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Rockwell 18V Brushless Drill Kit with Bluetooth Speaker $49 + Shipping ($0 Pickup) @ Mitre10


Found this Mitre 10 limited offer, not sure if available in store.
1 x 18V Brushless Drill
1 x Fast Charger
1 x Bluetooth Speaker
2 x 18V 1.5Ah LITHIUMTECH Batteries

That's more than $190 saving from the RRP items ($169 for the drill, 2x [email protected]$35 each);
ACT, NSW & VIC: Free deliveries for online orders over $100 and under 40kg. Limited time only.

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  • ordered, i'm a tool noobie but seems like a great deal

  • Looks like can fit worx tools. Worth a shot.

    • My old Rockwell drill fitted Worx, I assume this one would too.

      I also assume this new Rockwell will die after a couple of years of light usage like my old one did.

    • Just picked it up. Batteries do fit Worx tools. However, the battery chargers are not interchangeable. The Worx battery charger has 3 poles and the battery itself seems to have TVS diode built in. Rockwell battery does not seem to have TVS diode built in and the charger only has two poles. The situation is Rockwell batteries can be plugged on to Worx charger but not charging, most likely because TVS diode is absent on the battery. And Worx batteries just cannot be plugged on to Rockwell charger.

      The drill itself seems to be well built and I'll give it a shot tomorrow to see how it goes. Tried the speaker, it was actually pretty good given the size.

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    I feel stupid that I legit thought the drill had an inbuilt speaker but now all I want is a drill with a speaker.

    • +1

      Mee too.

    • +2

      We are not alone!

      • +3

        Now i'm just wondering if the speaker will play all of the time, or only when you're drilling, to drown out the noise … that would be kind of weird … but fun … can any of the techy guys build a drill that plays barbie girl whenever it's drilling?

    • +2

      I know what to play on that speaker: Benny Benassi - 'Satisfaction'

  • Got one, bargain!

    Not sure how OP found this deal. Was looking everywhere but couldn’t see it without direct link from here

  • Can these batteries be interchanged with ant other ecosystem?

    • +5

      you can try just make sure you don't get bitten

    • Battery interchangeable with Worx, however, the chargers are not.

  • I read somewhere that these batteries are interchangable with Supercheaps Toolpro range of 18v tools.

    • ironically Supacheat have a Rockwell shopseries set as well that may or may not be compatible.

      AFAIK I can work out Positec, a Chinese tool company who was OEM from B&D before they went with the whole DeWalt B&D Stanley Craftsman Irwin group… they own Worx and Rockwell so there may be some compatibility there…

      But really I mean this is cheapest I've seen of any brushless kit so I'm willing to take a chance on these?

    • +1

      Just picked up the SCA lawnmower so will get this for additional battery power

  • Did you guys google reviews a bit before you bought? I love the one about "orange goo".

  • Good price!! never have a drill before and plan to buy one. Can this drill into metal?

    • Can this drill into metal?
      Yes. Maybe get a cheap drill bit set to get enough sizes for most things:

      If you break a drill bit you can also buy them individually.

      • Thanks @mwalks.
        Can this also to rotate anticlock to unscrew screws?
        Sorry for ths stupid question as i am tired to do it manully to screw and unscrew around my appartment :(.
        Any sugesstion for the accessories such as bits

        • id imagine it would have a reverse on it

        • +3

          You need the left handed European version

        • +3

          Just need to turn it over, and you're sweet

        • +1

          Hold it upside down, and you're set

      • its not the tool, its his bit that drills

        • +1

          Thanks Guys. I decided to order one now. it's still available :)

  • Thanks OP, got one to replace my previous purchase

    • I got that previous deal, it's worth noting that that drill had a hammer function for masonary, this one doesn't. Having said that, you need to be patient if drilling concrete with it, I killed one of the batteries doing so, so this might have been worth it for the additional batteries

      • yeah, remember seeing it but never used on concrete, was only using for decking purposes.

  • Nice op, time to begin drilling

  • Is it still a good price with $10shipping? Sorry never buy drill kit before.

    • +4

      Wife told you she wants a drill?

      Giggity. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      I'll private message you to let you know what's up.
      Edit: when they edit their message so there's no longer context.

      • +1

        I know this is that kind of reply I may get. Thus I deleted it. Actually she want to do some DIY to make a tree stand for the birds if you are interested. Lol

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          Ahhhhh. So you openly making an admission.. all your effort. you are only doing it to appease the birds. :)

    • Thats what she said

    • Never mind, it's OOS.

  • How does this one compare to the Ozito that has been posted previously?

  • Looks like it’s out of stock.

    Note to self: Buy first, check battery compatibility later. :)

  • +2

    Looks like the battery is a problem, no wonder the price. It's a pass for me.

