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$200 Trade-In Coupon + Trade-in Value When you Buy a Google Pixel 6 $799 or Google Pixel 6 Pro $1099 (EXP) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


It really hasn't been advertised well but JB HI-FI are offering and additional $200 coupon to use when purchasing a Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 pro when you trade in your phone, on-top of the trade in value of your current phone. If you have a pixel 5, this trades in for $400 and you get a $200 coupon which means you can upgrade to the Pixel 6 for $400 given your pixel 5 is in good condition.

The original prices of the phones at JB HI-FI are $999 for the Pixel 6 and $1299 for the Pixel 6 pro not including shipping.

This promo also works for the S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3 which will give you a $500 discount to apply to those phones.

See the "FAQ" section within the square trade up page. Here is the fine print detailing the offer:

"Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 17/11/2021. Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $500 calculated off the current ticket or promotional price on eligible Samsung (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3) or coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website. Expired

Update: Bonus coupon is available for Google Pixel 6 until 14 Dec.

Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 14/12/2021. Coupon redeemable until 19/12/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website.
Coupon redeemable for a single unit purchase only and can only be used once. Coupon must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

Regarding the trade in service I think it is very generous in comparison to samsung. They offered $400 for my pixel 5 and $220 for my S10+. Samsung offered $205 & $70 for the same two. Also, the trade in value of your phone (not the $200/$500 coupon) is offered in the form of a gift card which can be used for anything at JB which is nice.

Edit: Both coupons can be used, and doesn't have to be the recipient redeeming them. Thanks cycloneaussie.

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  • I am not able to see bonus credit anywhere. I am trying to trade pixel3 and it shows only trade in value as $80.

    Does it work with pixel 3 trade in as well or is there any specific models ?

    • +1

      The bonus credit is emailed to you after your trade in- You can also contact square trade for it- I have taken up the offer and there is no requisites regarding what phone you trade in, only that the coupon only applies to Pixel 6/6 Pro.

      Edit: I've added the fine print for you to read if you want since its a bit of a hard thing to find.

      • So am I correct in thinking:
        I trade in my s10e for $180
        I will be sent a bonus $200 off pixel 6/6P coupon.
        Then I can use both in the same transaction for $380 off the p6/p6p?

        • +1

          Exactly as you have said, the $180 will be in the form of a gift card, while the $200 is a coupon that you have to type in and apply. Then just pay the remainder on your preferred payment type. In my case, I used a the trade in gift card, the coupon and another 3 discounted gift cards.

          • @PaddlerSam: So will both the gift card and $200 coupon be sent through via email? Or is the gift card something that needs to be picked up in store?

      • I got the email but nothing was attached to it and no coupon..

    • Get $300 trade in credit with Optus for pixel trade ins

    • +1

      This is fantastic value. Trading in a P3A nets you $250 total. Far better than trying to palm it off privately. Stack this with a gift card and you're seeing sub 700 P6 and 950 P6A

  • +2

    JB offered $170 for my iPhone 8 256Gb, which Samsung offered $95 for during the Fold 3 trade-in bonus. Seems like a good deal with the $200 bonus, and saves the hassle of trying to sell it privately.

    • +3

      They are also offering $500 towards the fold 3 if you are still interested in that since they are giving you a better trade valuation.

      • I ended up getting the Fold 3 through the Samsung Education Store, so got a good deal in that way. I also checked and JB are even offering me $50 for my Pixel 4XL with cracked front screen, Samsung wouldn't take the phone at all.

        • Yeah I've only ever experienced samsung's trade in service/valuation, so I was pleasantly surprised when JB was offered more than double for my devices.

        • Seems JB is using "https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/" Squaretradeup.

  • How much would it be for pixel 2?

    • You'll have to go through the steps, you only get your valuation once you have entered your phone's IMEI. I'd say around $30-50 along with the $200/$500

      • -2

        Wow..that's an insult of pixel 2….

        • +11

          A phone that was used for 4+ years? I don't think they'd be able to refurbish/Sell it, only take certain dated parts out for other use so I can understand why.

      • +1

        I just went through the steps and didn't need to enter my imei?
        $570 for s21 256gb

        • Entering the IMEI is the … next step … perhaps you stopped before that step, at which point you can see the offer of $570.

