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Seagate 4TB IronWolf 3.5" Hard Drive $139 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks to be the best price according to camelcamelcamel

Not bad if you need a few for a NAS or other related storage.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • these good for cctv?

    • Yep they'll do the trick…purple is the best for the job, but these are a close behind.

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      The skyhawk ones are Seagate's CCTV hard drives
      Or WD purple
      Those are designed for CCTV with a focus on writing, nas drives are more focused or reads

      • cctv ones are running at 5400rpm while these run at 7200 rpm

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          These 4tb ironwolf drives only run at 5900rpm.

      • Supposedly almost all HDD components are the same now. There aren't even 5400 RPM disks, just 7200 RPM that is slowed by firmware.

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    Good price but recommend to buy in-store from Umart for https://www.umart.com.au/Seagate-IronWolf-NAS-4TB-ST4000VN00...
    Buying hard drives from Amazon is risky depending on how they decide to package them in the box

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      Why are they risky? Packaging?

      I suspect Umart is more risky

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        Amazon packaging can be inconsistent. Sometimes really good, sometimes really bad (on the same type of items).

    • I bought 4 of these with no issues. Amazon returns are pretty easy in any case

      • Amazon returns are VERY easy. The few returns that I have done a return, i received the refund not long after the item was scanned at the dropoff point.

  • What do people think about Seagate vs Western Digital Reds? Around same price but I'm seeing stats that Seagate more prone to failures.

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      I use wd reds because they are a quieter drive

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      You're going to get a lot of "I'll never buy Seagate/WD because of all the failures"-type responses.

      I'll go first. I'll never buy WD Reds because of all the failures I had in my home NAS while the Seagates kept spinning loud and proud.

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        I have both Seagate and WD HDDs failed. Unfortunately, there isn't another choice. I have more Seagate HDDs (not because I like them, but they were cheaper) so I had more Seagate HDDs failed. Cheapo WD Green HDDs are even worse than WD Red. Seagate 7200 rpm HDDs… I had a couple failed.

      • Fair enough! Yeah I've had 2x WD Reds that lasted 6 years before one just started to die. Not sure if 6 years is good or bad for NAS drive but with small sample size I guess impossible to tell. Thanks!

        • My favourite was an old 2-bay NAS with WD Reds. One failed and while waiting for the RMA to process, the other one failed. Not unusual I understand. But annoying af.

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      Usually failure rates are so close that they can be treated as the same for small customers. Seagate disks are usually priced far below any discount you "should" recieve for the rate of higher failure in any case.

      For large customers buying thousands of disks this is a meaningful metric.

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      Yeah as others said it's a bit of a pointless biased conversation, but specifically in this case the 4TB NAS Seagate drives are superior CMR
      technology but Western Digital sell both CMR and SMR. The 4TB Seagate is cheaper for CMR

    • Red's have lower rotation resulting in less power usage, probably less noise also as others point out.

      from my research basically whichever is cheaper.

      for me i prefer Ironwolf

    • +4

      You need to look at reliability across a particular drive model, not the company as a whole. Both companies have drives more susceptible to failures than others, and WD has more expensive Red models that have shipped with the less reliable SMR tech.

      Given we’re looking at NAS drives here in this deal, checking Backblaze reliability reports which they do quarterly is a decent starting point. Their use case might still vary to yours but and any data they have is averages where what you buy could do better or worse in the end of the day.

  • anyone knows whats the difference between st4000vn008 and st4000vnz08 models by any chance?



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      Look at the second image on ST4000VNZ08, the part number on the drive is ST4000VN08. So I'm not convinced they will send you the part number you order anyway.

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      Seems to me to be a code change to differentiate their frustration free packaging.

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    Why, why, why god of hard drives, do you tempt me so.

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