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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10GB LHR Graphics Card $1799 C&C @ BPC Tech


This might be of interest to someone

2nd Generation RT Cores
3rd Generation Tensor Cores
Integrated with 10GB GDDR6X 320-bit memory interface
Lite Hash Rate Version

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING OC 10GB 2.0 Version Video Card - Lite Hash Rate Version - Bus Standard: PCI Express 4.0 - Video Memory: GDDR6X, 10GB - Core Clock: 1800 MHz - CUDA Cores: 8704 - Memory Clock: 19000 MHz - Interface: 2x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a - Recommended PSU: 750W or Higher

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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  • +1

    Oh wow

  • +11

    Price seems to finally be heading in the right direction

    • Just to clarify, they are going down?

      • +3

        Supply appears to be heading in the right direction so we can hope.

        Iโ€™m subbed to the US stock drops discord, and over the last 3ish weeks itโ€™s been pinging with stock availability a LOT more than the months prior. Whether that translates into lower prices remains to be seen.

  • +1

    Not bad!

  • +1

    Good price, lower please

  • +14

    I dont even understand how people can afford these cards 2ish grand is sooo much money to me.

    • +22

      Some people earn or have more money than others?

      • +9

        its not so much abt how much they own, its about how much theyr willing to spend

        • +13

          Which is relative to what they earn? If someone earns $200k a year spending $2k on a video card is way less of an issue than someone who makes $50k. The $200k person will have a massive amount of disposable income unless they're in massive debt.

        • +2

          Not true. If they are wiling to spend but they only have $200, they still cannot afford it anyway.

    • +40

      There's two points in your life. First, you have no money, but have so much time to play games. Second, you have money, but no time. Thanks life!

      • LOL God is playing joke on us all.

      • +14

        Actually there are 3 points:
        1. money
        2. time
        3. health

        When you are young you have 2 and 3, when you are in the middle with kids you have 1 and 3, when you are old you have 1 and 2.

      • Amen to that…

      • So true. I actually bought a PC with a GTX 3080 this year. Most I can play is 2-3 hours on Saturday nights if that.

    • +5

      After tax I earn $1400 a week,and I still wouldn't pay $1800 for a graphics card.

      Things are always worth what people will pay, unfortunately.

      • +1

        I earn about the same and I would. I go 4 years between graphics cards, though. I paid $1400 for my 3080, for what it's worth.

      • I know a few people who earn similar to you and wouldn't spend $100 on a GPU (they game, but they prefer to wait until they literally pick up an old curb-side system) . How much do you spend on alcohol each week? or other hobbies? it's all relative. I earn about half what you earn each week after tax, yet I spent $1999 on a water cooled GTX 3080 because I use it for gaming and video rendering - less time rendering means less (generally off peak) power used and doesn't eat into my gaming time on weekends. Usually I would upgrade to the lowest tier (think AMD 7850 or GTX 1060 series) GPU every year or two, but with covid and spending time at home (plus a nice tax return) I figure I'll easily get 2,3 maybe even more years of usage out of this GPU.

        • Oh i'm not hating on anyone buying them, I got a 3080 last year on day of release for $1440, 21 day wait (Ventus 3x OC seeing as most here would know) Had it for about a year and moved it along was just a bit overkill for me.

          My "point" i guess was prices will be high for a while as long as people pay for it. My original thinking when even spending $1440 was long term and will last me years haha, and to think most would snap your hand off for that right now, it's crazy and scary how it becomes a some what sane price for them.

          • @DMak92: Not really crazy or "scary" at all tbh. GPU's have become more valuable so they cost more. Pretty simple concept.

    • +1

      I have a spare kidney bro

    • +1

      Debt levels have been skyrocketing. People are not afraid of debt like they used to be. Although during the pandemic savings went to record levels because people had few choices to spend their money. They saved instead and now we are seeing the inflationary effect in all markets exacerbated by supply shortages.

    • credit is cheap, borrow at a few % a year and get over 100% return with mining, sounds like a win

      • +1

        Scary thought but true enough if you did this a couple of years back!

    • You sell GAMESTOP at the RIGHT TIME and profit..

    • +1

      It's a lot to a lot of people including me. But plenty of gamers 35-65 these days and earning well and truly enough.

    • people rarely need to fork out 2k on a card, usually it's 2k less maybe 1k by selling an older card they have, so each upgrade the cost is subsidised, agree for someone coming in cold it's a lot of bloody money.

      • Yes. Between mining, tax writeoffs, selling old cards, and the fact people usually get a couple of years usage per card. The costs of upgrading really isnt that much at all (unless you are hopeless with money and arent doing the above)

    • Business pc tax write off :)

    • +1

      Its a lot for your average 18-25yr old student/min wage workers but there are a lot of 30+ yr old gamers who can easily afford a couple of thousand every few years for something they enjoy.

  • If only it was ti for this price ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

    Surely the supply will soon pass the demand, unless miners each buy 10 cards ๐Ÿฅฒ

    • +3

      as long as mining is highly profitable, they'll go faster than the companies can supply them

      • +1

        Yep, the only way now is to make these GPU cards unable to mine or mine very poorly.

        • Or move to proof of stake!

  • +1


    • On ETH closer to 90Mh/s. My 3080ti does approximately 85.

      • -1

        What's the profitability?

      • +1

        Do you need to hack these to get 90mh/s?

        • +1

          Just standard bios on GPU. The 5700xt is the only card I know people were altering the bios for better ETH results

      • 90mh/s on a LHR 3080? That doesn't sound right unless they've managed to bypass the hashrate limiter that I wasn't aware of.

