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[VIC] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.539/L @ 7-Eleven, Black Rock


Location: -37.97588, 145.01798

Time to fire up that chopper!

Black rock has got the cheapest this Monday morning for 91, 95, 98 & E10

Thanks to P03 and ElevenMe app

For those who need a reminder on how to fly their chopper with this location refer:

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    Looks like the other post was taken down for being a duplicate.. Credit where it's due - have an upvote. Thank you

  • Anyone else having issues locking in currently? Mine just searches around the local stations but no prices found. Same on 2 devices, tried for this area and local here in QLD.

    • No problems here

    • I had that problem yesterday in Brisbane too. Ended up not filling up at 7-Eleven because of it, so hope they fix it.

    • Seems to have come good now. Locked in on 2 phones now.

    • +1

      Yeah I have problems with that too - even with just using the app normally (not location spoofing). Force app shutdown normally fixes it.

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    If anyone needs a lock. Happy to lock in for next 15 min. PM me.

    • PM’d!

    • Pm sent, appreciate the help!

    • sent a pm! Thanks!

    • pmd thank you!

    • Pm'ed


    • Duce what do you use?

      • +2

        I live close to the location.

    • PM sent. Thanks mate 🙂

    • Still doing them?

    • PM sent. Much appreciated

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    My deal with U91, U95 & E10 was considered a dupe, but here are the prices for those fuels also available at Black Rock.

    E10 - $1.319/L
    U91 - $1.339/L
    U95 - $1.459/L

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    Expired now up to $1.79 for 98

  • Expired? I get 1.71.

  • I really need to get an iPhone, bummed I missed this deal

    • I used my old iPhone 5s for that reasons.

  • -3
  • +3

    You snooze you lose, literally.

    Just got out of bed, saw the notification, tried to lock, game over. Thanks anyway!

  • yeah.. i think it expired getting 179.9.

  • Jeez that didn't last long

  • Thank OP

  • +5

    For those who missed out, the next best available is at 7-Eleven Revesby NSW 2212

    -34.54494, 150.86519

    E10 - $1.439/L
    U91 - $1.459/L
    U95 - $1.579/L
    U98 - $1.659/L

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    I reckon it was a price error. Much cheaper than anywhere else.

    • Probably a promotion

  • Sadly expired

  • I was trying to lock it at 7am but failed multiple times due to E01 error.

  • just got the heli started and its gone.. damn it

  • i missed out as well, how do you get the notifications on these like does it email you or sms you when it goes below a certain price?

  • Saved $70 filling up 😂. Just got in with this one

    • Wow, how big is your tank??

      • 180l. Stopped at 150l as that’s the max they let you price lock

  • $1.90 or so at Coles at the other end of Bluff Road.

  • Managed to fly my chopper in time

  • any solution for android phones to lock?
    i see that earlier .apk arent working anymore.

    If anyone has a way , please advice

    • Yes, but it requires root, Magisk Hide, SmaliPatcher, GPS Joystick or similar + temporary removal of gps.conf (/system/vendor/etc/gps.conf) file content while locking the price to fool aGPS

      • That last part is automatically done on the gps joystick app tho

        • Thanks, I'll check that. I installed the latest gps joystick a couple of weeks ago and still had to clear the gps.conf, though

  • Thank you all. Happy Holidays.
    Keep it simple for us please

  • Big dummy! Thank you Joey D for supplying our fuels!

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