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[Klarna] Apple Airtag 4-Pack $100.50 (after Klarna Waiver) Delivered / C&C @ digiDIRECT


was waiting for a decent deal to buy 4-pack of airtags and found out klarna was paying the 4th instalment, which brings it down to 108$ (27$ each)
I don’t know if has been any cheaper than that but I don’t think so
pay with Klarna and you will receive an email saying the 4th instalment will be paid by then.

hope you enjoy.

Edit: thanks to @doweyy, get an extra 10$ off using the code “TOPBARGAINS10” bringing it down to $100.50 after klarna rebate.

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  • How does this compare to nut tags?

    Nut tag Australia is having a sale atm. Not affiliated just wanted to point it out.

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      You really cant compare apples to nuts.

      The apple ecosystem is so well integrated, you have the advantage of literally every iOS user helping to find your device. Only thing is that it doesn't come with an attachment device, so you need a case of some sort.

      • drill a small hole near edge and use a split ring.

        vids on usual places.

      • -1

        Your commnent is gold

        • Wow, negatively voted for telling someone that their comment was funny.

          What is happening to ozbargainers lately?

    • +6

      If you have an iPhone don't even bother with anything else except for the AirTags. The HUGE difference is that the AirTag locates your lost items with the automatic help of other Apple phone/tablet users.

    • If you're gonna go cheap, just get a key finder set - 4 buttons, 4 tags and all for under 20 dollars

    • Nuttag is rubbish

    • +9

      I don't want to tag my nuts.

      • Me too.

    • To some, November is Movember. To others, it's no nut.

  • Is anybody else having issues checking out with digi direct? For some reason it's not allowing me to select any of the payment options.

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    Add the coupon "TOPBARGAINS10" at checkout and it'll be $134 ($100.50 after Klarna rebate).

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    Doesn’t seem to want to process Klarna

    “ Option not available
    Unfortunately this option is not available. Please choose a different payment method.”

    • I got "Oops there was a technical error with your payment information" when selecting Klarna

    • Ok seemed to be confused with delivery and Klarna address. Looks like it went through now. Thanks OP and doweyy. Terrible website, going through Cashrewards I couldn’t find the AirTags. Not really sure why but figured wasn’t worth it as they would probably sell out

      • Mine suddenly worked too.. thanks OP.

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    I made the purchase with klarna. but nothing appeared about the last payment

    • you should get an email soon

      • I didn't get the promo email but I did ask Klarna on live chat and they confirmed I would be eligible

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    Thanks OP been waiting to get a 4pack of these.

    FYI it selected express shipping automatically ($15) but standard was $0

  • Just bought and received the email pretty much straight away.

    "This email is to confirm that we're covering your final repayment up to a maximum of $50 on your recent online purchase at digiDirect. All you need to do is make your first 3 fortnightly repayments."

  • Nice find OP…grabbed a set at that price!

  • perfect, have been looking for a lattitudepay deal on these, but klarna works too!

  • Thanks op, I bought one only with $10 off (signing up to emails), $34 minus $8.50= $25.50 for 1

    • How did you get the $10 off? I've signed up to their newsletter but haven't had any codes.

      Edit: Got the voucher now, but it's $10 for shipping when only purchasing 1 unfortunately.

      • +1

        I did in store pick up.

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    Just be aware, Klarna do a credit check if you haven't bought through them previously. They'll also do a credit check if you haven't used them for a year and then make a purchase.

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up, was about to bite the bullet on these and sign up for my first BNPL….but not worth it for a credit hit imo to save a few dollars.

    • “ No credit impact
      Our instant approval process has zero impact on your credit score.”

      That is from their website?

      • +1

        Won’t impact your score, but is still on your record as a query, which other lenders can see and might affect their decision

    • -7

      Last time I tried to make a $500 purchase and wouldn't let me through even with "a credit score in good standing".

      I asked Klarna customer service what was up and they told me that their credit checking company was responsible for accepting/declining purchases. So I went to ask them what was up and they informed me that all they do, is provide credit history information to Klarna, and that they do not partake in any accepting/declining of purchases.

      What I summarised from this is that Klarna customer service is BS and they have no-one who can/will manually update their "system" to allow any purchases for new customers who want to buy above their "limit". And they even go as far as pushing the inability to control their own system onto credit checking companies.

      So yeah, they're a joke if you don't use them regularly.

      At least latitude pay lets you pay for the cost upfront if your credit is limited. So even if your limit is $100, you can make a $500 purchase as their system allows you to make an upfront payment of $400 to make up for it.

      Klarna can't and won't admit to their inability to do what their competitors can. Sorry to dump this onto this post but that is what my neg is for.

  • Can you put this on a child?

    • +1

      The covid vaccine hasn't been approved yet for children in Australia ….

      • +4

        Already has tracking anyway, Regards Karen.

        • Ahah that was what I was alluding too..sarcasm incase peeps think otherwise

  • Anyone else seeing Klarna is no longer an option to pay for this item?

    • I can see it

      • +2

        I can see it as an option in the first instance, but then it is not available once it comes time to complete the payment.

    • +2

      I was getting the same, but I managed to get around it.
      Opened the link in a private window.
      DID NOT SIGN IN, and checked out with my work email address.
      I went to checkout and selected a payment method Klarna appeared again.
      I then added the promo code & qantas number at that stage.
      Proceeded with the checkout just fine.

      • +1

        Followed the steps and failed at the final step. When choosing Klarna in the six payment methods, the following error popped up "Option not available. Unfortunately, this option is not available. Please choose a different payment method."

