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Harvey Norman Online, Samsung ES80 Digital 12.2MP Camera $38 (+$5.95 Shipping or Free Pickup)


Hi, I think it a reasonable price for Samsung Digital 12.2MP camera

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +1

    Wow… Very cheap price for a good camera.

    • I bought it online in the morning on Friday and selected Springvale HN as they had stocks. However I am still waiting to receive the email from the store to go and pick it up. It seems this particular store is either very slow or too busy. Friends who ordered from other stores received their invoice and pickup note within couple of hours. How about others?? Received the invoice in email ??

      • I called my local store to check the stock level and asked if I can go to pick it up. The guy sent out my invoice at the time I picked the camera. So don't have to wait for the notification, it's not automatically sent by the system.

  • +1

    even if this sucks which i doubt, this is as cheap as it gets for a camera you can chuck in the glovebox

  • Cheapest i've found it $49 inc free shipping.

  • can anyone confirm if it uses lithium batteries?

  • good price for a cam

  • +7


    lithium pack

    no hd video

    good zoom and ok optics

    hopeless poor light and high iso performance

    average start and response time

    its crap compared to a $120 ixus

    its fine for $38 + $6 shipping

    • +1

      Would make a decent gift to someone who loses/breaks cameras often or for the kids if you don't want them playing with the more expensive gear.

      A lot of people are still using older cameras as their primary unit which would be far worse than this.

    • $38 and free pick-up in store for me!

      I was after a cheap basic camera, so this looks good to me. Does anyone know what kind of memory card this uses?

      • SD

        shee-it… even Sony uses SD these days!

        • Only where they absolutely have to.. PSP Vita still has proprietary crap (undoubtedly to curb piracy).

    • All valid points and thanks for pointing them out which did deter me from spending 40 dollars but: "its crap compared to a $120 ixus" was unnecessary considering that you're comparing to an item that costs 3 times as much. No different than going to a deal for the Telstra Tab and pointing out all its negatives and saying "it's crap compared to the new iPad at just $499"

      Definitely true but also true is that it costs 3-4x as much. But again, thanks for pointing out the bad points of the camera which helped me decide.

      • +2

        You're looking too hard.

      • ragflan i agree with what your saying, but he's trying to put some context on it… basically its a pretty bad/basic camera in general, but ok for the price.

  • Good for the kids, does anyone know if there is a paypal free shipping code to go with this, I can only find a travel gear harvey norman code?

  • +3

    great for old school retro fans with the stunning vga 640x480 resolution videos
    great 1st digital camera for ipod touchless kids

  • What kind of memory card is used on this camera??

    • SDHC (according to the specs).

  • Nice gift for kids. Also might be good for doing crazy angle pictures/videos (although not HD) where the camera could get broken.

  • +1

    A nice spare camera to keep in the car in case you have a prang.

    • +5

      or you could just use your phone camera… man if your contingency plan is to carry a camera in your glove box you must be expecting to have a few… on a somewhat related note can you let me know when you plan to drive?

      • +1

        Five people drove into me last year while I was stationary. One woman tried to sue me for $6,500 damage to her car, but a single photo of her car embedded in my car showing the STOP sign she drove through made the problem go away. Police don't care but insurance company sure did. Last week I was given a parking ticket for being in a bus zone, but the signage was incorrect so a single photo of the sign saved me $209. I'd left my mobile at home by accident, but luckily had a cheap camera in the glove box. $38 is a BARGAIN for a cheap glove-box camera! Things always happen to me when I forgot the mobile or the battery is flat.

        • +1

          hmmm maybe you shouldn't have made your car out of rear earth magnets….i agree, it seemed like such a good idea at the time!

          or maybe you should stop stopping your vehicle in kings cross and … erm never mind :P

        • +5

          5 times? You're doing something wrong mate.

        • +1

          You guessed it! Two were in Kings Cross, two in Double Bay, one in Bondi Junction. It's like dodgem cars in the eastern suburbs.

      • Are you sure those woman not trying to hit on you? May be its a compliment about your attractiveness.. well your car is attractive i mean.

