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Blackmores Magmin 500mg 250 Tablets $25.19 + $4.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ with Prescription/ $99 Order) @ SuperPharmacy


Generally $35 dollars or so…

Highly absorbable magnesium used clinically for magnesium deficiency.

Blackmores MagMin® provides a highly bioavailable source of magnesium and helps prevent dietary magnesium deficiency. Blackmores MagMin® supports body metabolism and muscle function.

Standard delivery is $4.99 - Not sure if it excludes rural.

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  • 37mg of actual magnesium per pill. Not 500mg. Just FYI

  • Or you can just buy something like this for $20 every day (or $10 when on sale) - 3x as much elemental magnesium and also in amino acid chelate form like the MagMin.

    I think the only reason a product like this exists and is on the PBS is because a study somewhere with this specific form of magnesium in this specific dosage was conducted and found to ameliorate magnesium deficiency, when in reality you could just take a capsule of the magnesium linked above and achieve the same outcome.

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      Yeah I agree. The Blackmores website lists off their various forms of magnesium, and the dosage on this is 9-11 tablets a day, where as some of their others are much more concentrated and much lower dose. This is the problem with the supplement industry. You need to look past the price and at the actual dosage you're getting, and what dosage has actually been found to be effective.

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