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[eBay Plus] eufy E8210CW1 Video Doorbell 2K with Home Base $237.15 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


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This eufy Video Doorbell 2K with Home Base E8210CW1 is a security video doorbell that features 2K resolution with Human Detection, so you never miss a detail. Four GB of free local storage helps to keep costs down, offering an affordable smart video doorbell that work with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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  • +3

    Great deal OP, looks like it might be the lowest ever price on the Home Base bundle. I wonder if it will dip further on Black Friday!

    • +4

      The lowest was probably Bunnings price beating the $249 a few months back. Managed to snap mine for $224 through special orders.

      But that being said, I am really impressed with this doorbell from video, audio quality to ease of use!

    • nope, worst deal.

  • +1

    I bought this a year ago (can't remember from where) and found it terrific until my base station just stopped working one day. And Eufy won't fix it or honour a warranty if I can't produce proof of purchase (which is fair enough).

    I wonder how the system works if I buy this again. Can I have two doorbell cameras hanging off the one homebase?

    • +2

      Should work fine. They do sell the separate doorbell for people to sync to existing homebase units.

    • you can have multiple devices connected to the homebase

    • +2

      if I can't produce proof of purchase

      ACL says bank transaction statement is proof of purchase if you paid electronically.

  • +1

    Says 4GB storage but the Homebase 2 should be 16GB local storage

    • Yep homebase 2 is 16GB, sure that is a mistake

  • +5

    Been using one for 6 mths now and every now and again it won't pick up motion/record. Seems to be a common issue. It's not too bad, misses maybe 5% of the time for us, though it would be nice if it didn't miss at all!


    • Mine has always picked up motion ok, I have it on Human and sensitivity 2

  • I would love to speak to anyone who has used this AND the google nest doorbell to hear of any differences/advantages either way

    • If I could return my Nest Doorbell, to get this, I would.
      Like, its fine, but the app is SO slow that it makes it not overly helpful for responding to delivery guys etc.
      also only the last 3 hours of video saved without paying a monthly fee sucks.

      Whereas my Eufy cams are much faster, have tons of historical storage with the Home Base and no monthly fee

    • +12

      I haven't used the doorbell but I did invest in the Eufy system after a lot of research. I ended up gettting the 4 camera system. My reasoning behind this decision are as follows:

      1) With Eufy you get local storage which I thought was very useful - no recurring $6 per month charges.
      2) The system as a whole is much cheaper then google nest. I got 4 cameras and a home base for the price that was actually cheper then getting 2 Nest Cams - plus no subscription fee to worry about as well.
      3) There isn't really a lot I am missing out on by not choosing google nest. The google system has better HDR but for my needs the image on Eufy is very good too. the HDR is very nice but for me it wasnt a feature I'd pay extra for.
      4) Nest has better AI but again, for my purpose it wasnt something i desperately needed.
      5) Eufy app is very functional. I can set it up to record 20 or 60 second clips, you can setup the sensitivity of the motion detection. However I find the motion detection on the eufy is not accurate and it will record somethign when its just trees moving around coz of wind and there is no one around. Similarly, I've set mine to Human detection only detection but it detects my dog often. Again not a big issue for me personally. If these are a concern the I think nest does a better job here

      The only minor issue - and I am not even sure if this is an issue with nest or not, is that there is a 3-5 lag between actual events happening and you seeing them on the phone screen.

      The biggest advantages of going eufy are points 1 and 2 above

      • +1

        Does the EUFY show up on the Nest Hub? Or do you have to press a button and is there a lag? I understand there is a significant lag?

        I guess the benefit of the google doorbell camera is that it should be almost instantaneous to the hub and be able to work with google home minis etc?

    • +2

      I have a full Eufy setup (flood light + 5x 2c pros and one indoor cam) - I actually had the doorbell and returned it. I really dont like the huge black look (why not white argh) but that's personal pref - anyway i instead use a camera up the top that notifies me and for 'door bell' i just have a simple wireless one that honestly doesnt get much use in this day and age.

      I actually got the nest ring because i like the look, but returned it pretty soon after - why? For me:

      1. Customised notification sounds on the Eufy is too big a deal for me/my setup (cant do this on google) i.e. when the door bell camera picks up somebody i get a 'ding dong' notification sound vs a default one. i.e. it is very obvious when somebody enters the front door area.
      2. Nest ring price is hard to swallow even without subscription.
      3. I like using 1 app for 'everything' and the security modes etc. is done exceptionally well to me
    • I bought Google nest and returned it within a week. It worked really well except one glaring problem. Unlike eufy, the notification on mobile was not audible at all. So I was missing responding to delivery guys when I was not home. That should be a basic requirement. Also even though having only last 3 hrs of video wasn't a deal breaker but if you want to use it as a security device then additional monthly subscription cost is involved.

