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GoPro Hero10 + Dual Charger and Spare Battery + 1 Year GoPro Subscription $599.95 Delivered @ GoPro


ofc, when i just opened my order from last week, a new ad from GoPro pops up.

GoPro Hero10 Black + Dual Charger and Spare Battery for $600.00

seems better value than the other bundle they are offering. (Shorty, Spare Battery, Swivel Clip for $100 more)

If you have GoPro Hero7 and older, the Hero10 should be a great upgrade.

If from Hero8 and Hero9, the upgrade is much more subjective.

enjoy this deal for me

Terms and Conditions: https://gopro.com/en/au/legal/subscriptionterms

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    The $599 offer is only available to paying GoPro subscribers. This membership costs A$69.99 annually.

    Thanks to a poster in the last deal, I can confirm you can just sign up to a 30 day free trial of GoPro's Quik app, and then get access to subscriber pricing.

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      What are you subscribing to? This is a camera right? it takes photos/video and you store them on your computer? I don't get it…

      • You get automatic cloud backups, big discounts on accessories, and some other stuff I am not sure of yet. I don't have any intention to continue it beyond the included 12 months.

    • So would that mean you would get it for 529.99?
      As its normally $529.99 + 69.99 for the subcription

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        If you're a subscriber before purchasing you cant get the deal with the charger and spare battery, you only get the camera for the $599, there's people on the Gopro forum complaining about it because on the site it appears you're getting the package deal but then only the camera arrives…

        As a non-subscriber I purchased the deal with Paypal, then went to Paypal and cancelled the Gopro payment permission as I do after any subscription type payment to avoid reoccurring payments, it turns out they charge the camera and the subscription separately and they didn't try charging me for the subscription until after I cancelled the payment permission, so I avoided paying for the subscription… They've sent me a couple of emails saying my subscription will be cancelled if I dont update my payment details, meh… (I may have been lucky, this may not work for others)

        Edit: I just went looking for the forum threads about subscribers not getting the charger and battery, there was a few threads there last week, they all seem to have vanished now, it appears Gopro are sweeping it under the rug or things have changed… It would be wise to contact their support chat before getting a trial subscription in the hope to get the package deal cheaper…

        Edit 2: it's detailed here: ($399 is the US price)

        Maybe someone with a subscription can log in and check what's on offer for subscribers….

        • Thanks for the response. Might give your way a crack using paypal. How long after your purchase did they try and charge you for the subcription?

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            @didan: I'm not sure, I cancelled the payment permission straight after paying for the camera, they sent a "thanks for subscribing to gopro" email, and an order conformation for the full amount, then the next day they sent an email saying "Please update your payment method"…

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            @didan: They just sent me an email saying my subscription has been cancelled, it didn't say it was due to non payment but that seems obvious, lol:

            Your GoPro subscription has been cancelled as of 10/10/2022. If you are entitled to a refund, you will be receiving an email shortly with details on the refund amount and timing.

  • I'm so tempted by it. I have a GoPro Max but it sucks underwater.

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    I am still waiting for a GoPro Hero model that is Not gonna Overheat when recording in high settings.

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      ye cannae change the laws of physics, captain!

    • +4

      Never had this problem!
      …my gopro is water-cooled when scuba diving….

    • +4

      Just record underwater

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    The 1 year subscription is part of the $599 bundle, you don't need to be a subscriber to purchase the bundle.

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      This is correct.

      For an existing subscriber, they also gets the "accessory bundle" for the same $599 price. Note that you do not get a new subscription and your existing subscription will end at its original date.


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    I bought GoPro Hero9 Black on impulse earlier this year.. only to realise that i don't have a lifestyle that requires a GoPro….

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      cycling? it's also an incredibly stabilised camera for shooting for travel/hols - walking shots.

      • +16

        just force it and record your life.
        random videos can come up fun to watch at later time.

        not the kind of influencers in the wild, but i enjoy recording memories now and then, even small clips of an event are pleasant to watch

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          Helps to not forget the small details which are usually forgotten

      • The biggest issue with the GoPro is battery life. 1.5 hours means you have to conserve battery, or constantly change them out.