        Edited: Failed on Chrome Incognito, but scored it on Edge Inprivate.

  • +2

    Just bought some airpods3 with this deal.
    $279 - $10 promo- $50 klarna comp.
    Good deal

    Total $219

    • That’s a great deal especially if you’re a music addict like me and pay for Spotify every month because AirPods 3 gives you 6 months of Apple Music free

      I used Spotify and switched to Apple Music now to take advantage of this. I’m used to Spotify but Apple Music has its pros

      • What are the pros?

        • +1

          Well nothing special really but lyrics are a nice feature and there are some videos too. Lossless you won’t really notice I reckon not with Bluetooth devices but it’s nice to have. And spatial audio is cool (although I’m sure it’s available in Spotify as well). Oh there’s also some curated content including some apple made radio broadcast (not my thing though)

  • Thanks OP. worked for me and the email from Klarna came within a couple of minutes.

  • +1

    When does the discount actually come off ? I've selected Klarna and it's still showing $144?

  • This is a great deal, thank you OP. My confirmation and discount came in within minutes too.

  • Hope these don't get lost in the mail like some of my other purchases.

  • Does using Klarna/buy now pay later once reduce your credit score?

    • +1

      Yes they do a hard credit check, from their website:

      We will perform a credit check when you either:
      Purchase with a One-time card for the first time
      Choose Klarna as a payment method at check out for the first time
      Make a new purchase, but it has been more than 365 days since we last performed a credit check

      • Thanks

        • Afterpay do not do a traditional credit check FYI

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a 4 pack key ring attachment ? Had a quick look on the apple store… yikes .

    • as I typed above

      drill small hole in edge and use a split keyring. vids available and on various tech sites. someone took one apart to find the best spot to drill

  • +2

    Be careful when ordering with these guys It's not the first time they've done it. Google is full of reviews of them pulling this sham off. A butt load of reviews of people waiting sometimes months for their orders. Seems they're taking orders and fulfilling them at their own discretion.

    Called them up to see when I could collect it. The representative said they are all out of stock and don't have an ETA.

    • +1

      Agreed. Their website shows stock for items when it isn't. I ordered Astro a50 mod kit and waited two months. No emails. I had to follow up and eventually cancelled.

      • +2

        Further research will show that these guys were recently fined by the ACCC for misleading consumers about "storewide" sales. They would have these sales to entice customers to their business when actually there were exclusions on many of their products.


        I know both of these instances are unrelated, but when you don't list an item as out of stock and have no ETA, you are enticing customers to your business and they base their purchasing decision on the idea that you do have it in stock, that is considered "misleading". There are just way too many reviews of this occurring to be a coincidence.

        Klarna advised that they would only take the first payment (which they have done) upon acknowledgement from the business that they have "dispatched" your order. This means that these thieves knew well that they didn't have it in stock to send before marking the order as fulfilled with Klarna. Klarna is currently investigating. What annoys me the most is that I "wasted" the Klarna 4th waived installment promotion on these crooks.

        Deal with DigiDirect at your own peril fellow OzBargainers!

  • Anybody from Melbourne wants to share this and buy 2 each?

    • Hi there, I’m keen! Ill drop you a dm

  • +1

    Code doesn't seem to work

    • me too

      • might be because it's now a pre-order item

  • +2

    No confirmation email from Klarna about 4th payment, but did get this from chat support.

    "We are experiencing delays on confirmation emails with promotions, however, I can assure you that you will receive one as soon as possible. The way that the promotion works is that Klarna will automatically waive up to $50 off of the fourth instalment on the scheduled due date once the first three instalments have been repaid. As the last instalment is not due until the 24th of December, this will automatically occur by this date."

  • +1

    Regarding Klarna, I did take them up on this offer a couple of months ago, got the email confirmation, but the app said I will be charged on my 4th installment (or it looked like it would).

    It DID NOT charge me for the final payment. Hopefully this helps someone, if the Klarna app is showing as installment due or whatever.

  • Thanks, gonna get some.

  • I reckon this will be ozbargained and no stock available - orders refunded

    • I bought this. It’s more like no stock, money kept and when I asked for a refund, they said it may take 7 business days to get stock but it’s just an ETA and may take longer… all I know is this mob will never get my business again

  • Question - is it only your first shop with the store or first shop with Klarna that they will cover your 4th installment? I can’t seem to find the terms …

    • +1

      first shop with selected stores

  • You can buy Apple Pen(2nd) for under $150 too by using Klarna as payment method.

  • -1

    Thanks OP but this is an utter waste of time, couldn't obtain the discount described in the deal.

    Klarna is in this country because of a relationship with Commonwealth bank, I am a Commonwealth Bank customer of long standing but attempting to transact with this shop and Klarna left me feeling like I was a shark.


    Any transaction which leaves me feeling me soiled….aint worth pursuing

  • +2

    Messaged the DigiDirect support. They apparently oversold the product and will get more stocks from their supplier within 10 business days.

    Hopefully this is helpful for people who ordered the Tags.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I, unfortunately, didn't get this "ETA" when I contacted them. I just simply got a "too bad so sad" vibe from them. That "oversold" product seems to be their go-to generic excuse. This deal should be marked as expired before anyone else commits to a purchase from these guys.

      • I agree, I don't expect to get it at best before Christmas but probably looking at Jan next year. :(

    • I’m lucky to receive mine today.. Dono why I bot them but they arrived.. now, what can I stick these things on..

    • Gone mine today

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