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$200 Trade-In Coupon + Trade-in Value When you Buy a Google Pixel 6 $799 or Google Pixel 6 Pro $1099 (EXP) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


It really hasn't been advertised well but JB HI-FI are offering and additional $200 coupon to use when purchasing a Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 pro when you trade in your phone, on-top of the trade in value of your current phone. If you have a pixel 5, this trades in for $400 and you get a $200 coupon which means you can upgrade to the Pixel 6 for $400 given your pixel 5 is in good condition.

The original prices of the phones at JB HI-FI are $999 for the Pixel 6 and $1299 for the Pixel 6 pro not including shipping.

This promo also works for the S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3 which will give you a $500 discount to apply to those phones.

See the "FAQ" section within the square trade up page. Here is the fine print detailing the offer:

"Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 17/11/2021. Coupon redeemable until 21/11/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $500 calculated off the current ticket or promotional price on eligible Samsung (S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Flip3, Fold3) or coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website. Expired

Update: Bonus coupon is available for Google Pixel 6 until 14 Dec.

Bonus coupon issued on approved JB Hi-Fi mobile phone trade ins between 04/11/2021 and 14/12/2021. Coupon redeemable until 19/12/2021. Redeemable coupon discount value of $200 calculated off the current ticket or on eligible Google (Pixel 6). Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores or JB Hi-Fi Australia website.
Coupon redeemable for a single unit purchase only and can only be used once. Coupon must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

Regarding the trade in service I think it is very generous in comparison to samsung. They offered $400 for my pixel 5 and $220 for my S10+. Samsung offered $205 & $70 for the same two. Also, the trade in value of your phone (not the $200/$500 coupon) is offered in the form of a gift card which can be used for anything at JB which is nice.

Edit: Both coupons can be used, and doesn't have to be the recipient redeeming them. Thanks cycloneaussie.

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    • +4

      Can confirm, separate emails for trade in and bonus credit. You can use these to purchase the Pixel, I just did this. Cheers

      • Ty wombat

  • +2

    Any idea if they will award $200 bonus for devices that show up as $0 value?

    • +2

      That'd be the real bargain. You'd be able to buy some cheap phones to get the $200.

  • It says mine has no trade in value and to give it to mobile muster so I won't even get the $200!

    • Same. Have a Nexus 6P as my current backup so would have looked at trading that and the 3A XL becomes backup phone. They must have changed the way it's done as I got the 3A XL by trading in the phone prior to the 6P and just got $200 off the 3A XL.

    • Yup, Huawei Nova 5T - still a decent phone in my opinion. Said no re-sale value.

  • I have samsung s10 but the screen is blank. Do they tests the phone before they take trade in?

    • +1

      They ask you on the quote screen if it turns on yes/no

  • Tempted. My S10e (good condition) is worth $180 according to them, so I'd be getting the Pixel 6 for $619…

  • can somebody suggest me what differences are of Pixel 6 vs the Pro and if it's worth paying extra for the Pro version? Thanks in advance

    • +8

      90Hz vs 120Hz Display
      FHD+ vs QHD+ Display
      Flat vs Curved Edge Display
      6.4" vs 6.7" Display
      No telephoto vs 4x Telephoto Camera
      8GB vs 12GB Ram
      No 512GB option
      8MP 84° vs 12MP 94° selfie camera

    • +3

      Have you not watched any reviews of these phones? Any at all?

      • +2

        He probably didn't read that summary either. I mean this is someone that asks for suggestions on what groceries to buy.

        Pixel 6 pro = bigger, better

  • Sadly I only have debit card

    • Can you not do this with only a debit card?

      • Nah

    • It works with debit cards.

      • U done it with a debit?

  • Can't drop it at JB? Have to post it I think

  • What is the trade in process? Do they send you shipping labels etc., is it possible to wait until you have your new device so you can transfer data etc.,?

    • Yes they give you 5 days to post and you can buy in store straight away with the credit

  • iPhone 11 128G, trade in value is $550 form JB hifi, and $470 from Apple.

  • -1

    umm pixel 5 cracked screen trade in is only $100.. what?

    • Because they're a business and need to make profit? The parts for a pixel screen replacement aren't cheap (usually replace the touch screen bit too as they're bonded) plus sometimes time to do it - then what is the actual resale value of a refurbished Pixel 5?

    • Works better if you don't crack your screen 😏

    • Wait… so my cracked and dead S7, still gets the $200 off? I dont care about its actual trade in value, its a flat brick.

      • Open the link, put in your phone details and fine out

        • I think the important part was the cracked and dead regardless of model…

          • @Tuba: Did you follow the link and it said it would accept your trade in? The $200 off is dependent on trading your phone in so if the trade in isn't accepted then you won't get the $200 of coupon

            • @lyle88: No, my point had more to do with broken and dead phones, not the model… nor am I seeking to try it

  • gaaaahhhhh, nobody ever wants me to trade in my old galaxy s5! I don't want to give them my s9 as I would like that as a back up.