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          1.5 hours of continuous recording is pretty long…

          • +1

            @lawyerz: My commute can be longer than 1.5 hrs and then it dies… (Motorcycle)

            • @ATangk: mm fair enough.. guess you gotta stop and change batteries then..

              • @lawyerz: I just bought a dashcam instead haha. Bit buzzy but it works enough.

                • @ATangk: You're on a bike, do you really care about the noise the camera makes?

    • It's actually great for timelapses of your day, job, house, garden, starry nights, sleeping

    • s'ok… just keep it in the draw with all the other ozb stuff you talked yourself in to needing… when you run out of space, just buy a bigger house.
      Btw I used my GoPro Max 2x… and I tend to engage in so call extreme sports… I just don't have any friends to show my back flips, sliders, wing overs… ROFL.

      • +1

        Problem with this theory, houses rarely, if ever, come up on OzB. Seeing as I only shop <hoard> from OzB to ensure I save money, finding that bigger house might be a problem.

    • Is that you Mike Fry?


    • I’ll take it for $200

  • ofc, when i just opened my order from last week, a new ad from GoPro pops up.

    Same - $530 for a 10 and a 32GB micro sd card. Although to buy the charger and spare battery is $90, so really only miss out by $20.

    • yeah, let's think about that this way. haha
      I now must film random things this week to compensate for the early buy

    • How did you pay just 530?

      • My mistake, I read the invoice wrong - it didn't include the subscription cost. So $599.

  • +22

    I have a GoPro 6 that I never used.

    I am tempted to upgrade to this and never use.

    OzBargain Forever!

    • +12

      the experience is so much better when it goes unused in higher frame rates

      • +1

        And the battery keeps cool, even with those higher settings.

  • How's the 10 compared to 9? Apparently the software on the 9 is horrible.

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      the interface is much more responsive. The processor is the first new one since the Hero 6 and supports higher frame rates and slightly better IQ. The lens now has a waterproof coating but it can be bought separately and stuck on a Hero 9.

      GoPro software is still horrible.

    • +1

      10 has a bigger resolution (5.3k vs 4k) and higher framerates (4k120)
      and better image stabilisation
      But i would say the biggest upgrade is the the new chip, which improved the touchscreen interface and general speed of the camera.

      accessories are interchangeable between Hero9 and hero10 ( mods, batteries, cases)

      • Is the sensor still the same?

        • edit: unsure if same sensor as review states better low light performance

    • +1

      Apparently the software on the 9 is horrible.

      Have a 9 and love it. It was always pretty darn good, but the latest firmware update has improved the interface a lot, it's now very smooth.

      Max Lens Mod + a 9 or 10 is like black magic.

      • Hey super old comment to bump sorry, but can you help me with the max lens mod? I can't work out if its an option that is added to the camera purchase or if they just send you the lens and you do it yourself. Trying to work it out before pulling the trigger on a hero 10 as the mod option seems to only be for the hero 9 on the AU website.

        Edit: Sorry mate, disregard all that, found the painfully simple answers in the US site. For anyone else, the answer is that the lens switch out easily without tools via a screw down mechanism. The Hero 9 max mod fits on the hero 10.

  • I still have my Gopro 7 Black which i only used once and i am already telmpted to buy this for who knows when ill be using it

    • don't bother tbh, I bought the 9 afew month back.
      only used it 1 time. 😅😅😅

      • $200 for it if you want

        • +2

          Or he just puts it on Gumtree for double your offer lmao

    • Use it as a dashcam…

  • +1

    I got a Gopro 5 around the time that phones became waterproof. Hasn't had much use since.

    • I took my "waterproof phone" for a dip once, and only for like 10 seconds. Had to get Apple to replace it…

      • Phones are not waterproof, they are water resistent

        • I wonder what an IP68 rating even means if you slap it on a product but cant actually have it meet those specifications.

