This was posted 7 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$200 Trade-In Coupon + Trade-in Value When you Buy a Google Pixel 6 $799 or Google Pixel 6 Pro $1099 (EXP) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


It really hasn't been advertised well but JB HI-FI are offering and additional $200 coupon to use when purchasing a Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 pro when you trade in your phone, on-top of the trade in value of your current phone. If you have a pixel 5, this trades in for $400 and you get a $200 coupon which means you can upgrade to the Pixel 6 for $400 given your pixel 5 is in good condition.

The original prices of the phones at JB HI-FI are $999 for the Pixel 6 and $1299 for the Pixel 6 pro not including shipping.

This promo also works for the S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3 which will give you a $500 discount to apply to those phones.

See the "FAQ" section within the square trade up page. Here is the fine print detailing the offer:

"Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 17/11/2021. Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $500 calculated off the current ticket or promotional price on eligible Samsung (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3) or coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website. Expired

Update: Bonus coupon is available for Google Pixel 6 until 14 Dec.

Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 14/12/2021. Coupon redeemable until 19/12/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website.
Coupon redeemable for a single unit purchase only and can only be used once. Coupon must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

Regarding the trade in service I think it is very generous in comparison to samsung. They offered $400 for my pixel 5 and $220 for my S10+. Samsung offered $205 & $70 for the same two. Also, the trade in value of your phone (not the $200/$500 coupon) is offered in the form of a gift card which can be used for anything at JB which is nice.

Edit: Both coupons can be used, and doesn't have to be the recipient redeeming them. Thanks cycloneaussie.

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    Cheers mate, I'll go in store and pick it up tomorrow then 😁

  • Hi guys, a bit late to the party. Just confused about how to get the $200 bonus coupon for pixel 6 pro, do I need to email the support when I trade in my note 20 or I will get it automatically? Then call the online store to see if I can get further discounts? First time doing trade-ins, would would appreciate any clarifications and if someone can guide me through step by step process, still confused after reading all the threadm thanks!

    • once you complete the trade in quote and check out, you'll be emailed the $200 coupon and a JB gift card for the devices quoted amount. Not sure about further discounts though.

  • Is my understanding correct ?
    My Nokia 9 shows a trade-in value of $200 + the bonus $200 voucher would leave me with $599 to pay for a 6 ?

    • yep thats correct, based on what I did yesterday

      • Thanks. Damn, just how much better the Pro is.

        • well, theres the bigger screen, the 120hz refresh rate, slightly bigger battery and the 4x camera lens as well, I got the pro because of the trade in value plus coupon so it wasn't to shabby of a deal. But grab what you think is best for you :)

          • @walao-wei: After having a Nokia N8, Nokia 808, Samsung galaxy zoom, Pixel 1 and now a Nokia 9 I probably should go with the pro.

  • Are mushy volume buttons considered a defect?

  • Has anyone here moved from an iPhone 11/12 to the Pixel 6 and what are your key takeaways so far? I am mulling a move myself, as I am enticed by the Pixel 6 capabilities but reliance on Apple Photos and lack of local support (with Apple, you can just walk into one of their stores if something goes wrong) are making me a bit nervous…

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      I like the Pixel 6, from what I've seen, I don't have one; nor do I have a modern iPhone (got an older one for testing things). However, I am very surprised to see people moving from relatively expensive iPhones that are not that old to these new Pixels….. From what I understand, generally, the Pixels haven't really been any kind of top end phone for a while now. Perhaps the new Pixels are still overpriced unless you can get a really sweet deal.

  • im late to this party. tempted to sell my pixel 5 for this. just confirming its $999 - $350 + $200 = $499 right?
    is it really worth the upgrade?

  • Hi, I have received $50 for iphone 7 trade in and $200 additional bonus gift card bonus on my email. If I just use the additional bonus $200 gift card to buy pixel 6 pro and not use the $50 trade in gift card and don't post the iPhone 7 to square trade, will they still charge my card with $200 or $250?

    • Neither - as you don't intend to use the trade-in gift card, you won't be charged anything. If you ~do~ use the trade-in gift card, you'll be charged $50.

  • Can someone who availed this offer confirm that they were only charged trade in value for not sending their device to square trade? And not the additional coupon value.

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      Received email today. Nothing charged to my credit card. I did not use the trade in gift card.

      We have not received your trade-in device(s) in exchange for the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit.
      It’s now more than 10 business days since you placed your order with us.

      Our records show
      The JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit has not been used.
      AustPost eParcel label has not been used.

      We have now cancelled the JB Trade-in credit Gift Card as per our Terms & Conditions,

      • Did you use the $200 voucher only? I am considering to cancel the trade in but use the $200 voucher. Any issue this way?

        • Yes I used the $200 for my wife's pixel 6. Did not get charged anything on my credit card for trade in value, gift card not $200.

          No issue. I'm selling the old phone to CEX for $110. Jb was gonna take trade in at $50 .

  • Got my coupon code yesterday and website says code is invalid , have emailed support here’s hoping they can fix it

  • does anyone know whether they accept locked prepaid phone as trade in ? thinking to tradein my spare phone

    • I believe that if it is locked or otherwise not able to be fully factory reset for unlocked and normal use, they'll reject the mobile and cancel the trade-in credit if it hasn't been used or charge it to your credit card if it has been used.

  • I just tried to exchange the giftcards at Ultimate site and it's only offering me BBQs Galore, Dusk and Iconic.
    How do I get the JB cards ?
    Hope I haven't just wasted $100

    • I don't think you can exchange them. You have to use the gift card in store.

      • +1

        Was able to buy 2x $100 JB cards via JB site using the Ultimate cards but next 2 failed so had to use them in-store.

        • Interesting, that might help with click and collect; but that won't get you a "deal" price in store (if it can be improved)>

          However, the sales number /may/ give a better deal then you can order from that. Maybe using a VPN will allow you to use 2 cards at a time with each IP address.

  • Love the phone EXCEPT the rounded screen edge. Text dropping over the 'edge', and edge shading due to the viewing angle sucks.
    Whoever started that trend deserves a floggin'

  • I have a $70 off Google store code for Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro, DM for code

    • I can't send you a message.
      Can you dm me. I just missed the cutoff as thought was dec 15

  • Have a $200 Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro Trade in discount of $200 and additional $60 discount on Pixel 6 seafoam variantavailable, which I git from JB Direct. Available for Click and Collect or Delivery. Can share the JB direct buying link. Cart expires at midnight but I dont wish to proceed as waiting to price match the 512GB version.
    Your cart will expire at 11:59pm 14/12/21 AEDT.

    Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB (Sorta Seafoam)
    SKU: 536311
    Trade in offer $200 Google Pixel


    • anything on a 256gb version?

  • I got the trade in gift card and $200 voucher last night. In the email it stated the voucher is valid till 14th but JB is showing redeemable till 19th. I read there are someone discussing about just using the voucher and not the gift card is possible. This way I do not have to trade in my existing phone. Anyone could confirm this? Thanks.

  • +1

    Anyone have a screengrab or T&C link that shows coupon is redeemable until the $200 coupon is redeemable until the 19th? Seems like they've removed it from the site.

  • Anyone have receipt of discounted price? Couldn't get it lower than 1275 for pro.

    Also, how to upload an image?

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