        • +1

          Yeah I'm wrong. I've looked at the wrong gpu. 70Mh/s would be correct. With NBminer might be able to get a bit more. They have the best LHR unlock at the moment

          Correct card

          • +1

            @4agte: You are double wrong. The 70mh would be with NB Miner already. Before partial unlock LHR 3080 gets around 50mh/s at best.

        • I'm was seeing 65-66 straight eth on nbminer about a month ago.

          Swapped to trex to dual mine eth+rvn.
          Now see 35mh eth + 23mh rvn.

          Income says eth(nanopool) 96usd/ month + 55usd /month in raven (value rated obviously).

          Electricity costs I think are about $1.58aud per day (at 21c per kwh) or $48aud per month. Not 100% certain on electricaL use though, as I put my old cards in a second machine that runs off the same meter and I estimate the two use half each.

          So, profit should be about $150 per month value dependant. I wasn't that interested in mining, but when you have to pay 2k for your card, you want to get some of that back when the machine sits there all day most days doing nothing anyway.

    • -2

      Just a word of caution if you are buying these to mine eth. It will shift to proof of stake around January so there will be the added complexity whereas separate blockchains will need validators to process transactions and create new blocks.

      • -1

        I thought it was March and won't be surprised if it get pushed again.

      • +4

        Moved back to June 2022 last I heard.

  • +3

    crazy market, sell my card and play RA2.

    • +1

      Now with the new mod, Hell (march) yeah!!!

  • Still waiting on a 3070 @ 1200. Originally a HODLer but can't HODL anymore

    • +1

      3070 battle ax has been as low as $1279 at evatech recently. $1200 should be achievable but probably not before Christmas.

      • I've been scouring all the deals and saw the battle axe version, however I'm not fond of the aesthetic of it. It looks like a toy. Going through previous October deals, I've seen the EVGA one go for close to that price

        • Yeah I'm not a fan of the looks either but it's a good quality card by all accounts. I'd probably take it over a basic EVGA XC3 model (which has a pretty piddly cooler) for similar money.

          • @xyron: I just realised who you were xyron. You helped me out with the sfx PSU a while ago. (Sf450)
            You reckon the xc3 is no good for cooling? The tier list puts it over reference model.

            • +1

              @th3brad: its probably OK for 3070 but its well known to be a bit of a crappy cooler (see eg Dawid Does Tech Stuff on youtube who has the 3080 XC3 and does not rate it at all). it wouldnt be my top choice. if you can handle the red, next time the battle ax goes under $1300, id get that - otherwise you should be able to find a gigabyte eagle or gaming (or similar low-spec ASUS dual or zotac twin edge or others) for under $1300 after christmas i think (or if one pops up before christmas for under $1300, just buy it!)

              EDIT - i should add, the xc3 models from EVGA are more or less unobtanium now - EVGA has a habit of killing off their low end models and focus production on their higher end models for margin, so i wouldnt die waiting for an XC3. I have an FTW3 version of the 3070 Ti that i bought from BPC Tech earlier this year when they were $1399 - and so glad i pulled the trigger then, despite what the HODL crowd were saying.

              • @xyron: Thanks for that mate. Missed out by a matter of days with a "good" priced 3070. Wasn't even looking past 3060ti until about 2 weeks ago

                • @th3brad: 3060 Tis are routinely becoming available for under $1100, even under $1000 in limited circumstances (but gotta be quick on the button). if you can find one for under $1k, that'd be my choice over a 3070 - which is in a bit of no-mans land as far as performance goes (overkill for 1440p, not quite good enough for 4k).

                  I game at 4k 60fps (and mainly "experiential" games like GTA/watch dogs types of games that don't need high frame rates) and the 3070 Ti is, honestly, only just good enough (running it with a 3700X).

                  • @xyron: This is mainly for VR (Elite Dangerous) on quest 2 pcvr. Big jump from a 1660ti

                    • +1

                      @th3brad: For VR I would be aiming for 3070Ti or 3080 TBH.

  • +2

    Mind as well wait for the 40 series at these prices.


    • +1

      this is what they said last year, rtx 3070 twice the power and half the price of 2080 ti. Then everyone went panic buying, sike lol

      • 3070 twice the power of a 2080ti lmao, and everyone lapped it up and went crazy over the launch.

        Fast forward to today and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WWjDB_a_H8

        It was all a lie…

        Just like every single one of Jensens bullshit used car sales pitches every time.

    • Real big bren move would br to HODL for 5000 series once 4000 series is scalped upon launch.

    • Yes, or waiting for 3080Ti to reach this price next.

    • Ages away, there'll be a 30 series refresh well before that happens.

    • +1

      Because a new model will magically fix the market.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Seems to be unlimited supply, can add 1000's to the cart. Refunds soon?

    • +2

      just received a call, 1 unit per customer

      • How many did you try to buy? ๐Ÿ˜‚

        • +1

          two, one for my buddy lol

  • This or a SAPPHIRE TOXIC AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT for 2100

    Whats the better option

    • As per everytime this gets asked it depends what games you play and if you care about RT and DLSS.

    • this for gaming, the 3090 and 6900 xt are not really for gaming - they are productivity card + gaming cards

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • 10gb these days? Damn bastards

    • Planned obsolescence

  • No more left

    • Had in the checkout, just missed out :(

  • At this price you can get a Premium one like ROG Strix White in China Singles Day shopping festival. Wish I can find one like that in the upcoming Black Friday event.

    • Oh, interesting, did you have a link to where we can grab such deals? :)

      • I don't think it's a good idea to buy it in China and ship it here tho cuz you will end up with tax and duty. That's why I wish I can have good deals like that in BF. :(

  • +2

    I think I just ozbargained the website…my first…should I feel bad?

    • As long as itโ€™s not Harris Technology. They donโ€™t deserve to be on Ozbargain anymore

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