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[PC, Steam] Age of Empires IV $67.19 @ CDKeys


Age of Empires IV digital Steam key, instant delivery from CDKeys.

Fun game, I already have/play it. Thought the price was a bit rich, but I wanted to play on release and MSI was giving me Steam credit for a recent build… At least this price makes it a bit more palatable.

Few things pointed out by other members in comments:

  • On Game Pass if you have that/want to do a trial - thanks to InsertCrow
  • Use this deal to trial 3 months of Game Pass for $1 - thanks to snoopydoop
  • If you don't care about the game being on Steam, its available a little bit cheaper on CDKeys as a Windows Store app for AU$62.99 - thanks to Shambler
  • This is A$62.98 on Instant-Gaming. FYI there may be a verification process for first time buyers - thanks to spartanB.

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  • +29

    Obligatory "It's on Gamepass" comment, but nice price none the less OP.

    • What’s game pass?

      • Xbox game pass

        • +2

          for pc

      • +4

        Good deal to take advantage of if interested

        • +6

          thanks, that's awesome. So basically try this game 3 months for $1, and if you like it you could buy it then for probably cheaper than it is now.

          • +2

            @Bytelover: or try it again for another 3 months with a different card :)

    • i personally see $67 as a cheap way to avoid having to use the xbox game client, because it's an absolute disaster.

      • +3

        $67 is also an expensive way to not have access to 200 other games you might want to actually try on Gamepass. The Xbox client is no Steam (none are unfortunately) but it's hardly a disaster.

      • +1

        Yeah I don't like it. But for $1 for 3 months there's a bunch of games on there, including this one that I'm playing at the moment.

    • +2

      yep I have gamepass but this is a game that I would like to own on steam :D age of empires is just a game you have to own.

  • +4

    I recently got aoe3 DE to play it again after 11 years and also play aoe2 DE.
    Somehow Aoe4 is not seeming enticing me personally yet.

    But this is a great price for a game that just dropped.

    • +4

      Same feeling about AOE4. I can't tell what's wrong but just feel like it's missing something and a bit below my expectation.

      • I’ve only played AoE3 DE so can’t judge how 4 does as a callback to 2 (though it does remind me of Warcraft!), but to me it feels a bit lifeless.

        • +1

          I'm of the same thought.
          I'll probably wait till its well and truly in the bargain bin before parting with money for it.

      • +5

        I'm a big AOE2 fan.

        I'm liking 4 so far, but it seems like even the largest maps size are really small and it's really zoomed in compared to AOE2. Feels really constricting. Also there's a 200 pop limit.

        Nothing better than a 500 v 500 game imo.

        • +5

          Also there's a 200 pop limit.

          Sigh… So in 1999 AoE2 had the same but required a Pentium Pro 166MHz and 32MB RAM to run.

          In 2021 I can go buy a consumer GPU that has 16x the compute power of the world #1 supercomputer in 1999, a CPU that easily has 150x the compute power of a PPro, and enough RAM to replace a '99 hard drive a few times over.

          Why am I still limited to 200 fricking wood choppers?

          • +3

            @schquid: Wololoooooooo

          • +5

            @schquid: FIFA21 still limits you to 11 on the pitch.

            • +7

              @suburbanmale: Fair comparison, I remember reading somewhere that medieval warfare was always limited to 200 combatants to avoid the referee getting confused about who killed whom.

            • +2

              @suburbanmale: EA knows that the people who like FIFA will buy it anyway so they have no incentive to increase it to something more reasonable like 30v30.

      • It looks terrible. It looks like a mobile game.

        Hoping gameplay is good but I'm happy to stick with AoE 2 if it isn't.

    • +3

      Hardcore AOE I player from days

      Played a little 2 and 3, got back into 2 recently..Bought 4 thinking the trailer and stuff made it look like it was a mobile game..

      I absolutely love 4. Give it a go, seriously you won't look back.

      • On the other hand I'm a hard core AoE2 fan, and I appreciate the others, and I couldn't stand AoE4 at all. Played enough during the closed and open betas to know I'll never spend money on it.

        • It should still be in beta, fundamental things like ships wayfinding around islands are broken. Plus you can't mass select idle villages which is really frustrating.

          That said it looks amazing and the 3d terrain has potential to really mix up game play.

          If they can fix the bugs, increase the pop limit, allow the camera to zoom out more and allow for ludicrous maps I reckon they're on to something.

          • +1

            @chu-oh: I think in terms of bugs, compared to all the other games released in the last few years, it's way ahead of them.

            As for gameplay, mechanics, quality of life features, UI, intrigue…it's severely lacking compared to the most popular RTS games. Gameplay feels so mushy and meaningless, can't click on anything, no global unit queue, everything economy wise is practically done for you, micro is either meaningless or utterly game changing, no in between.

          • @chu-oh: ctrl+. to select all idle villagers.

            • +1

              @ummobr: Ta, weird that shift+. doesn't work.

    • Same. And I was looking forward to it

  • Send in a scout, I see you.

    Send in 4 trebuchets guarded by a legion of riders.

    Your walls fall so easily.

  • +1

    I seem to be in the minority based on the other comments here but I've been having alot of fun with this game so far. There's room for improvement in several aspects but I like how the individual civs are more distinct than in AOE2 and it feels more modern over-all in terms of the presentation and certain QOL elements.

    • I agree - I'm addicted at the moment, more than I thought I would be. I definitely like that the civs are more distinct, I used to play C&C Generals Zero Hour, so it brings me back to those RTS days in a way.

  • I'm just playing the campaign now, haven't learned the game enough to play MP yet. I have pretty high standards for myself, having played SC2 in the past.
    It definitely doesn't feel as intuitive as even base SC2 from 10 years ago, but I'm having a blast in the campaign nonetheless.

  • This is probably a dumb question but can I play this on a Mac via parallels (or similar)?

    • +2

      Definitely not on m1 chips, the game requires the CPU to support AVX instructions, which is a hardware thing that only x86 CPUs has.

  • +1

    Super! Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Worth pointing out that if you don't care about the game being on Steam, its available a little bit cheaper on CDKeys as a Windows Store app for AU$62.99

    • Thanks! Have added to the post.

  • +1

    Playing for free on GamePass right now… the single player campaign is actually really enjoyable. I love the historical accuracy.

    I don't have a modern PC (about 4 years old), and it runs fine on it (not maxxed out of course).

  • +1

    This is A$62.98 in Instant-Gaming. I use that site alot. For first time buyers there is a verification process as I remember.

    • Thanks, added to post.

      • +1

        Looks like cdkeys has dropped their price to match too. 62.99 now

  • thanks for this OP.
    got the standard one for $62.99

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