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Apple TV 4K (2021) 32GB $236.55 Delivered @ JW Computers ($224.72 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Apple TV 4K (2021) 32GB $236.55 @JW Computers
$224.72 Price Beat at Officeworks
Or price match at JB/HN/TGG combine with discounted gift cards.

Post copy thanks to AussieBogan

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    I didn't realise that my LG OLED had Apple TV until I searched for the App. It's bizarre that it wasn't showing more obviously.

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      It is a different thing though.

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        Understood, but I was saying on the off chance other people didn't know like me. You might not need to spend $237.

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          It's still a different thing.

          • @TruthNuke: Clearly a $236 difference for starters..

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          You're talking about Apple TV+ which is the channel. This is a physical device (like a Chromecast/Roku) and you don't need to use Apple TV+ on it.

  • how much space left over after iOS installed?

    32GB seems pretty stingy nowadays..

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      Everything is streamed so space isnt a factor i think as much as other aspects of what this unit provides. ive never ran into space problems. i have about 20-30 apps installed. cache sorts itself out.

      • it is if you want to install lots of games and apps…

        also if the TVOS keeps increasing in size, it can make it harder to update the OS in the future.

        how much space was free when you first setup the device?

    • I have no issues with space. I using it mainly for streaming from a local network or cloud

      • how much space was free when you first setup the device?

  • I love the Apple TV. Didn't know how good it was until I bought one. It's the apps that make it good. Lots of good apps that allow local media share steaming

  • I got the lowest spec 2021
    Apple TV how on earth would i need more

  • thanks for posting! i grabbed it from JW as i couldn't be bothered with the price match (not very ozbargain of me)

    We've got a nvidia shield but since the last major update, it's got a permanent ad banner on the homescreen and its feeling a little sluggish.

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