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Prepaid 6 Month Unlimited Text/Talk 150 GB Plan $99 (Then $150 Renewal) @ amaysim


Prepaid amaysim 6 month plan with 150 GB of data on Optus 4G Plus network
Don't forget to use the $35 cashback from Cashrewards or Shopback!

Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Standard talk to mobiles & landlines in 42 countries
Standard SMS & MMS to mobiles in selected countries

Each time you renew your plan, any unused data will be added to your bank.
There's no limit on how much data can be stored in your data bank and no expiry period, as long as you stay with your plan.
Please refer to previous post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653720)

Automatically renews for $150 every 6 months
Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • +2

    Thanks grabbed one! Saw this the other day and was tempted, didn't even think to look at the cashback rates!

    EDIT: Just bought and the CB was tracked within 10 seconds with CashRewards

  • Got a few questions to ask.

    • Can you buy this now and activate it by porting in after 2-3 months?
    • Do you still qualify for the $35 cashback from Cashrewards if you don't activate within a month?
    • Can you buy this more than once for the $35 cashback from Cashrewards or 1 transaction per account?


    • You dont get cashback if activated after 30 days from purchasing.

      • TY.

        Bad timing for us. We have 2 plans 3 months from expiry.

  • +1

    Is this for new customers only?

    • • Not to be used in conjunction with an existing amaysim mobile service.

  • Hi. Thanks for the post. Is this available for port-in account? I want to move from Lyka to this one and curious if I can avail this offer, TIA 😊

    • +1

      Yep you can port :)

  • +1

    So what should I select if I want to port in? If I choose 'transfer your number', how does this work if I haven't yet received the new sim? Or, should I choose 'pick a new number' and will it allow me to do the port in later when I get the sim?

    • Generally you select the transfer option, and once you receive the new sim you request them to start the transfer then either on their site or over the phone. They can't start the porting process without a confirmation from your number through your existing provider anyway, so there's no risk of you being disconnected before receiving the sim.

      • @LilyRose2798 Thanks.

  • +1

    Amaysim currently have the $30 pre paid plan for 30GB (+bonus 40GB) - on sale for $10.

    I'm curious if Cashrewards/shopback will pay the $7 cashback ??

  • Can you use this in an iPad for data only??

    • +2

      You can, if your iPad is a cellular model and not wifi only.

    • I use a data only Amaysim sim for my iPad. Not this plan though.

  • +1

    for those that don't use much data or internal calls etc:

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654049 $6 for 4 months would of been a good deal

  • Anyone know how many times I can use the cash back on ShopBack? Cash Rewards specifies one per month, ShopBack does not say how many. Looking at porting in 4 numbers for the family…

    • Once a month for every account on both websites

      • Thanks, better get one from each this month and next then!

        • Or create one more email and sign up on both website and get all 4 this month. ;)

          • @mkbsd: So clever!! I didn't even think of that! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • FYI if you bought a sim and are activating to get this deal, you need you see promo code 9UHGPR to get it

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