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VIOMI Robot Vacuum S9 UV-Automatic $569 + Delivery @ ALDI Online


Higher price than the recent Panmi Deal but I think this would be more piece of mind given Aldi’s easy return and warranty.

The Viomi Robot Vacuum kills 99.9% of germs. The Vacuum features automatic dirt disposal station and a 3-in-1 sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. It contains 3L dust bags that are disposable and a full bin reminder on the App

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  • +6

    The Viomi Robot Vacuum kills 99.9% of germs

    0.1% are the ones that cause problems.

    • thats a viable viral load, my vacuum gave me covid.

    • -1

      If only people knew …

      The truth is we live in a soup of germs. A very thick soup.

      The human body consists more of germs than cells by weight.

      It's like trying to dry yourself with a towel underwater.

      • +4

        I'm pretty sure it's more germ cells than human cells, not by weight. Bacterium are much smaller than human cells.

        • This is correct. Bacterial cells are thousands of times smaller than an average mammalian cell and make up almost nothing by weight, but still outnumber your cells.

      • He definitely don’t have more “germs” than cells by weight

    • The 99.9% dont exist in your house

  • Anyone have any experience with this model? Is it any good? Does it have any major drawbacks?

    • +1

      The S9 (non UV version) is my first robot vac so can't compare with others. The only annoyance I have with it is if you move the base unit too much, it needs to do a new map. That itself is easy enough as it just needs to do a full clean, but have to put the virtual walls and no go areas back in.

    • +2

      Mapping is not as good as Roborock. Needs a fair amount of space around the dock station so it can properly start and map out the house otherwise it may end up only doing a small portion. Only had for a short time so can't comment much. It does work on thick carpets which is good. My Xiaomi Gen 1 wouldn't work on my new carpets but this one does.

  • +3

    Viomi is going to make a killing if they can distribute regularly through Aldi.

  • +1

    This is an amazing robot vacuum cleaner. Highly recommend.

  • +1

    I have 200m2 of carpet and only use this to vacuum. It's good. No problems with mapping or docking.

  • +1

    Same price at Panmi… Slightly cheaper shipping

    • I just tested the free shipping code from Panmi from an older post and it still works


      Just trying to figure out if shipping is local or dropped shipped from china

      • +1

        I ordered the last deal from panmi on the 25th October and got it on the 9th. - didn't seem drop shipped to me.

    • Aldi return policy is worth the extra

      • EDIT: Ignore, the returns policy is on the vacuum link

  • +1

    These are awesome, nothing better at this price point that includes auto empty station.

    I have been running mine daily for months now, very happy with not having to vacuum up dog hair and dust manually in most of my house anymore.

    Price wise they have been around this price before.

  • +2

    I just installed this vacuum over the weekend. I mapped the area with "borders only" for the first time. I then set restricted zones and away it went. The app is good and it's got lots of features.

    I haven't tried the mopping feature yet. I also noticed you can only set up to 10 restricted zones/virtual walls in total.

    So far it's an impressive little machine. The auto empty station works well. The bags will need to be replaced but not sure where to buy replacements so that could be a concern, although I thought to just vacuum the bag with a dyson lol.

    Bought for $499 from Panmi. For the price I think its a bargain with other brands being 2-3x more for the feature set

    • +1

      I've read on here one can cut the bag open and clip it back closed.

      Got one for my folks a couple of months back. They've been very happy with it. I've got a roborock s6 pure and there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between them.

      • +1

        Probably easier just to get the dyson and vacuum it up with circular attachment

  • Does it differentiate between carpet/rug and tiles or will it mop everything without caring.

    • will mop everything, but you can designate no mop areas.

  • Since when Aldi started selling online?

    Is it also going to be available in store?

    • A few months back.


  • Purchased one from last Panmi deal posted here. Haven’t tried the mopping function yet since I’ve got it.

    I have scheduled it to run every morning whilst we are asleep upstairs and come down to a clean floor/carpet despite we have pretty thick carpet in the living room and goes over it with ease.

    We have a Rottweiler so short hair is everywhere and this really helps.

    Very happy with it being my first robovac purchase. We still use a Miele CX1 for a weekly deep clean which compliments it well.

  • +1

    Purchased one from Panmi (2 more friends of mine have done too) at $499.

    it does a good job in mapping area and vacuuming. I run it daily on high foot traffic areas and weekly on the whole house (thick carpet). Very happy with its suction power.

    You can get away with quiet mode for the daily vacuuming (though the sound isn't quiet).

    After the first few runs, lot of hair ties and hair was stuck to the rollers (something you might want to watch out for stuff under your beds which we never vacuumed :-)).

    A great feature of point vacuuming helps in cleaning up mess after kids have their meal or do their art projects.

    Vacuum bag isn't filled after 30 days of usage. We have these available on the mi-store to buy for future purposes.

    My dyson V8 is sitting unused after Viomi's arrival

  • Now the question is this or roidmi eve

  • Anyone know how well this handles long hair? Does it tangle a lot?

  • +1

    Owned the older viomi one and I'm not surprised if the mapping will suck like mine one, probably suspect it'll be the same. So if you got a fair amount of off corners, ground level mirrors and small odd rooms then expect it to gradually becoming demented, lazy and start skipping rooms.

  • I have used it for a few weeks now. Compared to my roborock s50, I found its battery is not as lasting. On medium + vacuum only, it can only do around 75m2 then battery drops to 12% and robo goes back to charging. Anyone else find this issue as well?

