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Western Digital 18TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $528.17 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Not the best price ever but Chia Farming kinda muddled the pricing on storage for the past 6+ months.
If already posted ignore, delete and send me straight to the gulag.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Edit: sorry price is $528.17… Look's like I'm off to the gul….

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      Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

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        This reminds me of my time in Nam'

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    Didn't chia take a big hit not long ago? I don't understand chia compared to the early (and some current) crypto that relied on proof of work, computational power/algorithm difficulty^(e*solved) or similar approaches. I prefer to get a vague understanding before I lose myself in the method but I uderstand this might not be the best place to ask. It's hard to avoid strong bias asking questions on a specialised forum/sub etc.

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      Fundamentals don't matter anymore. If you go to a specialised forum the fanboys will rationalize anything.

      Switch to technical analysis and make all your decisions based on candlestick graphs. It actually works well when the market is only driven by emotion

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        Haha right in the heart. It's hard to avoid that kind of group think and fanaticism regardless of the subject in many communities. I think older bbs based forums are probably the best you're going to get. As soon as points get involved the circlejerk begins to grow.

        Using only candlestick graphs so perfectly represents the market I'm holding back tears.
        I've had my fun anyway. When customs held my btc asic for 6 weeks (it would have taken 12 hours for ful roi with the difficulty, hash rate and price if I hooked it up on the date the tracker stated). 6 weeks later that was 2.5 years but it would have been longer since not long after owning buildings filled with asics was a popular career path.

        I might do some short term speculation when bored but I treat it the same way I would keno

        At the very least there have been some good memes and parody songs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPaEI-ja7rWNY8kYVc1qv...

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    • My vague understanding is

      Proof of work relies on checking hashes over and over to try and find a single match.

      Chia stores these hashes on disk and looks them up if some short-hand maths expects you to have a match. Overall this process uses far less electricity than calculating hashes on the fly.

      Looking up existing stored hashes is, so far, much faster then would be possible in calculating hashes on the fly. Theoretically, with enough processing power, it's possible to spoof this storage process by doing the calculations on the fly aka Proof Of Work. So far, it hasn't been an issue for their goals, it's not even close to economical to do this.

  • On topic, I've been looking at some sort of storage solutions.

    The lacie 1big or 2big setups that kind of act as a thunderbolt hub for monitors and peripherals while providing 18tb of archive space with 1big or significantly more (for significantly more) going with the 2-12 drive enclosures and adding raid options etc.

    Compared to say buying this drive as a stopgap that would play nicely with a NAS.Any thoughts? Expanding my collection of 5tb 2.5" externals seems like a terrible idea going forward.


  • Anyone know what's in these?

    • If it’s shuckable?

      • Elements drives are

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    Chia farmers are monkeys. Chia is a banana coin.
    At the current prices, the ROI period for the hardware alone is 29+ years. By the time you add failed hardware replacement (no hardware will last 29 years) and electricity costs, you will basically never see your money again.

    • I'd imagine they're hoping it will do the same as bitcoin, turn those valueless coins into something people value a decade from now, because belief. There's no reason it shouldn't work again, or should have worked the first time, or couldn't completely reverse so both are worthless.

      But yeah, imagine it'd be people using hardware they no longer care about on very cheap / free / stolen power, otherwise might as well just buy the things and throw away less money.

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    Just curious for those with 18TB for their personal needs, what do you use it for?

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      If you've ever ripped your DVDs/BD to a NAS and don't want to risk spending months doing it again… Money well spent.

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      Linux ISOs mate, just Linux ISOs.

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        I filled up my 14TB with Linux ISOs in the first month, next thing I know I'm shucking old drives to get every extra TB I could find.

        Google Enterprise is a must-have too IMO.

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      • PC Backups + Point in time snapshots.
      • 4k Drone footage
      • 8K Video footage
      • Steam backups.
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      12xcopies of family photos on 14x different drives……..If I ever loose any, the Mrs will kill me!

      • All means nothing without a cloud backup. Buy a secondhand Google Pixel 1 and backup unlimited at original quality for life.

    • …a man has needs.

    • Torre…community based files shared of 'ol programs from yesteryear. Collectors.

  • At that size it'll be one of the enterprise models.

    Don't know how well warranty will be managed since it's an amazon US deal should, but it's pretty good at this price.

    • Reported to be WD180EDFZ or EMFZ with the same RN as DC HC550. However it’s still white labelled.

      • Does it mean warranty can be registered with WD Australia?

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          Yes. I have purchased plenty of these Element drives in the past. There is an international warranty. I believe it doesn't supercede Australian warranty. I have always had good tech support from WD compared to Seagate (well in the past now).
          Remember, no warranty (in Australia) if you shuck these units.

          Anyhow, I am about purchase some of these bad boys so that I can do a full backup of my NAS servers prior to upgrade of there Operating system. NAS is RAID 10, but being a belts and braces, an additional full backup will never go astray.

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    The same one was $434.35 in March

    • Damn it, to the time machine….

    • I cancelled my order after I saw this price tag, guess I dont need it anyway

    • I almost broke my "wait until Black Friday" rule then saw your comment.

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    Cost per TB the 14 is a little cheaper (if that matters to you) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07YD3G568

    • 18TB - $29.34/TB ($528.17)
    • 14TB - $28.28/TB ($395.86)
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    I feel there's been a lot of articles lately about the significant change in HDD technologies to accomodate 20TB and larger HDDs… wonder when this will flow through to OzBargain as I've got two more drive bays left in my 5-bay NAS, so I want to make sure I get the optimal drives… although I probably should just wait until I actually need them!

  • They don't ship with au plugs? So you need to request it after purchase or shuck them?

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      @MelBorn et al
      "They don't ship with au plugs? So you need to request it after purchase or shuck them?"

      You can get an AU plug/cable/adapter direct from WD Support for free. Upon receipt of your device, register it immediately on the WD web-site (yes, you WILL need the device model no. and serial number from the carton/device label).

      Call the WD Support number for Australia/NZ/Ocean and they will ship the necessary cable/plug/adapter immediately.

      I have done this a few times and it (pre-COVID) arrived from South East Asia within a week to 10 days.

      • Interesting, the seagate units I have all came with multiple heads for the power adapter so you can just pop on your region. I would have thought WD would have done the same.

        • I thought the same but reading the comments on past WD drives it doesn't seem to be the case.

          Others don't seem to be worried but it's just another thing to do and wait for so good to know before hand.

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          The WD elements comes with a power adapter and MANY heads!

          Unfortunately, none of those heads are AU. Haha…

          But when you contact WD, they send you out a set rather fast.

      • Is this the page and are those US numbers?

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