  • Tempted after not being able to purchase at the same price on the release deal - any real world experiences from anyone with the overheating issue getting reported? I don't think I'd hit it, but again I think I'd be wanting to set this up for long time lapse video / static location

    • +2

      this is the video review i saw it that covers the overheat problem
      it seems that the Hero10 the issue is still present.
      Dont recall him testing on timelapse mode, but higher framerates was the bigger problem to overheat.



        IMO vid link has incorrect start time, should be approx 9.10 (to get testing data) or earlier, problem is apparently over boomed, near end says "time lapse not affected", big thanks to commenter cos vid is right on target.

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    I am so tempted, but the overheating issue when recording at 4k is a dealbreaker for me. The Hero 10 can allegedly only record for about 45 minutes before overheating. The DJI Osmo Pocket 2 might be a better option if you're after something for more general vlogging related.

    • What’s your take on the pocket 2, any heating issues for longer recoding time?

      • No overheating issues I am aware of with the Pocket 2. However, it does have one annoyance in that it will record in 15-minute increments. Meaning if you capture an hour of footage, you'll have to stitch together four separate clips to get it. Not that big of a deal, but annoying. Still, pretty sure that the arm on the Pocket 2 is designed to dissipate heat. The GoPro being a self-contained little box, it's understandable it's prone to overheating.

        • You need to watch from 9.10 in the video, he spoke to GoPro and is was pointed out that he was recording on a flat surface where the air holes on the bottom were blocked.

  • PSA I had a very poor experience with my Black 7 breaking and terrible customer service, even after joining the VIP whatever scheme. YMMV


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    I will wait for dji action 2!

  • These overheating reports really are a worry. Not the sort of thing you want on holiday etc trying to capture a quick moment.

    Also a shame Gopro Aus has no trade in?

    • +3

      etc trying to capture a quick moment.

      It's not ideal but it's unlikely to be an issue for "quick moments", probably more an issue if you want to record continuously… Someone above mentions 45+ mins…

    • Even if you buy from the gopro aus online store they still bill you in US dollars. I forgot last time and used a different credit card and got slugged with the international fees

  • +2

    GoPro 10 release 2021, fw released in 2023 finally makes it functional.
    GoPro should be ashamed of themselves how they milk their user base.
    I only have 3 Blacks, 3 3+ and 4
    Good cameras but everything I have been reading regarding the state of newer releases is enough to put anyone off.
    I read the Osmose is better value.

    • So is there any constructive feedback here or just complaining?
      If you didn't buy a recent product you don't get to complain, because you already voted with your money.

      • +1

        No I do get to complain as I have held off 6 more in their range, all because of bug ridden offerings.
        You don't get to tell people what they should and should not be able to discuss.
        My money is safely in my wallet and will possibly go to DJI.
        GoPro should be listening to their customers, not be silenced like you're trying to do here.

        Have a good day Felicia.

        • GoPro cameras work great for most people. I agree that you shouldn't be able to raise random foil hat stuff if it's not from first hand experience, maybe less trolling in future Johnny and more facts?

          • @Ozimodo: More facts like the ones listed on YouTube? Over heating GP10s adding to global warming.
            Calling someone for exposing a business as trolling, you should go find a hobby or a job.

    • +1

      GoPro should be ashamed of themselves how they milk their user base.

      Money and fools etc.

      • Like the Red Sea

  • I think they send it from Singapore? They charge you GST (included in $599) but you don't get a tax invoice in the sense that it is not issued by an Australian entity. Not an issue unless you want to do something about GST.

    Not too sure about international warranty, so factor that in. With 1 year subscription included, it's difficult to get a like for like price match locally.

    Anyway, $599 for the 10th iteration, extra battery and charger delivered is a pretty good deal. My GoPro8 is hardly used, bought a hot shoe mount the other day, thinking to take it with my camera to capture some video footage while I shot stills.

  • GoPro Hero 3+ silver user here. Due to lockdowns I don't record my motorcycle rides (chin-mount is not that shaky, so 3+ is doing well), but thanks to micro hdmi output I now use my gopro as my webcam for WFH setup. Goona sit this one over and wait for maybe v15ish.

