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6x No Pong Natural Anti Odourant (Original/Chai) 35g Tins 10% off - $32.13 ($5.36 Each) + $5.50 Postage @ No Pong


Aussie business. Code only works on x6 to x12 tins. No $5.50 regular shipping for quantities more than 6.

  • Original & Chai $5.36 (normally $5.95)

  • Original Bicarb Free (Sensitive Skin), Chai Bicarb Free (Fragrance Sensitive) & Vegan (Fragrance Free) $6.26 (normally $6.95)

Postage: Regular $5.50, Registered $7.50, Express $14

Haven't found it cheaper elsewhere, eg retail price at Woolworths is $10.

Yes it works.

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  • Anyone know what it's like? I've been trying to find something decent that works well. Tried a few of these natural ones with little luck

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      It's the one that has so far worked best for me, and I've tried maybe a half dozen? Effectiveness can also come down to if there's baking soda or not (for me). I prefer the base ingredients of this one better to others too. Having said that, I've only used their original.

      • Might give it a go then! See how it pans out :) Cheers

      • Same results for me.

        This is the only one that has worked for me.

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      I just bought mine and noticed they have a "B.O. Free Guarantee". They'll refund your first order or send you a different product if it doesn't work to your satisfaction.

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      Surprisingly works pretty well. Hate having to use my fingers to apply. Been hunting for something else that actually works just as good but no luck. Keep coming back to this.

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        Just don't apply it to your tinky winky

        • Hahahahahah I'll keep that in mind

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    It works well for me, that's why I posted it (even after a bike ride - sweat but no smell).

    Gave some to my flatmate, works for her too, even wearing synthetics in a sweaty office environment.

    6 tins is a lot I know. I guess you could get 1 tin from WW to give it a try before you buy.

    • How long does one tin last?

  • this is the best deodorant i've tried… i am using this now!

    btw, don't buy using regular post as this is untracked…

    1 tin can easily last a month, you only use a pea-sized amount per armpit…

    there were many times that i was using it at night after shower just before going to bed then the next morning didn't have a shower, and went cycling from the morning until lunch time, i arrived home and i couldnt smell anything on my armpit!

    and i'm usually smelly, and tend to have rashes (sensitive skin) even when using the branded ones that were made for sensitive skins… i have tried many deodorants including the ~$20 "clinical" deodorants that they either still create issues for my skins, stains or not too strong…

    i don't like the chai flavour one cause of the strong scent of cloves…

  • I use this and it works really well. I used the original for about 4 years but have recently swapped to the bicarb free.

    The scent of the normal one is kind of lemony. It's nice.
    The chai is also nice and not overpowering.

    Seriously this is the best deodorant I've ever tried. I sound like I'm a member of an MLM when I talk to people about this product because I love it so much.

  • I was skeptical when my friend suggested I try it, I've now converted. Definitely works with an active lifestyle. I found bicarb free works better than original. A 35g tin will last about 2 months

  • Ok you guys convinced me to try it. I was deciding between Lavilin and Black Chicken Axilla.

  • The bigger tins look like good value too, even though they're not on sale.

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    I am also a fan of No Pong. It's the only natural deodorant that's actually worked for me. I bought a silicone makeup sponge for a couple of dollars from chemist warehouse to apply it - it's still a bit messy but way better than using my hands.

  • I used the original kind for a few months and ended up developing extremely sore, raw little lumps under my arms…. having said that it definitely worked on odour. my friend had a similar reaction. I'm now using the bicarb free version, but it's not as effective. I haven't found anything else that works as well tho - I've tried moogoo and a number of other supermarket available brands.

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