This was posted 6 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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GoPro HERO10 Black + Bundle (Spare Batt, Swivel Clip, Tripod, 32GB MicroSD) $599 Existing / $699 New Subscribers @ GoPro


This is an older deal from two months ago but is now labelled as a "Black Friday Special" so credit to lawyerz

This is different from the other GoPro 10 Deal that was for the two batteries + charger, you get:

  • HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Not sure if its just me, I feel that the twin battery and charger deal was more attractive than this plastic clip and mini tripod.

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      Yeh… I managed to dodge paying for the subscription so I got the camera, battery, 32gb card, + charger & spare battery, + 3rd battery, + silicon case, for $574…

      Nice camera but I feel they're pushing the price up too high now…

      • Howd u get 3 batteries for $574! amaing price!

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          Buying the 3rd battery was only an extra $23 with the other deal, subscriber discount price I guess…

          I dodged paying the $70 subscription because after going through the checkout with PayPal I went to PayPal and cancelled the Gopro payment permission as I do with all subscriptions, so they can't charge me down the track, it turns out they bill the camera bundle and subscription separately and they didn't try billing me for the subscription until after I had deleted the recurring payment permission in paypal…

          • @FLICKIT: Haha, this is a great tip!

            • @Deadalready: i did the same thing with the Gopro Hero 9… you have to be really quick as the subscription charge comes separately to the camera charge… so the
              moment the camera charge comes, quickly cancel the GoPro PayPal authorisation

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            @FLICKIT: in my case, they charged subscription first sadly.

            • @Jamie777: I signed up for the free trial on the iOS app which gave me access to Subscriber pricing. Bought the kit above for the existing subscriber price then cancelled the trial.

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            @FLICKIT: Thanks, I think I dodged it- the auto-payment is deleted anyway…

    • Easily, the Gopro will eat a fully charged battery in about an hour. Depending on the activity you do, that may/not be enough.

    • totally agree with the battery and charger being the better combo.

  • Can it be pluged in computer use as webcam ? Better image quality?

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    Feel like I should warn people that GoPro is the worst company you will ever deal with.

    Their customer service model is that you can only lodge a ticket and get a call or chat message back. There are no numbers or email addresses that can be used directly (I actually tracked down their aus number and it's just a prerecorded messages saying to request a call back online).
    The chat message option is entirely broken and won't work on any browser. The phone calls have never come back in almost two weeks and multiple daily requests. They have a support forum too, but there's no support on it, just us bunch of us suckers complaining about being robbed haha.

    In my case, they cancelled my order due to me using a Parcel Locker but only refunded half of it, leaving the subscription active. Their deals are built such that having the subscription paid separately loses you the entire cost of the subscription so I can't even reorder.

    I've had to go down the path of lodging a charge back via ANZ now so I guess I'll see how that goes.

    Finally, I'm now reading tonnes of reviews saying you can't record longer than 30 mins without overheating in Australia, so I'm starting to think it's isn't worth the money anyway..

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      I have had bad experiences with purchasing directly from GoPro (I think they are based in Singapore).
      Customer service is appalling. Good luck to you all in case you need to return it for whatever reason. My experience was painful.
      If I ever purchase a GoPro again it's going to be thru a local retailer simply because of ease of returns/customer support.

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      Customer service matters, thanks for the heads up.

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      Yep, I had the overheating issue so sent it back, and it was a nightmare trying to get anyone to call back. Took weeks and weeks. Luckily I paid with PayPal, so shipping was covered when returning it to Singapore. Never again with GoPro. There's a firmware update out apparently that reduces functionality so it doesn't overheat - lol.

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        Personally I think the overheating issue is over-hyped, yes it is an issue in some situations, and it's not ideal, but it is what it is… Gopro should have made people aware of this limitation when they released it…

        If you want to use it as a webcam or stationary vlog-cam I can understand heat is an issue, but this is an action cam, it really isn't designed to be sitting inside on a tripod or such… I think it all comes down to the power consumption of the new hungrier CPU…

        All the Gopros since the Hero2 have had fairly major issues for some users, the recent ones give great footage but it all depends if you can live with the "issues" they have…

        I've run my 10 on the motorbike in the bush for full batteries without an issue at 4K-50fps, and with bushwalking I only take short clips so it's not an issue there obviously…

        Horses for courses, if you need a webcam or studio-cam it's probably best not to buy an action cam…

        … I also agree buying direct from Gopro isn't the best idea, but the price on the last deal was right, I think it will be a while before the local store prices come down to a similar level… I wanted to offload my 8 for a decent price before the 10 was discounted locally which would drop the value of the 8, so I didn't really have any choice but to buy from Gopro…

        Using Paypal basically gives a 6 month forced warranty, any issues just lodge a paypal dispute and communicate with Gopro through Paypal.. and as you have done, use the "Refunded Returns" system to cover the return shipping costs…

        (sorry to ramble)

        • I don't think it's just web cam people that are getting over heating though right? The forums and reddit are filled with people complaining they can't even record stuff like surfing, very much an action camera task, for longer than 30.

      • Did you happen to find a better camera alternative? I still want some thing for jetski island hoping and scuba/freediving but haven't found a clear winner yet.

        • Not yet, haven't really looked.

        • Have you looked at the much older model Sony FDRX-3000?

          • @DisabledUser415032: I'm gonna be honest, I shamefully caved and bought the gorpo. Not proud of it but got a bunch of free shit after like 3 months of hassling customer service for a refund. I also couldnt find anything that would compete at scuba levels.

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    I've been uploading a bit of odd Hero10 footage to Youtube, I dont edit or do anything fancy, I just join clips together (with the free VideoProcfrom here), and upload them as a backup more than anything else…

    Most are 4K-50FPS, Wide-Linear, Vivid, High stabilization, MP4-HEVC, default ~60mbps, and such…

    Walking around:

    My only complaint on the old firmware would be the auto-wind, it seems all over the place on a motorbike, I haven't tested the new firmware yet:

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