    Plus not sure where we can get cheap dust bags. Any suggestions here? Thanks in advance

  • +2


    These ones were recommended in the panmi special.

    • Have you got these yet? Do they work?

      • Haven't arrived yet. I'll update when they do.

  • Looking to buy my first robovac. This or the Eufy L70 currently on special at JB Hi-Fi?

    Does the bag require replacement? If so is it readily available?

    • check comment above yours

  • robovacs are still fairly average IME

    you want mopping this or s5 is about the cheapest. mopping is average, literally just a wipe over with a wet cloth that gets dirty after one room. I do spray the floor with detergent in the laundry before hand

    vacuuming suction is far worse than a handheld but I love not having to do those two chores almost ever. we are quite clean and have floorboards its just doghair issue and the vac cancels that.

    all the marketable features are very pointless and this is the sort of item you should buy and then replace when it dies (hopefully a decade).

    perfectly flat floors are a must, it will go up some slight changes in floor level but it wont clean well and will be noisy. kids will likely ruin its reliability.

    possibly the only feature id say is useful is being able to zone off a complicated area where the dumbot will likely get stuck on something.

  • Also not sure if this is really a deal given the s9 has been $499 in the past with a self emptying dock.
    Even the roidme eve is a viable option at this price

  • +4

    Purchased and been using this robovac for over 3 months now and really happy with it.

    These are some of the +ve points I love about it:
    - auto empty station makes cleaning super easy
    - automatic increase of suction on carpets to get the deep clean
    - setting up of repeat vacuuming ensures a good clean is achieved
    - easy use of setting up 'no mop zones' and virtual walls
    - ability to move just the robovac between floors as we have a double storey home (needs the docking station moved once to each floor when doing the initial floor mapping)
    - mopping, while not great it does a reasonable job especially as I use hot water only

    These are some of the -ve points I've personally found about the unit:
    - requires floor space to be clean be clutter free (in-directly a +ve as it has forced us a family to remove clutter off the floor)
    - no option to monitor water level for the mop function (ie. you don't know when the robovac has run out of water for mopping)
    - does get stuck on my barstools base
    - in the last few months, a couple of times it couldn't find the base station for charging
    - no ability to back-up maps and have lost the map once requiring a complete re-mapping of the floor (suggest running on quiet suction to maximise the battery for the initial mapping)

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to know more about this unit. It is good value for money and certainly recommend the unit to family & friends.

    • Good review. Once setup can you ask the unit to only clean a certain section/room without going through the whole map? (say for example schedule living room clean at 9am and lounge room clean at 2pm). I'm trying to choose between this or the Eufy L70, it seem the L70 can only do the whole map and won't allow individual zones to be done.

      Also is the dust bag inside the vac or in the base station? Where do you buy replacement from?

      • Yep once you have a map. You setup appointments and select whole house or specific rooms to vacuum.

        Dustbag is in the base station, a previous poster in comments provided an aliexpress link for some spares.

  • The postage costs more than buying from Panmi, might as well just get it direct from Panmi rather than waiting another 5 days.

    • Delivery times particularly now can vary a fair bit - so don't expect a quick delivery. It took about 2 weeks when I first got my unit dispatched a few months ago.
      Also do suggest getting the additional spares from AliExpress as soon as you order the unit as it can take over 5 weeks to get the deliveries from AliExpress.

  • How does it go in and around chairs / bar stools? Assuming it doesn't go in and around them?

    • if there is enough space - it will navigate around the chairs/ dining table. Bar stools with circular base is bit of a problem - it tries to climb then gets confused and circles around the bar stool for around 10 secs than give up and move on.

    • Yes, if there is sufficient space - it will go in / around the chairs and barstools. It will climb around 2cm but if surface is slippery and cone shaped like the barstool base - there is a high chance that it gets stuck.

      I tend to move those barstools on the living rug and turn on vac + mop function before going to bed. I've set the rug as 'no mop zone' and it feels great to wake up to a cleaned flooring that has been vacuumed & mopped :D

  • Good price but sticking with my S5 Max for now. Auto base empty is handy but not something that's a must have feature.

    Viomi for some reason reminds me of the Redmi line of Xiaomi phones, the mapping isn't as good as Roborock and support long-term perhaps isn't?

  • Do their online products sell out quick like popular in-store items?

  • What time will it be available? It's not open yet

    • It’s available now.

  • odd question, but my house is weird …

    i've got a 10 sided house
    with an 8 sided bar in the middle of the house
    with zero 90oC corners in the house

    has anyone got experience with weird floor plans?

    • this will to that easily, no problems, all houses have some sort of round furniture etc. so these machines are designed with that in mind.

  • Been using it for a week, working well,

    Also the app is pretty decent, does the job,
    can schedule the jobs to go out and do cleanup etc.

    Now anyone know where we can find cheap bags for the dump station ? or use another standard bagless vacuum to suck it out of the bag ?

    • +1

      I purchased the following pack from AliExpress for $36.34 delivered:

      Noticed that the price fluctuates and take note that delivery can take approx 3-5 weeks.
      Only issue I noticed was that the cardboard attached to the dump station bag is shorter than the original one. Quick fix would be to cut out the difference from the original bag & place in the dump station slot.

      Hope that helps

  • Do these need a wifi and internet connection? Do they fully work without one?

    • To get the most out of it you need to use the app, which will require internet access.

      But it works without wifi / internet.

  • Looks good just need a bagless alternative and it should be all set.

    Hate having to keep buying bags.

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