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[PS4] Watch Dogs Legion $15 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just saw that on Amazon while browsing…New low when compare to the previous post.
Heard that this game isn't good when compare to the old WD1&2 but well $15 should be still worth a try :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This has a free PS5 upgrade as well.

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      For anyone after the upgrade, The ps5 upgrade is the ability to download the full ps5 version not just an upgrade.
      To upgrade you need to cancel the installation from diak and only download the ps5 version.

    • Digital download only though i would believe.

  • For $15 I’ll bite. Thanks OP!

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      I lasted about 60 mins before calling it, after the intro crashed 3 times….

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        I’ve made a terrible decision.

        • Hahaha just wait until after Christmas and I'm sure EB/CEX will be paying $15 trade credit/cash for it.

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            @jollyrogga: That's my thoughts, and I bought the PS5 Version!

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              @Intoxicoligist: Interestingly enough I find the PS5 version trading less these days due to the demand (less people have a PS5 right now) but I am sure that will change next year (hopefully).

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    Tried this on uplay+ and was incredibly boring.

    • I finished WD1 +DLC long long long time ago, how do you compare it to this?

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        Shallow a as a puddle due to the concept. WD1 was a lot better in the sense that you actually have a story.

        • exactly - WD1 was gritty and so much more immersive story/plot line.

          WD2 was very different - not a bad game - just calling it something totally different would have made more sense.

          hoping the DLC for WD3 brings some of WD1 back

  • The story on this is ok, but there is no real character development (it makes sense based on the game mechanics but can be a bit dull when your character responds with some really generic response)
    For $15 it is worth it (I paid $17) apparently the story DLC with Aiden (WD1) is really good

    • +1

      The first Watchdogs was my favourite by far, I enjoyed it much more than the others.

  • Bit the bullet and ordered it. Playing on PS4 might be just good enough based on reviews.

  • probably one of the most boring if not the most boring game series to come out in modern time…. its unreal how they managed to make 3 of these..

    • Is it the sickness from general open world game we are facing nowadays…
      As AC fans…been playing this type for ages and to be honest, it is dull but I do enjoy the fight system…

      • ubisoft games in general, its too formulic and all about quantity over quality.

        This series managed to be the worst of all of em tho, truly an accomplishment.

        There are still a few open world games out there that are great, namely ghost of tsushima, rdr2.

  • Just go back to the page and saw it's out of stock already…
    There is still some 2nd hand one seems to be $15.XX on the amazon warehouse choice if you want.

  • For $15 I'd bite but I wasn't fast enough.

  • I regret pre ordering this and paying full price. Was not worth it in the slightest

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      The one I regret the most would be Cyberpunk instead…

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        Having played Cyberpunk on release, and this when it was $30 on PS5 a few months ago, I'd rate Cyberpunk WAY above this pile. WD crashed twice on the first mission and reset me, while Cyberpunk was a buggy in spots I actually finished it, whereas I lasted 60 mins with WD Legion. The story in Cyberpunk is a million miles above this inanity.

        • Hope they have fixed those issue when I play it later for WDL…
          For cyberpunk, I was playing on PS4 Pro and got Platinum already…However my experience was every 2 hours the PS4 pro will crash and if I forget to save…Not sure how it is now but won't touch it until there are some real new DLC gameplay instead of just cars or clothing…

  • I gave up on this due to corrupted save files twice, happened on PS4 and PS5.

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    I feel so lucky that I didn't see this before it got sold out…. otherwise I would definitely have bought another game that I'd never end up playing……

    • Pile of shame,huh?

  • So is the consensus that Legion is nowhere near as good as the first Watch Dogs? Because I actually kinda enjoyed that one (but hated the direction the second one went in).

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      I played through it a couple of weeks ago on PS5.

      The issue for me was that due to the legion mechanic, being able to get anybody off the street to be part of your team, the story had no weight as there was no character development, and the quality in voice actors was wildly varied.

      I played the whole story but my verdict was "it is fine". I don't really remember why or when i bought it, but I probably wouldn't pay more than $20 for it. You'll get your $15 worth, but don't expect anything groundbreaking and expect every single character to be a cringeworthy "hacker" stereotype.

      • The cringe in the "hacker" stereotype was what turned me off the second one. If Legion is just like that as well, then it's gonna be a hard pass from me.

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    Found it locally for Xbox one at Target for $5. It was marked as $20 but scanned at $5.

  • Just grabbed a copy, for $15 its worth a try. The first WD was enjoyable, the 2nd not so much so we'll see… thanks OP :)

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