't mind a slightly bigger Android phone, your next best bet is the S21 (the non-plus model).

        • +3

          Samsung S10e also has pretty middling battery life.

        • Is the Pixel 5 still worth it 1 year old and still the same price as the Pixel 6?

          • +1

            @liel: Well - if you look at it as a midrange phone, then absolutely worth it for the camera quality and the software support.

            I wouldn't pay $999 for the Pixel 5 but if you can get it cheaper than $799 I think it's a good price. If the Pixel 5 is only available at $999 then no, its not value for money and wouldn't buy it.

        • Pixel 5 has been taken off shelves for large retailers. I havent checked other places

    • +1

      And lack of a proper fast charging makes it even worse

    • +2

      I had this issue as well. Looking into the battery drain the majority it was Android related services; clearing their storage and cache in settings made a massive difference. I'm still not going to get several days life out of this phone but a normal day's usage will leave me with 30+% left when I go to bed of a night. Compared to before this I'd drop a few percent of battery just checking my email.

      • +2

        can you share your battery settings?

        • +6

          Sure - nothing special here though;

          System Mode: Durable
          Adaptive Battery: Yes
          Low battery power saving: 5%
          Battery Care:
          - Steady Charging: Yes
          - Scheduled Charging: Auto end for first alarm
          Charging Limit: 90%
          Detect battery-draining apps: Yes
          Brightness: Auto, currently sitting at 60%
          Ambient display: Tap-to-enable
          Dark mode: No

    • That's because SD888 known for battery issue and heating issues

  • camera quality on this?

    • +3

      Great, even better with Gcam

    • +1

      Comparable to an Oneplus 6 from 2018

      • thats pretty bad ?

        • +1

          I have both Opo6 and GalaxyS10+ along with this phone
          S10+'s camera is like a generation or two ahead with it's manual customisation and night mode.
          ZP8 and OPO6 have similar night mode but ZP8 has slightly better shot under normal conditions.

  • +6

    Under 6" tick
    3.5mm jack tick
    5g tick
    120mhz tick
    4000mah battery tick
    SDM888 tick
    IP68 tick

    Wireless charging apparently no.
    Ongoing support - questionable
    Camera ??
    No SD card slot

  • +7

    FYI - there's no VOLTE on this phone with any carrier other than Vodafone. Asus says they're still working on VOLTE support with Telstra and Optus, but it's anyone's guess when this will be rolled out.

    No VOLTE support means when the carriers shut off their 3G networks, you won't be able to make calls on this phone.

    • Wait, what? This phone has 5G?

      • Yeah you can usually tell by the SOC, the mediatek dimensity and snapdragon from 2020, 2021 have 5g

      • +4

        Yes it has 5G for data. But say - you want to make calls. On a phone with VOLTE support, your calls will be routed through 4G networks. On a phone without VOLTE support, your calls will go through the 3G network.

        I know there's voice over 5G, but that doesn't appear to be widely adopted. So you're relying on VOLTE, even with 5G phones.

      • +1

        On Telstra they still use 4G to carry the calls ATM using their VoLTE 4G infrastructure - both 4G and 5G use packet switched technology for voice. As the 5G rollout progresses (and 3G is removed), this is less likely to be an issue.

        However if a network won't let a phone do 4G VoLTE, it's unlikely to suddenly work on 5G for voice…

  • 799 for this, 999 for pixel 6 no?

    • I got my pixel 6 form 899 and $100 google credit.

      • How / where did you get it for $899?

        • From the Google store with a 10% discount code.

    • +3

      depends what is important to you. pixel 6 is too big for me

    • +2

      The pixel 6 is a monolithic brick. It's quite hard to type on

  • -1

    Pixel 6 for 899 with $100 google credit or this!?

    • Pixel 6 ALL THE WAY!!

    • +1

      Unless you're a gamer, I think Pixel is a better general purpose phone.

    • +1

      You literally posted you got a Pixel 6 and then proceeded to then question which to buy.

      • So…Pixel 6 for 899 with $100 google credit or this!?

        • +1

          Go to target buy some 10% gc buy pixel from JB, you save 99.9 straight away. Not the stupid credit

      • Because I need to buy another phone.