      Eufy is not perfect and it does miss notifying you sometimes but with three people in our household having a app means less chance of missing a delivery. Also there is bit of delay sometime during the conversation or initial video but it's not a deal breaker. I like the chime on Homebase (loud enough) and local storage is bonus - no monthly sub.

      Hope it helps.

  • Could those who have this help me out. Does this use a battery or is it hard wired? What's battery life like and do you require a subscription? Thank you.

    • +2

      Yes you can have it hard wired. It has two screws at the back where you can attach the wires.

    • +3

      I got this unit last week. The homebase is hardwired, the doorbell can be hardwired or on battery. It has an inbuilt battery which is charged via cable from the homebase. They say the doorbell only needs recharging every 6 months based on average use. The eufy app shows the battery level. No subs required which is the reason I got this over other options.

    • +3

      I have 15% battery left. 138 used days, 3364 detected events, 2141 false events, 1223 recorded events.

  • +2

    Great device, got mine for almost a year, and it's still at 80% battery. Also have option to have it hard wired.it Also have high quality audio and video. And no monthly subscriptions! 😊

    • Did you hardwire the power, though wireless back to homebase?

  • +2

    I have the Eufy and while it's not perfect it's very good. Saved me the ball ache of heading out to the post office on a Saturday morning to retrieve packages, multiple times. Even more so now delivery guys are becoming more aware of smart doorbells and will hang around an extra few seconds rather than scribbling on a note to collect. Will also record when motion is detected, so anyone approaching the front door the Eufy will start recording (this can be disabled if preferred) even if they haven't pressed the bell. Let's just say you get to capture some interesting dialogue when visitors are out the front talking. The mic is very good all things considered!

    • +1

      I haven’t had anyone drop off a ‘collect’ note since 2019. They all just leave it at the door and go.

      • The one good thing about the 2020 to 2021 covid fiasco! never a "we missed you" card anymore!!

      • Some of my packages require a signature and leave at door isn't an option unfortunately

        • They’ve even left those at the door…

  • I was planning to buy this on the weekend for $279, so this is obscenely good timing for me!

  • Cheers OP, bought one

  • Hey guys - can these things be mounted/locked in to the wall securely? I'm worried someone might come and steal it from my front door easily by just yanking it off.

    • +2

      The doorbell has a wall mount which is screwed into the wall. It's a plastic mount which is relatively sturdy. The doorbell then slots into the mount. To remove it you need to use a small pin tool (like the ones to pop out sim card from phone) to release the lock. If someone does steal it you will get the video of them doing it as the video is stored on the homebase.

    • +2

      It's fairly secure mate. You need a pin to unmount it. Wouldn't imagine it'd be easy to yank off.

    • Cheers guys. I think I will pull the trigger then. Appreciate the responses.

      • Basically only takes a pin to pop it off

        There are door mounts for it check amazon/ google but the front on angle may be less diserable for a PIR sensor, this can be complemented with an automation with a separate motion sensor though.

        • +2

          I just took off the quickcode sticker of the back of the unit (this is on the box for future referrence) and scratched out the last part of the serial number.

          If anyone ever steals it, it can't be used only as a paperweight..

  • Does the home base still not support 5Ghz wifi? My 2.4Ghz network is basically useless and found out the hard way when I ran out of ethernet ports on my router.

    I did buy it over a year ago so perhaps this is a new model.

    • you should get an ethernet switch mate. I recently picked one up for $17 shipped.

      • Gigabit switch? Can you share the link to where you bought it?

        • Hit google mate, 5 port gigabit switches sometimes hit $15, and 8 port near $20 👍 (make sure they are 1000m/gigabit, suprisingly they still sell 100mb switches)

          I bought the tplink 8 port for $21odd recently, prob lots of sales on this over black friday

    • Well if your 2.4Ghz wireless is useless than you 5Ghz will be even more so. 5Ghz has higher throughput/bandwidth at the cost of reduced range to 2.4GHz

  • +5

    I think this is Homebase 1 and not Homebase 2 model, JFYI about the differences if you are interested in technical details about them

    • Homebase1 also supports some additional AI features such as facial recognition when you pair supporting devices such as eufycam (original). It has an expandable SD card storage slot that supports up to 128 GB. additionally it has built-in battery back up in case of power outages.

