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Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0Ah HP Line Trimmer Kit $249 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) Limited Stock @ Bunnings


EDIT: maybe not a deal!

This brushless HP line trimmer kit is the same price as the tool only for only $249.
EDIT: it seems to be a completely different model as the other brushless tool only.

The non brushless model kit is $229, but comes with a 5amp battery instead of the 4amp one here.

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  • https://www.bunnings.com.au/cordless-line-trimmers_p0209259?... is this not cheaper and the 5.ah battery .

    • This is the non brushless model i mentioned in the OP

    • Different model. That one is pretty crap. Single 1.6mm line, vs dual 2.0mm on the one OP posted.

      • The OP is not dual line!

        • Wow, I think you’re right. Looking at the manual online, it’s single. I always found single likes to be pretty meh.

          • @cnut: They are less aggressive than the 36v versions. If you don't have major grass to get through they are fine, slower but fine.

            A few summers back I mowed my entire buffalo lawn with an old 18v brushed version for months due to the petrol mower constantly being broken and getting repaired/serviced. The 18v got the job done, took a few recharges per mow but it was not terrible and looked adequate under the circumstances. I tried with a friend's 36v and it scalped the law pretty badly. New mower is now a 36v not a petrol, little weedeater is still going strong despite being flogged.

            Tldr: 18v is fine for suburban cleanup duty.

  • Isn't this the regular price? It's new, but it doesn't seem to be a special price unless I'm missing something?

    • Same price as tool only. Same thing happened with the one handed recip saw and the kit got sold old and doesn't seem to be available in many locations anymore.

      Edit, seems to be a different model. Updated OP

  • I thought this was the regular price for the kit. Since this model only comes as a kit.

  • I bought this one a few weeks ago but asked Ryobi before hand and their official answer was “yes - it’s a new model and includes a 4ah battery”. That was it.

    • Please confirm single or dual line. Thanks

      Edit: nevermind it’s single line

      • That's so weird, the previous version of the 18v like this that I have is dual line and it's killer.

        I wonder why they changed it? Pretty crap

  • -1
  • This is the new HP Batteries im pretty sure. They supposed to be more efficient than the previous models

  • This is the new Ryobi brushless trimmer with HP battery. Have been tossing up recently on whether to buy one. It's been available in the US for some time now. See reviews here: https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-ONE-HP-18V-Brushless-13-in...

    The main issues that I can see are that people either love or hate the new auto-feed line mechanism. It also only has a single line coming out of the head so would be more suited for light to medium jobs with no heavy tall grass. On the plus side it appears to have a nice newly designed HP battery and brushless motor which should last longer and go for longer with more power. The shaft can also be twisted to use as an edger.

    • Still 20min use with 4ah batt

  • Has anyone used this particular model; single line and automatic feed?

    My 2 year old Ryobi cordless trimmer spool seized so an exchange under warranty is in order.
    It appears only this trimmer comes with the battery kit.
    Mine is brushless and dual line so not sure if this is an upgrade or a downgrade.

    • I used the single line 1.6mm model and it was trash. 2mm might be better but not by much I wouldn’t have thought.

      The $329 kit with the expand it trimmer would be a better idea.

      But for light work around a small yard this will do just fine.

    • I think you want this one skin only is the same price of this kit. According to the Ryobi site, it's $329 with the battery and charger.
      2mm dual feed. It's bump feed, not automatic but twin would be heaps better than a single line.

  • +2

    Bought one of these the first hour we came out of lockdown here in Melbourne, yes its single line and had hesitations but went for it. I used the supplied new HP battery and 2x5AMP over a 90 minute session getting my backyard under control to mow (yes, was a bit out of hand and it handled very long grass well). Very happy with it compared to the old Petrol Line Trimmer I had from Ryobi. Auto Line feed takes a bit of getting used to and can take up to 3 or 4 on/off to get it back to full cutting length. I am sure there is better but for the price and if you have the One+ system and a typical block, consider it. I look forward to trimming now as its instant compared to dealing a 2 stroke situation, but you get that with any instant battery system.
    Long time lurker here, just never joined, but I was so impressed with this trimmer I thought I would post.

    • I don't think they're HP batteries. I got the one handed recip saw kit and it looks the same. There's no HP connector terminal. I could be wrong though, it's all a bit confusing

      • 18V HP

        OP's link.

      • thought the same, your right, it doesn't have the HP connector terminal, but it does perform better, smarts are done differently, few vids on YouTube about it

        • Can you please link me? Do the new batteries make it better? Or is it the same with the older batteries. I ended up selling my 4amp battery…

  • I bought the single line. Used it on the day and returned it immediately for dual.

  • Do the ryobi batteries ever go on sale? I have been given some ryobi tools and now i need batteries and a charger

    • +1

      Not that I've ever seen. Marketplace can be good, providing new in packet, almost 100% guaranteed to be hot.

    • You can get them on ebay for $120

  • I had an old petrol ryobi that had dual line and bump head feed. I was sick of having to rethread the head and the line would continually break.

    I've bought this kit and while the single line feed is marginally slower, the improvement with the auto line feed is worth it.

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