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50% off Doctor Proctor's Jerky Products (e.g. Beef Biltong 700g Super Pack $53.69) + $7.50 Shipping ($0 with $100 Order)


Massive amount of orders caused some backlog last time, but products were tasty.

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    Brb grabbing popcorn in preparation for the comments

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    Besides the delay last time, the actual product was fine…

  • Let's hope they only sell what they have this time!

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    Is Doctor Proctor a proctologist?

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    Just ordered 2kg from 4 Hunters..

    Ah well, I'll order from here aswell.

    • Any review on 4 hunters? i like the look of theirs better but not sure on taste

  • What ended up happening in the previous post? Did most people end up getting the product or refunds?

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      I got mine and it tasted great tbf. Took a while but was worth it for the cheap price.

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        Product came, just took a couple of weeks. Was fresh and tasty though.

  • Agree with the above, took awhile to get to me but the jerky was great. Right amount of moisture and spices. Chilli was the standout flavour. The curry was hmm…interesting…

    I’m sure they’ve fixed up their processes and learnt from last time. Will be ordering again

  • Have to wonder how the relationship between BuyAussieNow and Dr Proctors is

  • It's stringy and too salty. Ended up with unchewable bits on almost every other piece. Looks like they use the cheapest parts of the meat

  • I bought this in the last deal, the quality was pretty bad. One bad was torn when it arrives. I couldn't be bother claiming it as they taste horrible. The jerky just taste like dried blood, you have to be a barbarian to eat it. Hope this helps anyone planning to buy this.

  • We enjoyed the jerky we received even though it took a long time to arrive. The curry flavour was our favourite, very tasty.

    • Agreed. Curry flavour surprised me. It's also cheaper than the rest right now.

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    I bought this in the last deal, the quality was pretty good. The bags weren't torn when they arrived. I couldn't be bothered claiming it as there was nothing wrong and it tasted great. The jerky just taste like dried meat, you'd have to be a barbarian to eat it. Hope this helps anyone planning to buy this.

  • Same prices at BAN but only $5 shipping.
    Better deal should you want to save $2.95 on shipping for orders under $100

    What's the OZB way? Foot the extra $2.95 and forgive the prev. fiasco on comms, or save ~$3 =P

    edit: Banner says only $2.50 flat rate shipping, not $2.95 as stated in OP

  • Will not order this again as it took forever last time.

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    The price is much higher than last time, and this is time it is with sticks that are always cheaper, so it is quite expensive.

  • I remember when I was buying 1kg for $55 from a store in Melbourne via eBay, it was amazing jerky but then the price nearly tripled :/

  • I purchased and it’s been shipped alresdy

  • In my opinion biltong is better than 4hunters, but I think it has MCG added.

  • Mine was oversoaked with vinegar and seasoning was too light. QA seems to be bad, would not recommend

  • Extra 30% off with Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal
    The Curry flavour ends up as $5.37ea for 100g

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