[NSW] OzBargain 15th B'day - Western Sydney PENRITH Meetup THU 09/12 6PM @ Red Cow Hotel Penrith (Heritage Room)

Looking for:

expressions of interest
suggestions on date and time
suggestions on location and venue
suggestions on activities and games
Lets make it happen, looking forward to meeting many of my fellow Ozbargainers there.

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    I'm curious to hear what OzBargainers have in common to bond over.
    Jimeoin used to do a bit - "That's the thing about a bargain. You can't just wear a bargain. You have to tell people about it. 'See this shirt? $7.50. Bargain.' And you have to say 'Bargain' so that they know that you know it was a bargain."

  • I seem to remember the Red Cow being demolished donkeys years ago, is this a rebuild or reimagining?
    Still seems to be in roughly same spot.
    Just curious

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      It’s always been there for me opp Penrith station

  • i thought most of those pubs were torn down for redevelopment, go figure
    still, i havent been in Penrith since prob '83

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    I'll come! happy to help organise the event if anything needs to happen

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      Same here. I'll come.
      Also happy to assist as live nearby

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      @cerealsmok3r Youve been busy, Marrickville, Newtown now Penrith.πŸ˜‰
      You'll have to tell us all about those meets & did you find your phone?πŸ€”
      You're as bad as me with Meetup. Really enjoy socializing & going to theirs in the groups I belong to when I can.😊

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    Sounds fun! I'll come

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    I'll join too!

    • Sorry guys - have to cancel :/ I've update my vote accordingly.

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    I'd come! Could bring the spouse too, and two siblings if they're free (but we wouldn't just talk with ourselves, DW).

    Happy to bring a couple of easy-to-access board/card games, nothing too complex and ones that you can socialise with.

    Can take a pic of the game stash for any requests.
    Live 20 mins, siblings live 5 min away.
    Always been skeptical of that pub though, never been inside…

    Will be first meetup I've gone to…

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      I've no objection to spouse, children & board games, rusty on the games.

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      Bring them all! Scotty gave me the okay when I asked.

      • Woo hoo! Cyas tonight!

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    Sounds solid, decent grub there too

    • Thursday's $15 Chicken Schnitzel. Wonder if they're as big as the Maryaong Hotel where I went for Trivia?
      They were so big, people would cut them in half to share, also large serve of Chips & order an extra salad, even then I didn't always eat mine.

      • I've had half be massive on and an average sized one, so I think its a bit of luck involved

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    can i turn up a bit later as i finish work at 6 and it would take me an hour to get to penrith. if we can arrange some ozbargain shirts or etc that would be great.

    • I eat 'very very' slow, would probably be only quarter way through by the time you arrived. πŸ˜„

    • i'll be attending around 7pm also

    • Yeah not a problem with me

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    Any females going to this?

    • Me

    • There will be a few from the previous events

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    Haha sure! Anything for a OzBargain t-shirt

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    Not that far away, free that night, sounds, good, can catch a train.

  • Where do we meet?

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    Will someone book a table for …. people?

  • Yep, is it going ahead? The room looks like it has a Max of 30 people? There may not be shirts confirmed?

    • Are you getting there early to hold a table? Don't think they'd take bookings if only 30 ppl allowed in the room.

      • I just googled and saw the 30 person limit on the heritage room. Any info, @11?

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          Yes booked for 30 and we are still at 22

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            @11: Awesome thanks

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            @11: Do we ask for table booked in name of 11 for 30 people?

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    Does anyone know if we can attend multiple meetups? Happy to attend this one

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      Yeah I've been to all the NSW ones so far hahah

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    If anyone is interested on some light board gaming, feel free to make a request. Don't mind if we are are so chatty that none are played, but I am also not bringing them all πŸ˜‚
    I don't have UNO. Feel free to request/bring it yourself.
    - Taboo
    - Punderdome
    - Lazer maze
    - Dominion
    - Star realms
    - The mine craft card game
    - Codenames
    - Miniature trivual pursuit
    - Bonanza
    - good old Scrabble
    - Squatter
    - Monopoly deal x 2 (of course)
    - Monopoly deal Millionaire
    - Miniature connect four
    - Regular card pack for connect four
    - Settlers of Catan (3-6 player)
    - Chess
    - Forbidden Islands

    • I'll bring original Uno & 2 packs of playing cards for???

      From your list, top down, Scrabble yes, ONLY ever played original Monopoly, suppose same rules for your 2, never learned Chess & have 'no' idea about the others you have listed. πŸ˜₯

      • Awesome :)
        Uno is a good all-rounder!
        Haha i meant above: a pack of playing cards for egyptian ratslap, like snap, also a good all-rounder.
        No pressure :)

        • @embaloo, my boys after fighting who got what, took all 30 games we had when they left home, even my childhood ones. πŸ˜₯

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    Looking forward to my 1st ozbargain meet. πŸ€—

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      same :)) looking forward to seeing everyone there

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      Awesome can't wait to see you there!

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    Do we need to do a special checkin?

    Planning on parking at station parking on the same side, assuming it'll be more freed up by then.

    :D socialising!!

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      Yup. For participant checkins, please read this. Go and find @cerealsmok3r to check you in, and that will help us later to figure out who were there, to give out the Not A Bot badge.

      • Nifty, thanks!

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      Yep as scotty mentioned I will be there to help out with signing in so feel free to find me. I'll most likely be wearing the ozb hoodie/shirt and be running around making sure everyone is okay! look forward to seeing you there (:

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    The storm and rain is crazy

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    11 on 11/11/2021 - 23:19

    8 minutes too late for greatness!

  • Hope it was fun. Do share some pics

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    Thanks for organising, and thank you for the shirts Scotty! Good to meet you guys.

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    great event last night, thanks for bringing the boardgames/cardgames along it was quite an enjoyable night. also thanks to scotty for the t shit, this years one looks great

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    Thanks for everyone that came! hope you guys all had as much fun as I did even though i was super duper late ahaha

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    It was nice to see everyone there yesterday! Thanks for everything, @11 and @scotty

    Do we have any pics?

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