      • -1

        Many people like myself use basic phones, some low-end prepaid phones don't even have cameras at all, others are only 640x480 which is next to useless. And wtf are you on about, that's like saying you shouldn't have a first aid kit in your car unless you're expecting to get injured?!

    • Mount it on your dash and use it as a accident video recorder!

  • how does it compare to the camera on my Samsung SII?

    • +11

      It doesn't have a very loud ringtone.

    • 5X optical zoom, digital image stabilisation, 12.2 against 8MP,
      but VGA instead of 1080p, 2.4" screen!!, another thing to carry, …


  • +3

    To think, it's not that long ago it was hard to get a 3.4 mp camera sub $900.

    Mind you the pics that came out of my Olympus C 4000 still s*** all over some coming for current cameras will supposedly far better resolution.

    • +1

      Yeah they have moved along quick. Remember paying about $400 for my 3mp camera and that being a huge bargain. Still have it tucked away.

      This is a pretty great deal. Think I will get one just so I have a small spare. Can't exactly stick an EOS in your pocket on the way out the door.

  • +1

    Video of use & features - looks good for price.
    I really need to be shot in 'beauty mode' in the mornings- removes dark circles & changes skin tone.

  • +2

    A decent gift for my 2 yo son.

    • +5

      Strange - negs for giving a child a useful toy?? At the price of crap toys, this is a bargain. And so much better than the pretty, but pretty useless low MP fixed lens cameras marketed at children.

      A friend gives his 2 year old daughter his iPhone to play games with on the potty. Shocked me, but she is so used to using the technology. I asked what he would do if it fell in - upgrade.

      • +3

        potty is a bit much but my kid likes the iphone for angry birds and whatever on car trips

        i don't see the big deal

        cheap $38 cam for kids… sounds good to me… stops them from using your good cameras

        • Its his idea of potty training (her choice - games on iPhone or MacBook with kids videos), but I think she will never want to leave her potty.

        • +2

          My relative gave me a plastic hammer and saw when I was 3 years old. I never touxhed them. My dad gave me a real hammer and saw (much to the horror of mum.) I made her a jewelry box that she still keeps, and it taught me a lot about woodworking. The plastic crap went in the bin but I still kept the real hammer and saw, to give to my kids. There's no reason to give your kids gargbage.

      • +2

        Many people just don't realise how smart the 2 yo kids are. My son never broke any thing by accident, though he throws his toy cars and bears a lot, but it never happened on my phones, cameras and remote controlers, simply because he knows these things are expensive and easy to break.

        I let him play my HX5V occasionally, which is my main camera and was expensive two years ago. If he can own a full functional camera and play as he like, I bet he would learn how to use it quickly.

        • +2

          Good on you. Zoom lenses are easily stuffed with sand, etc or rough handling, but an explanation will help. (Cars & bears are meant to be thrown!) I'm sure he will love it. Many digital cameras, phones, etc are passed down quickly these days anyway.

        • Nice to see the OB mob have warmed to your idea!

        • +1

          Got mine this morning, and my son was happy. I can see he's carefully handling it, and I put a neck strap on the camera and it's light enough for his little hands.

          Taught him how to turn it on/off, shoot, and replay the pictures in 2 minutes, and he shot all by himself. The lens is full of finger prints already, but it's already better than I expected.

  • +1

    this is bargain of the week. Thanks OP!

    • True. I bought the $55 Sony http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/64808 a few weeks back, which is great value. This one has some fun features, but smaller screen & lacks dedicated charger. This is a great price for a reasonable camera.

  • what memory card does this use? I may be blind, but can't see it…

    EDIT: I see it uses SD or SDHC, but can;t see if it somes with a card or has any internal memory.

    • Maybe a camera is not for you :-)
      Answer has been asked & answered twice already. SDHC
      Rarely have card included these days at this price.

      • +1

        yeah thanks. My speed reading course has left me intellectually disabled.

    • Manual download: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201103/20110324… (specs p95)
      Memory card is listed as optional extra, so not included.
      SDHC (8GB guaranteed) - probably all OK.

  • +2

    We bought two. Nice find.

  • Bought one, nice find OP.

    • +3

      A few places seem to be clearing out recent, but non-HDvideo cameras, with a new offer evey week or so. There are a few cheap cameras to choose from, so worth a few minutes research.