  • $350 for my good condition s20 fe 5g

    Works out $450 / 750 for 6/6 pro

    Very tempting

    • Hrmmm, so $350 base trade in, plus the $200 voucher… That is tempting… Not that I think there would be a significant difference moving to a Pixel 6. I had considered it, because broadly speaking I dislike the duplication and bloat that comes with most Samsung devices.

  • $350 for a pristine Galaxy S20FE 5G 128GB.

  • +1

    570$ for a 256gbs s21 in excellent condition.
    I think it's not bad, around 100$ more than samsung.
    The question is however, and maybe someone can help me with this.
    Is the 256 gbs pixel 6 pro worth the extra 679$ over the s21.

    • +1

      Debating this as well.
      They seem to be on par.

      • +1

        I am guessing the CPUs are very similar, the performance of the pixel 6 will probably be better due to stock android.
        The display is larger. The camera and haptics are also better on the pixel 6.
        But I don't think they are 600$ better.

        • +1

          yeah i don't think it's a $600 better upgrade.

          If it was P6 v S21 then I think it's worth the $230 upgrade (based on youtube reviews on cameras and other software niceness you get with Pixel)

          • @bisaya: My main issue with the pixel 6 is the 90Hz display. If I put the refresh rate on my s21 to 96 Hz, I notice a big difference.

  • -1

    Can you use a debit card with the full funds in your account? Or only a credit card?

  • +1

    2013 iPad Air 32GB still gets $50 trade in. So $250?

    $749 and an iPad I don't use for a Pixel 6 is worth it

    • dang…. missed by one year

  • +4

    Got my Z Flip 3 from Samsung edu for $700, now JB offered $600 trade-in value plus the $200 coupon, seems a good deal :)

  • Just went through the trade in process. Got the $400 gift card and $200 bonus voucher in a couple of minutes.
    But, can't return the old phone as the new one will not be here in 14 days.
    Does anyone know what happens if I don't return the phone? Do they charge $400 or $400+$200?

    • +1

      You can use their contact form to find out? They get back pretty quick and are pretty relaxed. I'd say just the $400 since thats a gift card and the $200 is merely a coupon but best to check.

      • Having problem finding their contact number. Can you provide a link?

        Edit: never mind, found it.

        • please share your finding

          • @justchill: Haven't received a response yet. You can contact them here: https://jbhifi.squaretradeup.com.au/contact-us

            From FAQs:
            Once you confirm your order, you’ll have 5 business days to send your device/s to us to complete your trade-in order.
            After 14 business days, if our Returns Centre does not receive your device/s, your credit card will be charged the amount equal to the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit - if you’ve redeemed the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit. If you have not redeemed the JB Hi-Fi Trade-in credit it will be cancelled.

            Hope this helps!

            • @KBshark: @KBshark

              Over the phone, I got following response in the morning

              "hold your order till 20/11 and hopefully you will receive new phone within 14 days before you send old back to us. They can only extend return for 14 days."

      • +1

        I'm still waiting myself, have submitted the form. Ive just gone ahead and purchase the phone already, thus redeeming the "Bonus Top Up" coupon of $200 however have not used the $50.00 credit just yet. I'm actually not going to be sending in my phone, and let them charge me the amount to my credit card. The fear is that they are going to charge me $200+$50. I don't believe this is not the case, should just be charged the $50 trade in, because there is a distinction between the 2: $50 (trade in coupon, which is a gift card and no expiry), $200 (Bonus Top-up coupon must be used on list, and expires 21/11/21 11:59pm AEST). The T&C suggest that:

        Your credit card details are required should your old device not be returned within 5 days, in which case your credit card will be charged for the value of the trade in credit. Once your old device is received and its condition verified, your credit card details are deleted.

        Once i receive confirmation that all is well, I will sell my phone on CEX (https://au.webuy.com/search?stext=pixel%203%20white) which can be sold for about $120 cash.

        • Did you get a confirmation?

          • @art1delay: Never got a confirmation :( but I've sold my phone to CeX anyway. YOLO!!

            • @starburstyellow: Here's another selling option, Optus use them apparently, but it looks like you can go direct.

              • @affinity: Thx for option. I did few tests, CeX were paying at least 30% more than boomerang.

                • @starburstyellow: Okay, not for my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB — the offer at CeX was way lower. Not sure if I'm keeping that mobile or cashing it. Might get a trusted friend to sell it and share the profit so I don't have to worry about it and we'll get more return on what is, essentially, a brand new device (very much as new condition). Not sure I want to deal with the risk of trying to sell it personally.

  • Tried to use and ID app gave me a "Low Memory" error - in short, it failed.

    • Yeah, I got that. Couldn't use Firefox (my normal mobile browser), had to use Chrome. Anyway, the low memory error, I just restarted the phone and then it was happy.

  • I tried trading in my Oppo ax5s and not allowed as too old.

  • +3

    $350 was the offer for my Pixel 4a 5G, for reference.

    • $250 for Pixel 4A

      • Only $230 for P 4XL :-(

        • Hmm, I'm only seeing a max of $200 for my 128gb 4XL, even when selecting no defects for both options.

