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Kettle Chilli Chips, 12x 175g $27.84 ($25.06 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Hey Folks,

These are up again!

I've been watching them hover between $39 - $42 on Amazon over the last month or so, and they have dropped below $28 again, so I pulled the trigger.

Currently similar price per packet at Coles, but cheaper on Amazon for S&S deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Feels like having to buy 12, and supporting Amazon, isn't worth saving the 20c/packet, unless you really need 12 packets!

    • +4

      We buy 2 boxes at a time.

      Obviously everyone has different needs.. We need burning mouths :)

      • +11

        PM sent.

      • +4

        We buy 2 boxes at a time.

        We only buy 2 packs at a time 😁

      • And clogged arteries! Hope you have a big group to share these with as a sometimes food :)

        • 👍

    • These are currently on special at Woolworths for $3.50.

      I think $2ish a pack delivered is pretty decent.

    • +3

      I would buy a 12 pack if it was a variety packet of all flavours

  • +7

    Last time I remember, these were actually decently hot. Like not sweet chilli and sour cream hot, but make your mouth tingle a bit more than normal hot.

    • +6

      Yeah they're pretty tasty! Definitely get the nose running if you eat half a packet :D

    • +1

      We certainly eat and enjoy these but sometimes feel they've made them hot at the expense on any other flavour.

      I guess with a cold beer they work okay though…

      • When we first started eating these years ago, I couldn't go more than three or four chips without cold water to stop the burn.. Now we eat them like lollies.

        We've built better resistance to the chili, or they've dialed down the heat factor

    • -1

      meh barely paprika hot, but nice chips

    • +1

      They're the only hot chips I've ever had, everything else is meh or maybe the tiniest kick but this can get burning hot. Not including stuff like hot cheetos cause those burn but it's such a chemical burn kind of heat that (profanity) up my stomach.

      • 🤣

  • +10

    Once you open you cant stop

    • +1


    • +1

      is why have to resist :)

    • +6

      Next morning - once you flush, you cant stop.. 🌶️🔥

    • +3

      Its really interesting, its hard to stop until the last chip is gone. Then suddenly its like all hunger has gone

  • Given they are probably short dated I think I would prefer coles even at the ~20c a pack.

    • +2

      Ordered ours last nigh and they arrived an hour ago, I'm looking at the box and it's dated 5/3/22

      • How did you get it next day delivered are you with Amazon prime? I did a subscribe and save and the earliest option for me was November 11 Thursday.

        Default was 1 December but I manually changed it.

        • Yeah I'm a Prime member.. Normally when I'm ordering, it gives me a time frame to order by for next day delivery on some items

          • @DisabledUser283005: Hmm every day I find out I think I would be better if I get an annual subscription to prime.

            From the free games to great shows and music and next day delivery it seems to pay for itself nicely.

            • @AlienC: We’ve been members for a few years, and if you use it regularly it definitely does pay for itself

              • @DisabledUser283005: This is one of those things where my ozbargain sense of not spending has over iq'd itself and I think I ended up missing out on a lot of stuff.

                Please correct me if I am mistaken but the games you get from amazon prime you get to keep for life correct? if so yeah I have missed out on a lot of games already so it is just one of those things that I just keep regretting more and more as time goes on and starting now would just finalise it and make it real.

                • @AlienC: We actually did it for a big saving an a PS4, and it paid for itself right away

                  We slowly started to use it for other things, and it’s the best subscription we’ve ever made !

                • @AlienC: Amazon prime doesn't really give out games, mostly just game skins and the like

    • +2

      1 packet per day. You’ll be right

      • +1

        That's the spirit!

      • Sadly that is exactly what usually ends up happening lol.

    • +1

      You save over $5.50 when buying 2 boxes of this compared to Coles plus save on free delivery.

      Only way Coles would be better is if you are doing a larger order and have a really big coupon code that might get you a few dollars over.

      This is really good imho for just keeping around as the chili is a natural preservative and good wake up call.


  • I feel like they changed the chilli on this one in the last 2years. The chunky chilli one is so much better at Coles

    • Are they Kettle too ?

    • Got a link for that chunky chili one from Coles I can't find it.

  • $2 per bag seems much for a largely empty bag

    • They are currently on "special" at Woolworths for $3.50, so I think $2 is not bad.

      • +1

        Currently 2.25 at Coles, I just bought one. Don't have room for another 11 anyway

        • The current price at Coles is $2.32, but I agree we don't all need 12 at a time

        • Nice - and the subscribe and save only makes it $2.09 - so only saving 16 cents a bag

    • They make them that empty to protect the chips in transport so they don't break too much

  • I’ve loved these for so many years but recently tried the smith chili chips and really liked them

    • Might give them a shot

    • I've found they're not quite as hot but a decent substitute especially when they're normally cheaper than the Kettle branded chips with a similar crunch

      • +1

        Hmm I don’t mind that hotness level in the smiths actually. I agree kettle are spicier.

  • +1

    Does it come with free ambulance subscription ?

    • +2

      Haha.. No, but it does come with free sinus clearing

      • you missed the bowel (delayed upto 12hrs in some cases)

        • 😂

  • +1

    Cheers for sharing! Definitely one of my go to chip choices.

    • You're welcome mate

  • +1

    Thanks for this I love stocking up on back up snacking food.. Especially great when your housemate loves to hog the kitchen and thinks its all theirs.

    Confined to my room for life.. Always rolling the bad dice.

    • All good mate

      Get your chilli on

  • I rather buy 2 pack at Coles tbh. Having 12 at home will make u fed up with these pretty quickly. That taste is nice though but it will get “nah, I had enough” soon after

    • +1

      Yeah, just checked Coles online, they're at $2.32 per bag atm.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Purchased a box.

    • You’re welcome mate !


  • +1

    I wonder if this is cheaper than laxatives lol.

    Seems to do the same trick.

    Fire on the way in fire on the way out.

    • It's just fire in the hole

  • +6

    $7.99 for 650 grams from Costco.
    $12.3 per kg.

    $13.2 per kg.

    Amazon s&s
    $11.9 per kg.

    Coles half price
    $13.3 per kg

    Hope this helps
    Not a bad deal

    • Nice work !

  • There a chilli chips ( Blackstone I guess) available at Aldi, but sells out very quickly. Way hotter than Kettle and tastier too.

    • Love those!

  • +1

    Thanks, I bought 6 boxes

    • +1

      You’re welcome mate !

      Party at yours ? 😂

      • ITS ALL MINE!!! But thanks for the deal. It was to save my gluttonous embarrasement of buying a large quantity of these at a supermarket.

        • Haha !!

          I know that walk of shame well

  • Aldis chilli chips taste very similar but I find them better with seasoning and chip quality.

    • Definitely gonna give them a try

      • +1

        Report back! They're also in a far bigger bag.

        • Will do

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