    • But giggle store does not do humty dumty pay plus the $100 still needs to be spent

  • +1

    Kinda tempted to get this. I've got an find x2 pro which is great but I'm getting over these tablet sized phones. Really want to move to a decent compact phone.

    Only thing putting me off at the moment is the sub-par battery life.

    • Yep that's exactly my dilemma, X2 pro is heavy and battery also not the best.

      Hopefully zenphone 9 will have better battery life (if it ever happens)

      • +1

        yeah the 65w charging speed offsets the avg battery life so I don't mind it.

        The 30w in this isn't too bad I guess.

    • no wireless charging on the X2 … never consider.

      • I don't use or have any wireless chargers so that was never a concern for me.

  • I owned a Asus ZenFone 5z.
    Never again I'll own an Asus phone.
    Motherboard died in 12 months.
    Never dropped, never any water damage.

  • +2

    I bought this about two months ago on the last deal. Mostly as I love the compact size and this was the best like for like current day successor to my much loved S9. I love this phone in every way and do not regret getting it. The battery performance is a bit poor, but this is an obvious trade off for smaller form factor. ASUS offer highly customisable system modes to adapt performance to squeeze more out of it, if that's your preference. Love the lack of bloatware, and keeping the headphone jack alive. Can't speak to longevity as it's my first ASUS, but the quality feels solid and am yet to find any significant flaws.

    • Other than volte … and does 5g work ok?

  • This or S21?

    • This

    • +2

      Would you wait for the s22?

      S21 got announced in January, so S22 should be in a couple of months.

      If anything the S21 will surely drop further in price.

      I'm not getting the zenphone due to poor battery life and potential future VOLTE issue.

      • I have S21 right now haha already bored and want to get S22

    • Volte .. therefore S21

    • S21 FE coming in January

  • +3

    I've had this fone for nearly 3 months and I'm mostly really happy with it. Though I got the international 256GB/16GB version.

    I find the battery life amazing. I'm honestly gobsmacked others are getting such short SOT.

    Hopefully VoLTE and VoWiFi are sorted in the not too distant future, but hey, who actually talks to people these days?
    I'm far too busy posting pictures of my lunch, and myself in Instagram, or totes wicked dance moves on TikTok (which it does real fast with the Pfizer 5G) to GAF about phone calls to boomers, lol.

    • How's your SOT on pure wifi and low brightness (if you've tried that)?

      • +1

        I've not timed or measured it scientifically, but anecdotally it's lasting much longer than I expected. It's definitely been a different experience than I'd expect after reading people's comments about terrible battery life.

        I'm using dark mode at the OS level, with some apps set to light mode.
        Predominantly I'm on wifi (because of lockdowns).
        Brightness is set to auto.

        If you have any requests for specific tests or where I can get figures for you, I'm happy to do that.

    • +1

      Is the international version basically the Chinese model but flashed with English ROM? Or is yours actually from US?

      • +1

        The charger it came with has a UK style power plug. According to this reference, it could be from Hong Kong.

        I chose the language when I first turned it on, I can't remember if it defaulted to English or another language.
        Software version is WW_30.12.112.36 (WW being worldwide)

  • +1

    This would've been the perfect upgrade from an S10e but the two things limiting it:

    -SD Card Slot
    -Rooting support/community questionable.

    • +1

      Lineage Android OS is available for the phone

      I'd say, you'll get better support from the community than Asus.

      • +1

        Is this going to work with all apps that have rooting check?

        • +1

          You don't need to root a phone with Lineage OS or any custom ROM on it. I use a non-rooted crDroid on my Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and multiple banking apps work on it. That included Google Pay too.

  • Asus? Nah~~~

  • +2

    crap support for updates. never buying asus phone again

  • +2

    Samsung S22 is rumored to be S10E in size:


    Consider waiting a few months for it's release if this doesn't quite hit the mark.

    • +1

      Hmm still worried that Australia is going to be getting the inferior exynos variant of the S22 in comparison to the SD898.

  • +1

    Thats a lot of phone for the money!

  • +1

    I'll never own a phone as a phone (guess you could say I'll never get a simcard) however I've used phones PURELY as mp3/music players in the past. And by all reports the ASUS range have killer speakers for such small devices…. it would be one expensive music player, but could very well be worth it.

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