    • Both Homebase 1 & 2 supports wifi repeater setup (mind you it’s not a router, only supports eufy devices)

    • Homebase 2 comes with 16GB built-in memory, which you cannot expand if you need to. The USB port provided in the back is only for charging devices like eufycam, E or a battery doorbell. It cannot be used to attach an external thumb drive or portable hard drive.

    • HomeBase “pseudo 1” T8001 also has battery backup (quoted as 10 hours) if the AC mains is not available which means that camera detected events are still being stored - the HomeBase 2 T8010 doesn’t have this feature and thus events are “lost”.

    • The HomeBase 2 T8010 supports Apple HomeKit - the HomeBase “pseudo 1” T8001 doesn’t have this feature. The provided storage is 16GB eMMC with promised expansion - there are discussions in this Forum Community where people have plugged in USB storage devices and that has stopped the HomeBase 2 T8010 from working (especially when it has been reset or AC mains has been restored)

    • All Eufy home bases can use either ethernet or 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to your home network and use your home network as the “gateway” to the internet for access by the Eufy Security application on a mobile telephone or from a browser (this is limited to live viewing and needs Adobe Flash Player enabled). Use of either access requires your login to be authenticated by the Eufy Authentication server solution (and Eufy has had issues where this service has not been available). If you cannot connect to a home base, there could be an issue at any of these “points of failure”.

    • The connection between the home base and camera/s is a private WiFi 2.4GHz network that utilizes “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” (WPS) and thus that network name (a Wifi Analyser shows the name as hidden) and password are not provided. This private network CANNOT be extended - site the home base in a location that supplies the best signal strength of this private network to all cameras (the Eufy Security application provides a signal strength “meter” in its camera setup section)

    Note: Sourced this info from some forums

    • Quite confused on whether this is homebase 1 or 2. Images show it to be the HB2. Does anyone know if this deal is for 1 or 2??

      • +1

        Model number is Homebase 2 according to MyAnker (check technical specs).

        • Thank you , I think you are right sorry I was confused seeing the Sim Card Type:4GB in the deal detail

  • +1

    Word of warning. Despite the brochures saying it can support google home this doesn't support the google homes and home minis to ring with the doorbell.

    • Thats a shame, google trying to sell nest i guess

  • I need the doorbell and camera seperate as I have my front door at a right angle to the street. Does anyone have any doorbell suggestions for this? (Ideally homekit compatible)

    • This Eufy unit does come with a 45 degree mounting bracket which is reversible if needed.

    • Is there a wall near the door you could mount it to?

  • Hi guys, Is there a better model or another company device better than this which has integration with google home and lesser lag between showing up on phone and the actual event? I understand it will be higher price too.

    • I would say the new Google Nest would be your best bet.

      • +1

        But I dont like the subscription service model tbh. I am happy to spend more initially, get a great product with no ongoing cost.

  • need to join ebay Plus to get this deal. For some of you this is just one more subs / already is a sub.

    • Had to sign up again as a monthly but its worth it for these deals..

  • -2

    I won't buy any Chinese brand for CCTV-related service.

    • +4

      Every leading security camera or spares are made in china :-)

    • And yet there's a 9/10 chance you voted for surveillance from your own government that rivals China while allowing the US to watch you as well.

      Naturally this is all a conspiracy theory because Murdoch or the ABC never bring it up.

  • +1

    I'm currently running a Ring doorbell(for around 2.5 yrs now) and I'm fed up of paying the 40$ per year just for the one device. Will it be worth if I dump the Ring for this ? Anyone else gone through a similar replacement.

    • +3

      I did a lot of research and ring and eufy were the two contenders and the above reason of paying $40 per year was enough for me to go to Eufy. One more thing to consider is storing doorbell data on local storage is a lot secure than storing it in the cloud. I would have prefered if it was a POE solution other than wifi but there are no good alternatives for that

      • +2

        It may or may not be a deal breaker for going with EUFY as they had a security breach/issue reported earlier in the year and it was not resolved by EUFY. Trying to get the reference link updated here.

        Do your own research pls also.

  • +4

    Figured I'd mention this for anyone looking at using the whole ecosystem with cameras etc.

    All someone needs to do is hold the sync button on the camera for 10 seconds and all the footage stored on your homebase is erased. Which renders the system kind of pointless as this issue appears to be pretty well known.

    Definitely deterred me from getting invested.

    • I have mine recording straight to Apple HomeKit (HSV), not the HomeBase (disabled that after the Eufy leak bug), so no issues there if you can do that instead!

      • +1

        Interesting, I did not know you could store data using Homekit.

        Do you mind please sharing it how

        • You'd need a paid subscription to Apple. Also the max supported resolution would be 1080p (not 2K).