    • +1

      "The worst quality purchase in my 67 years on earth"

      • +3

        May work out a good deal for interstellar buyers, perhaps

    • makes sense why they're packaging 2 of them at a discounted price

    • I believe the review is targeted for SCA's Rockwell green unit combo. Green colour paint on the photo. This unit is blue so hopefully is not the same batch.

      • +1

        Correct, these are different models and range. The ones reviewed have been phased out

      • i purchased it from the SCA and used it for decking in alfresco, was never an issue with battery life. also having 2 batteries was great to finish work faster without needing to charge. battery life was good. hope these are as good as the once SCA sold

    • These relate to the old range which was replaced around 3 years ago with new battery tech

      • Are there any other deals that you have direct links to? This one didn't show up in search

  • Seems to be in stock for me but yeah those reviews don’t inspire confidence

    • Same here, going to pass.

  • Back in stock guys..

  • Hurry up before it’s out of stock again.

  • Got one!

    What reviews?

    • +2

      Reviews relate to the old range of Rockwell tools from 3 years ago which have now been replaced

      • Good to know, ordered one and hopefully will last at least a few years.

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    OOS again

  • +1

    The question I would be asking is why are they selling an alleged updated range at $49 when they normally retail for $169, that's a huge markup or mitre10 happy to sell at a loss, or Breakeven.

    • +2

      Possibly to get people into their tool ecosystem…

  • will below kit fits with this drill
    If not any suggestion?

    • Yes it will fit

  • +1

    Bought this one which appears to be a long time ago now;
    They appear to be the similar design.
    The batteries I got still work fine, only did light duties, except for a few big jobs.
    I am not sure if they fixed it, it's got some weird issues. Like, the drill chuck unlocks itself when you stop drilling, and drill bit can come loose, fall out (this would suck up a ladder).
    Also if you hold the drill on a angle it does not like, the motor does not spin, it's not a loose connection, it's like it is a safety cut out. I bought two, and both did the same thing.
    It was described has a impact function but does mention hammer in the manual.
    The hammer function but did not really do a good job at all at that into masonry. I have a corded drill with a hammer drill function, it's like drilling into cheese.

    I liked to manually drive screws by hand with a normal screw driver but will still do for slotted screws or delicate/fragile stuff and avoided cordless drill for driving screws.

    But I am converted, driving self/drilling/tapping metal screws into a metal fence, screws into wood without pilot holes, up on a ladder 5m with one free hand drilling 10-12cm screw/bolts for the gutters, all impossible with a normal screw driver or socket.

    Still a very good drill with it's quirks, I am happy with it still after so many years. For light home use is good, not for a tradie.

  • Anyone picked up their drill yet? I haven't heard from Mitre10 after the initial order confirmation.

    • Status "Processing". No emails sent.

    • no update since order confirmation

    • Got an email that it is ready for collection

    • Mine is ready for collection

      • Order ID Date Ship To Total Status
        10091XXXX 5/11/2021 CUSTOMER $49 Processing View

        they seem to need to ship items to particular outlets?

        if you have mail order you probably get served earlier

    • Just got my email today for ready for collection

    • Got a phonecall from my local hardware store which is part of the Mitre10 chain/alliance/whatever
      The wait will be around 1 month and asked if I wanted to cancel
      I said no

  • Looks like these have a torque setting for hammer function for drilling into masonry and concrete, which is pretty neat - Though I doubt it’s a true hammer function.

    • Drill seems pretty good. Happy it has hammer function. Similar to the Toolpro drill. Possibly the same.

      • Now watch for Worx and ToolPro deals as it’s compatible with those 😉

  • Just collected the drill today. Pretty decent. 2 x batteries. The bluetooth speaker sounded ok. If switch on too loud, the sound starting to crack. Definitely a bargain.

    • Yeah I thought the Bluetooth speaker was pretty cool.

      Rockwell don’t have a brushless impact driver yet so have to wait for a sale on the compatible ToolPro version ($98 skin only)

      • The speaker is surprisingly good quality and good sound.

        I think this is the bargain drill set even with all the crappy sets I've bought.

        Steel chuck, 2 batteries, 2 spd gearbox + hammer + BT speaker.

        Cant beat it.

  • Good luck with registering your product online for warranty purposes. Their contact form is broken and they don’t answer calls even though there is no one else in the queue.

  • Hours:

    Friday 7am–4:30pm

    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    one of the many reasons mitre10 and any other hw store is getting absolutely c*nted by bunnings

  • Compatible $39 impact driver skin here:


    • that means all the XU1 blue 18v series is compatible?

      • No, only the new generation series.

  • +2

    Showing$169 for me.

  • Is it too late to get this?

    • Yeah, I also came here from the Ozito deal posted today.

    • Well, way too late. Price went back to original and most if not all stores are out of stock.

  • Anyone able to pick one up from Perth.
    Order this 4th when the deal happened and so far, nothing.

    • +1

      Received a call from Northbridge to inform stock will only be in mid December

  • picked up mine yesterday - 3 weeks from order date.

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