      But to say the old "You get what you pay for" is of absolutely no benefit to anyone. We know that, that's why we are trying to understand what we are getting before paying. Maybe a cheap camera is not the best bargain for everyone.

      • +5

        Yeah but he used bold. For, like, impact and stuff.

    • by then the battery would be flat.

  • Should I get black or silver?

    • +1

      Pink bro.

    • Black, the back of the silver one is black, looks not good.

    • pink.

      doh beaten by 29 seconds!

    • +7

      Red, it takes pics faster.

  • Thanks OP, good find

  • Expired online. Local stock only.

  • sold out online!

    • Still available in Brisbane.

  • Ordered 2 this morning and they cancelled my order. no stock. thats unfair

  • Bought one this afternoona nd picked it up 5 mins ago. The box looks like have been opened, camera LCD has no protector over it with few mint scratches, battery pack has been opened and not in plastic bag. Talked to the guy and he told me not all camera has film over the LCD for new camera and the battery is new. It is obviously look like a display camera! They have no more in stock, I either take it or leave it. Well, what to do..

    • Did you received any notice before picking it up? I haven't got the tax invoice sent to me, and seem need to wait until it's ready to be picked up?

      • +1

        I received 2 emails: tax invoice and ORDER READY FOR PICK-UP.

        • I selected pickup from Springvale store and still waiting for the email. This store is so slow.

  • I rang the hotline in sydney to ask about my order since I happened to drive pass the store. The girl on the phone told me is ready anytime as long the store has it in stock. She gave me the number of the store and asked me to check with them.

  • Ordered very early this morning - phoned this afternoon to say no stock - what a joke! No online ordering control. Gerry - enter the 21st Century or become a retailing dinosaur.

  • Just picked one up locally in Brisbane before I got my tax invoice. Still lots of stock left at Carindale.

  • Just got an email before telling me that there is no stock and I will be receiving a refund.

    I think I was one of the first to order this morning too (about 10 mins after post), so there must be a lot of cancelled orders!

  • Just got an email telling me I will definitely receive it, just have to wait for back order :)

  • Still waiting for my email saying if they've reserve stock or not. Should have dropped by my pick up store this arvo before going home.

  • Wtf. Ordered it yesterday with stock available. Paid for it and got an email saying there's no stock and i have to wait 10 days. Not good enough !

    • I haven't gotten such an email as yet but I did drop by the Fortitude Valley store earlier to see if I could pick up from their store if they had stock. They didn't but they checked with the Broadway store (my pick up store) and got word that they are waiting for a back order to come in too.

      Not sure when this will be. At least the cameras were cheap and I'll know it's new stock.

  • got 2 at local store said $99 on each the box.

  • Got a call from Harvey Normans. Out of stock. 8-10week wait for more stock. They offered me a lower spec Fuji camera instead. I've opted to wait for more stock to come in. Ordered mine Friday arvo.

  • Rang my local HN today to see if my pickup was ready for this camera but seems there out of stock and need to wait about another week before I get it….

  • Yeah, I haven't got my tax invoice etc yet… assuming I'm in the same boat that's playing the waiting game. Ordered mine on Fri around 2pm.

  • got a olympus 14mp camera in lieu

  • happy

  • hi interested in what you all think, I got a call really early one morning last week when getting the kids ready for school and told the Samsung camera was out of stock, so did I want a Canon Powershot instead, I asked was it similar, as I did not know much about it and told yes, so I said OK, now today it has arrived and I have unpacked it to see it is a PowerShot A495. Wonder if anyone can tell me was it a good offer, as the first thing I notice is the Mega pixels is 10.0 and the Samsung one was 12.2 mp so I am wondering if I should have waited? What do you think?

    • +1

      Well the Canon PowerShot A495 cheapest i found was $89 and the Samsung you were meant to get was cheapest $49 so pricewise you came ontop. Megapixel are bullshit anyway. A 10.0 mp does a great job.

  • I got the order ready email today and picked up the camera very good camera for the price :)

    • Still waiting for my confirmation email :-(

  • thanks rack, I guess I am happy I do not see any negs about the Canon so that is good, I am just interested it what others think. thanks

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