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$10 off (Min Spend $49) + Delivery ($0 to Major Areas) @ Pet Circle


Same as this deal with a different coupon. Works for existing members as well.

One time use per customer.

Free shipping for orders over $49

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Referee gets $10 off their first order.

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  • Should be all capital or it doesnt work btw that link goes to aldi so maybe wrong link

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      It may have been fixed since your post, but the link and code (without caps) work for me.

  • Thanks OP, forgot to grab a couple of things last time so this is good.

  • +10

    I accidentally typed in "Furry Friend" in the url box instead of the discount code box, and now I'm confused, mildly aroused, and invited to something called a "con"

  • Thanks! Just needed more cat litter :)

  • Thanks!

  • Combine with $15 cash back with AMEX. (last day today!)

  • Is this site working for others? It's not accepting any of my card details.

  • Anyone know if there auto delivery is like amazons and your able to just use it for extra discount then stop it?

    • Yep.

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    Thanks OP! Got 50 cans of Fancy Feast Royale for $49.21 for the ungrateful cat.
    Single cans can be bought for he same unit price as the cheaper 24 can packs, even when the 24 can pack was more expensive (e.g. Succulent Chicken). There was also a multibuy discount that jumped from around $3 to $6.29 by having and extra $1.31 can or not.. Finally the free shipping for order over $49. $65.50 down to $49.21, or $0.98 per can :)

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    I'd recommend asking if you can use auspost. Their default courier service is bottom of the barrel.

  • I'm running out of things to buy! What is everyone else buying?

    I have enough food and treats for a few months, worms/ticks/fleas protection for another year.

    Dog isn't interested in toys.

    • How about a snuffle mat? They're great for keeping your dog entertained.

      • I've already got one, Kong Wobbler and an interactive toy.

        Ended up placing 2 orders
        1: shampoo, conditioning spray and Tbh Pets Seaweed Chickpea (to meet the spend)
        2: Kong Zoom Groom, dental plaque control powder, WOOF IT Lous Chews, ABSOLUTE HOLISTIC Bisque Tuna And Lobster.

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          Lucky pup!

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    Thanks OP

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    very doggy webstie, after applying $10 voucher, it adds back $6.95 shipping cost, removing $10 voucher, it removes $6.95 shipping cost, the item costs $53, it doesn't add up as $43, but $49.95. very doggy website, try avoid

    • It's very simple - you need to spend over $50 after the voucher has been applied to qualify for free shipping. So spend $60 use the voucher and only pay $50 with free shipping.

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