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Betadine Cold Sore Ointment 7.5g $4 ($3.60 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Treat irritating cold sores with Betadine Cold Sore Ointment.
Betadine products offer you and your family broad spectrum protection and support against infection.
If applied at the first signs of a cold sore (usually a tingling or itching sensation), this ointment can help to slow the progress of the infection.
Betadine Cold Sore Ointment comes in an easy to use tube making it a convenient addition to your first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

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  • "this ointment can help to slow the progress of the infection", … so, you'll end up getting infected either way?

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      This is not prevention. If you need this, that means you're already infected, but would limit progress/visibility of the outbreak.

  • Cheers,
    Got 2

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    Hahahahaha. Cry. Cold sores since I was a baby. This stuff flat out doesn't work and got me attention I hated. Use zovirax.

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      Try compeed cold sore patches better than any ointment imo

      • Cheers. Haven't had one for years but will note this

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        The antiviral coldsore tablets work really well if taken early. High doses of l-lysine too.

        • Lysine is the one I wish I knew earlier. Amazingly effective.

    • There‚Äôs a product called Zovirax duo which is epic

    • Zovirax in Australia is $14 for 2gr, rip off.
      $2.5-3 overseas.

      • Brand vs generic? Still way overpriced for sure

        • Genuine Zovirax, or Zovirax Duo.

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    Anyone used Famvir (famciclovir) tablets?

    • Yep. They are 100% effective for me in stopping outbreak but only if used as soon as you feel that tingle in your lip. So you need to have the tabs on hand for immediate access.

  • Have seen betadine ointment bleach melanin from skin on face. Could this do the same?

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