    • +5

      pixel 2 range is not accepted. too old for them.

      • Ahh thanks for clarifying. Makes sense they'd have certain cutoffs.

      • Yes I checked that too. But even if I get only the bonus of $200 , it's worth trading. Not sure if they will do that.

        • +1

          No they won't unfortunately.

    • +5

      If you're with Optus, they currently have a trade in deal with Pixel phones. Managed to trade in my Pixel 2 for $300.

  • So can you just trade in phones for vouchers? Do you have to buy a phone right away?

    • +1

      The coupon needs to be redeemed by the 22/11/2021. The gift card you receive for your phone's valuation doesn't expire.

  • +2

    Just FYI, I quote my pixel 3 xl, $80 trade in value.

    • +3

      I would keep it for unlimited photo storage on Google photos. You will get much better value than $80 in the long run.

      • +1

        That's true, 3XL is decent backup phone, even got android 12 upgrade

      • +3

        But you're getting $280? And the photo storage will end for the 3XL next year.

        • +3

          Original quality will end, not the high quality unlimited upload which is still good. 99% folks can't tell the diff.

          • @binary1001: How exactly will this work? If I take pictures on my P6 does it get uploaded to the Pixel 3? Checking the account storage from both devices (same emails) there are different account storage numbers.

            • +1

              @ramona: It doesn't. The only way to get it to work is a complicated method of copying the photos to your Pixel 3 and doing the Google Photos upload from there.

              • +2

                @uder: I see. Sounds like a pain but free storage i guess

            • +3

              @ramona: I have a pixel 3 for this exact reason. My wife's iPhone 12 photos get copied to the pixel via computer and photos and videos I take on my gopro and Oppo find x2 pro all get moved to the pixel 3 for unlimited backup. google photos doesn't differentiate what device a photo was taken on, if its in the photo folder, it backs it up.

              • @Jjklark: do you turn off auto-backup on your main device then?

                • @ramona: Yes spot on

                  • @Jjklark: Makes sense. Im quite confused though. It says I have 15gb of free storage, so what happens when the unlimited backup (ends Feb 2022) is over?

                    • @ramona: It should switch to high res (storage saver) quality so it shouldn't count towards your storage.

                      • @slankets: Ok thanks. Im at a toss whether I should buy the Google Pixel 1 purely for the unlimited original storage or just pay for the subscription. Because for storage saver, videos get compressed down to 1080p…

              • @Jjklark: What if you store files in there that are not photos? And/or are encrypted files? How does it handle those extra files?

                • +1

                  @affinity: The backup is via the Google photos app so it will only backup photos and videos

          • @binary1001: so g photos are still unlim storage, just not in original quality for everyone? or just early pixel owners

            • @txb: Only for original pixel 1, they are unlimited original quality. Just copy any pictures to the phone and upload it.

              • @binary1001: But trading in my P3 for the 6 will mean I lose unlim storage?

                • @txb: It's not about losing it. The P3 has unlimited high quality (not original quality) upload feature to Google Photos. P6 doesn't have that. So if you take and upload photos from P6, it will count against your 15 GB quota. But if you transfer them to your P3 and upload from it, it will upload for free for life.

                  • @binary1001: Thank you, how do you upload from a P3 if you take photos on a P6? 🤔

                    • +1

                      @txb: No worries mate. Use "Nearby Transfer". Works kinda like Airdrop.

                      • @binary1001: I see! seems a little arduous but I guess it's worth it in the long run. wonder if someone has automated this recently. I remember seeing a video or blog on a guy who did something similar with P1 a while back.

                        • @txb: App called Syncthing is great for this. I have it set to automatically copy my photos from my Huawei P30 Pro to an old original Pixel, which then backs them up to Google Photos. Once set up, it does not require any interaction.

  • "Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021"

    Gotta use it this month.

  • +3

    If not turning in the phone, do they just charge the phone value and not the coupon?

    • +3

      Got the answer here:

      How long do I have to send in my device(s)?

      Once you confirm your order, you’ll have 5 business days to send your device/s to us to complete your trade-in order.
      After 14 business days, if our Returns Centre does not receive your device/s, your credit card will be charged the amount equal to the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit - if you’ve redeemed the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit. If you have not redeemed the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit it will be cancelled.