          • @QuigonJohnn: Do what I'm going to do, but will confirm once i hear more:

            1.) Submit the trade in with JB.
            2.) Obtain $200 gift card + $200 top up bonus
            3.) Use the $200 top up bonus to buy Pixel 6/6 Pro
            4.) Do not send 4XL, let JB charge you $200
            5.) Sell phone to CEX for $312 (https://au.webuy.com/product-detail?id=sgogpix4xl128gjbunla&...)

            • @starburstyellow: Do let me know once you have confirmation on this. I'll probably hold off till the last minute, to see if any other options become available.

              • @QuigonJohnn: They didnt really answer my question, this is what they replied with:

                "Hello, you can use the gift card any time you want, on any jb product you want. there is no expiry date."

                • +1

                  @starburstyellow: I just called the JB online number. The guy said that most likely both the bonus $200 and the trade-in credit will be charged back onto the card, but not 100% sure.
                  Would be good if someone could actually confirm this!

                  • @muzzheng: would love to have confirmation around this too! am looking to keep my current phone as a backup but take advantage of the $200 bonus

                    • @boriskk: Yep. Especially if the pro model is going to take a month to ship and square trade won't be able to extend the trade in time to match it.

                      • +1

                        @muzzheng: Okay so after calling squaretrade themselves:
                        You can email their support to request the bonus coupon upfront. There is no actual requirement to perform the trade in action get it, seems that they've wound down the requirements due to the lack of Pixel 6 stock. The $200 coupon will still have the 21/11/21 expiry date.

                        This way you can perform the actions stated by @starburstyellow (selling for better value at CEX) but skipping the step of having to convert some of your cash into a JB gift card if you don't need one.

                        • @muzzheng: thats great, thanks!

                          I just submitted my pixel 3 for the trade in (fyi only $50) and received $50 giftcard and $200 coupon

                          so I can just use the $200 coupon and not the $50 giftcard and that should be it?

                          • +1

                            @boriskk: Yeah, only the $200 has to be used on the phone by 21/11/21. Pretty sure the $50 you got for your pixel 3 has no expiry and can be used on any JB product.

    • shows 300 today, they reduced the value for Pixel 4a 5G

  • note 20 ultra gives $640

  • Can you get multiple bonus coupons (have a Pixel 5 + Samsung Galaxy S9 for trade-in)?
    Also, can you then apply multiple coupuns against a single Pixel 6/6 Pro purchase?

    • +1

      I think only one code can be used per purchase. That seemed to be the case when I did it online. That's the $200 code that is applied as a discount only on eligible items. The other trade in credit is a gift card.

  • +1

    What happens if I dont send it the trade in device? Do I still get the $200 towards pixel? I dont mind if they take the trade in amount through my credit card.

    • -1

      Nah - they charge the trade in and the $200 to your credit card.

      • +1

        Is it confirmed? Did you call them?
        T&C's only mentions trade-in credit which you get as a gift card. No word on the bonus…

        • +2

          Exactly. Can anyone confirm the same?

      • I dont think this is correct. From the T&C, its only the Trade In that gets charged. This is because they technically gave you a giftcard already, so will charge you on your Creditcard if the phone was not sent. The $200 credit (if you are buying the PIxel 6/6Pro) is considered the Bonus Top up Coupon. I have written to them, just waiting on a response.

        • Please let us know when you hear back! :)

  • LG G6 :(


    Sorry, this device has no reuse value.
    Please recycle with MobileMuster for free.
    Click here to find out more.

    Why they list something that actually $0

  • $400 for Note 10+ 256gb. So makes the 6 a $399 outlay and 6 pro $699.

    Interesting but probably not that great of a deal. The 10+ still does everything, probably the pro would be more equivalent.

  • so if your intention is to not actually send in the phone then the samsung offer is the choice to make? whats repercussions of not sending in for this deal?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, greatly appreciated, have done trade in with my Pixel 5,
    The earliest delivery date for Pixel 6 Pro is 10 Dec, can't use click and collect at store,
    anyone has earlier delivery date and can collect from store ? cheers

    • What got u over the line? I just bought the 5 in May lol! I've owned the pixel, pixel 3 and 5.

  • I wonder if this can be combined with the $500off with Telstra plan

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Completed the Trade-in an hour ago and got myself the pixel 6.
    Now on to returning my pixel 5.

    • No worries, happy to helped. Seems like a good deal initially but the higher than usual valuation (in comparison to other vendors) on the phone value itself really surprised me.

  • Anyone know if I should send original box and charger that comes with old phone?

    • Found this within the FAQ section.

      "How do I prepare my device for shipping?

      Please wrap your device securely in bubble wrap, tissue paper or newspaper. Australia Post will then provide outer packaging to securely return your device. You will not be charged for packaging or delivery costs. "

      Considering it suggests simply wrapping the phone itself, I'd say no. It doesn't outline the box and or charger is required anywhere.

    • +5

      Called square up just to make sure, the operator said phone only

      • Thanks for checking and letting us know.

  • No Xiaomi :(

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