    • The newer ones you can directly use USB-C to do the outputs. Does the 3+ have a linear mode? Or do you process the video to correct the fisheye/zoom in to narrow the FOV?

  • What could you get by paying for a GoPro subscription?

    • +2

      Discounted camera + up to 50% accessories.

    • +1

      Most of it is wank that most people wouldn't use… The main thing is they'll replace a broken camera for about $110 I think… There's a few other things like discounts on accessories but from what I've seen you're generally better off buying them locally when on sale:


  • Damn, ordered it on the first day already so missed out on the free battery and dual charger :(

  • The prices are so HOT right now..

  • I reckon there will be a better Xmas deal in the offing….

  • I ordered last week with a spare battery and it cost 623. Oh well. The camera rules for anyone unsure if its worth the upgrade.

  • +2

    Re overheating.
    Rays testing on overheating is worth a watch.


    • +1

      DC Rainmaker!

      He's half the reason I know anything about GPS watches and which brands are trash.

    • +1

      Main reason we are seeing ocean temps rise, overheating GoPros used to capture those underwater moments at the beach.

  • How does this compare to insta360 One R? Twin edition is $30 more when it's on sale.

  • They claim this is like $2-300 off RRP on ads I see on facebook yet I see them constantly on sale. Is this allowed?

  • I too want this, but don't use my 6 as is. Once lock down is done in nsw, looking to mount it on my head and film while driving.

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up to replace my hero 5 which I recenty broke the touch screen on when I incorrectly inserted the sd card. Yeah apparently that's a thing..

  • Like some others here just fail to see the point.
    OK, if I start recording cycling for example… I will end up with hundreds of hours of raw footage no one will ever watch.

    It seems that it is a great device from a technical standpoint, but apart from a very expensive dash cam… Not really useful IMHO.

    It's best to enjoy the moment rather than to try to conserve it…

    • +3

      Horses for courses, everyone's different, it probably depends how interesting your activities are… I love having footage of my trips away,…. When I'm on hectic trips I find I see so much in a short period of time it all seems like a blur when I get home so it's nice to have footage to review and relive it all…

      I probably have thousands of hours of footage, I've recorded well over 100,000km of offroad motorcycle trips in remote areas, crossing deserts and such, I keep the camera running all day every day while on the bike… When I get home I roughly edited up a few highlight clips and such but nothing too serious, I put very little effort into editing… I often go back and re-watch the clips and other bits and pieces especially when I'm planning future trips, I find they help with the motivation…. It's handy having the reference footage for planning other trips also, from my GPS tracks on the maps I can find the exact time I was at a certain spot, then find the corresponding gopro clips from the time stamps, it's handy being able to refresh the memory about how good or bad a certain area was…

      Since I haven't been able to do big mainland trips the last couple of years I've just been using the gopro for Tassie and NZ hiking trips, I just record heaps of sort clips of the highlights and interesting bits then join them all together, I quite like throwing them on the TV now and then to relive the experience, remember the tough times and such…. Recently I bought a mountain bike and started cycling, I do much the same as the hiking, record heaps of short clips, join them together, maybe speed them up and add music if I can be bothered, they make a good overview of the rides…

      I've been recording most my activities for the last decade and it's pretty cool to look back at the old stuff, especially with a couple of beers, I imagine as I get to old age and I'm not capable of doing hardcore trips anymore I'll probably appreciate the footage even more…

  • Hi guys, which deal is more preferable? I want to get one as birthday gift for my partner, he hasn’t had one before. Any advice should be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      The $599 deal with the spare battery and charger is pretty good, the other $699 deal with the couple of accessories is overpriced IMO, you can buy similar accessories quite cheap elsewhere..

      • Thank you for your help. I will get the $599 then :) have a nice day

        • I would add one tripod of any kind

          But agree, charger and spare battery is better value.

          • @raphael2012: If I add tripod at the same time, would I get the discount for subscriber or come back to get it later?

            And one more thing, does it come with any case or I need to get one separately? Thank you…

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