      • put it simply is the trade-in value of your phone ONLY, right?

        • Has this been confirmed?

          • +1

            @The Hobo: has been by many other ozber. I didn't take this deal so can't really tell you if that's the case.

  • Anyone know what a 3a might trade in for? Like $50?
    Cause $250 total off the phone would be really nice

    • Earlier commenter said they were offered $70 for their 3, so I think $50 would be about right if there isn't major damage. It only takes <2 minutes for a valuation.

    • +1

      My 3A XL says $100. Working, no scratches, etc

  • +4

    Pixel 6 Pro will be delivered sometime in dec based on jbhifi website, and we have to return old device within 5 days.
    need to buy new temp phone :(

    • +3

      I have spoken to Square trade and they are more than happy to hold off your device's return until you receive your phone.

      • good to know.. thanks…did you contacted square trade via email?

      • +1

        Hey I just spoken to square trade and I got different answer saying place your order on 20/11 and hopefully you will receive new phone within 14 days as they can only extend return for 14 days.

        • Thanks for clarifying. I should be getting mine soon so I guess it wasn't an issue for me so the time period wasn't brought up.

  • +1

    Samsung Flip Z3 128 only $600 lol

    • Thanks for sharing this. I was curious what I might get for my 256GB model as a ballpark.

    • please share, how could you get that price? Thanks

  • +1

    So just to clarify they give you the voucher before you send in your phone and you can hold off sending in your phone until the new (pixel) arrives?
    $200 voucher can only be used on a pixel but the trade in voucher can be used on anything at JBHiFi?

    • +1

      Yeah, trade in value is given in gift card form and the $200 is in the form of coupon that can only be applied with Pixel 6/6 pro in cart.

  • Wait, is it $200 credit off the $799 price?
    On JB Hi-Fi it seems pixel 6 costs $999?

    • 200 off the 999, then take off more based on value of your traded in phone

      • +8

        Title is misleading

        • +1

          Seems like the mod just reformated the title, instead of fixing it.
          I thought was actually 799 with trade-in and voucher also (aka S21 trade in = pixel 6 is $39)

          • @nephilim: The whole post was confusing tbh.

            He didn't make reference to the original MSRP of $999 at all.

            I know it would've taken a 30 sec google search, but I didn't / wasn't in the market for a phone and was confused the hell out of this post as to what I was paying etc.

            • +1

              @Thazza: I've added the original price to the post now but there is a limit on title length so I couldn't add a "was/now" to it for both phones. Thanks for the feedback, let me know if I can clear it up better for others!

    • I put in the price after the discount since its a coupon that is reducing the base price. I would put 799 Was 999 but that wouldn't fit in the title.

  • So can the additional $200 be used towards the phone price?

    Pixel 4a 4g, $250 trade in. With the $200 bonus, $550 for the pixel 6 128gb?

    • Yep, I'm tempted to do that too.

  • Can we pay with JB giftcard?

    • Interested to know this as well

      • Just went to JB and the stuff say yes in store. Not sure about online.

        • Ty mate

    • +3

      Yes, just purchased with the bonus and trade in credit and used a gift card as well. Also paid the balance on afterpay and got another $30 off.

      • Good to know. Thanks.
        Btw, is that further $30 off via afterpay only for new Afterpay user?

        • +1

          Don't think so, try it and see if it works for you

  • Does this definitely apply to the Pixel 6 Pro as well?

    • +1

      Yeah it does, you can see here https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/faqs

      Eligible Models
      Discount Coupon
      Samsung Galaxy S21
      Samsung Galaxy S21+
      Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
      Google Pixel 6
      Google Pixel 6 Pro

      • +1

        Sorry for the dumb q, does this mean you get $500 off the S21 range on top of your trade in value?

        • +3

          Yeah, you will receive a coupon to use that will reduce the total cost of your cart by $500 if there in and S21 range phone in it, along with the gift card for your phone's trade in value.

  • Can anyone confirm that once you action the trade-in - you get both coupons ($200 off the Pixel phone, and $X trade-in coupon) emailed to you at the same time?

    And that you can use both straight away to purchase a Pixel 6 or 6 Pro? Online or in-store?

    • You should get 2 separate emails, one with a $200 coupon to apply on check out and a separate email with your gift card for trade in value.

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