          Source: https://youtu.be/IaU7for03Cc

          • @hades: By paid subscription to Apple are you talking about iCloud?

            I guess if you’ve already got iCloud storage anyways it’s no biggie, but if you don’t, then it’s just paying another subscription service like all the other security cameras do, which is the opposite of why people want to go for the Eufy system

            • @Explorejupiter: Yes, I was referring to https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/iphone/iph7bc5df9d9/io... .

              If you subscribe to iCloud+, you can view the last 10 days of activity from one to an unlimited number of HomeKit Secure Video cameras. The 50 GB > iCloud+ plan supports a single camera, the 200 GB iCloud+ plan supports up to five cameras, and the 2 TB iCloud+ plan supports an unlimited number of cameras.

              You are on point about the subscription. This approach is great if someone already has a iCloud+ subscription. Given video content doesn’t count against your iCloud storage limit, it's a very good offering. But for a person who already does not have a subscription, not so sure.

    • Wow. Is this issue for doorbell too or only the cams?

  • +8

    I have this doorbell for over a year now. It’s great! It’s managed to get a nice face up of a thief which is currently in court atm

    • Nice, idiot must be kicking himself for not wearing a mask? Unless…. you live in a state where mask is not mandatory

      • +2

        No he was wearing a mask. But the night vision camera was very good pretty much made out his whole face. This was back in March 2021 in Sydney. So no masks was compulsory. The cops called me on Monday stating that he intends to plead guilty to a few things at my property so definitely a win.

  • +1

    If I buy this, can I buy the cameras separately? Does it work with this homebase?
    Also is it cheaper rather than buy the cams bundled with the homebase and buy the doorbell separately?

    • Most of their cameras work with home base with a noted exception that I kknow of is the eufy floodlight cam 2 pro.

    • Also the Eufy 2k indoor cam (fixed & pan & tilt) will work with homebase but won't record to homebase as they have a their own SD storage option onboard.

  • Can any decent doorbell cams be gotten in the $50-100 range? New to this but wondering if there are cheaper (but still not terrible) options out there

  • +1

    Purchased this with homebase2 for $249 with 10% off gift card at jbhifi (price matched officework) 2 months ago, used for 65 days with 55% battery left (settings and detections may vary battery usage), video quality is decent. I also noticed the delivery guys will wait longer before they leave a note. Recommend.

  • Well code doesn't work….I bought eBay plus membership for this to find out code no longer works…can anyone please confirm??

  • I bought this from Good Guys and paid $279 week ago. :-(

    And is this Homebase or Homebase 2?

  • Damnit! I slept on this and no dice today…

    Hopefully black friday pays off

  • +2

    If you're still keen on this, Good guys website has 11% off for click frenzy. Tie that in with CashRewards 4% cashback and you're getting a comparable deal

    • +1

      You reading my screen??? Exactly what I am looking at now

      Thanks mate, appreciate the reply 🍻

  • Anyone else got theirs yet and know if it ended up being the Homebase 1 or 2?

    • +1

      Mine arrived yesterday - its HomeBase 2

      • +1

        Thanks Fox hope it works well

  • Genuine question (albeit sounds dumb)…

    Does this doorbell actually also function like an 'old school' doorbell? Ie audible sounds in the house when pressed? Or just phone based notifications?

    I only have a eufy entry lock, the rest of my system is arlo


    • +1

      when someone presses the button on the doorbell, you do get a ringing sound on your homebase 2 unit, as well as to your phone/tablet depending on how you wish to set it up

      • Cool thanks 🍻

    • Hows ur experience with EUFY Entry lock? Are they better than the Samsung ones?

      • I think its excellent, heaps of access options (fingerprint, bluetooth, keypad, manual keys, eufy app).

        Looked at samsung for a long time, though seemed to be >$500+ with all features so couldnt justify. Manual keys was imporyant to me, for the 'just incase all fails' 👍

        Got it so we dont need keys when carrying 18mth old son in one arm

        I recommend 👍

        • Thanks for the feedback. Do you have: Eufy T8510T11 or T8520T11. They have $100 price difference. Looks like it will take more to get them installed too :)

          • @EnALup: No problems, I have the wifi version (t8520t11). Picked it up on sale here, black friday coming

            I installed it myself, it replaced my deadbolt hole and used all of the same old cutouts/catches👍

            Not hard at all tbh (as long as you already have a key only deadbolt in your door)

            • +1

              @pete8oes: Thanks again man. I currently have a keylock with handle and not the deadbolt :(

  • My local store is out of stock and have asked if I am either happy to wait upto 4 weeks or get a refund now.

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