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Free Standard Multifocal Lenses with One Pair from $149 Range or above @ Specsavers (in-Store Only)


For a limited time get free Standard multifocal lenses when you choose one pair from the $149 range or above. Why pay more for Multifocals? Be quick, offer ends 22 November. Available in store only.

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  • Can anybody vouch for their standard multifocal?

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      It's pretty crap. The focal point is really small. You can't move your eyes, you need to move your head, otherwise you lose focus.
      I have the better ones, which are also pretty crap. (They have 3 types)

      I haven't tried their premium ones though as they were way too expensive.

      • Thanks. I bought the opsm's premium range and I have the same problem. I've given up on the multifocal idea.

        • Surely someone must be making good multifocal lenses?

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            @delfredo: If you know someone, let us know…

          • @delfredo: I think it's more about whether you can get used to live with a constrained/blurry vision around the edges (only clear vision through the middle of the lenses). If you have high powered reading and distance glassess I agree these are the most convenient things, but if you have lower powered reading glassess (and especially you have astigmatism) these things are not worth it.

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          I've given up on the multifocal idea.


  • Multifocals work really well for me. I’ve had them from an optician in Myanmar, from OPSM and more recently from BUPA Optical and they’ve all been fine. My polarised multifocal sunglasses are wonderful. I may give specsavers a try.

  • Specsaver multi focals are the worst. Specsavers fitting is poor as well. Think they have 3 steps in their range i tried the middle level and still found the focus area small.
    I tried an independent who matched the price of specsavers and much happier. With multi focals I have found the fitting and setup is the most important thing, and specsavers are terrible at this as they only want to get you out the door and on to the next customer.

    Specsavers is all about the upsell and they always push this hard. Franchisees get very heavy pressure to meet upsell "expectations" and franchisees that don't do well may find themselves under pressure to sell the business and unsupported.

    Personally i get a new pair of multifocals every second year or so even tho I am not a fan and alternate years get standard lenses, sunglasses or dedicated reading/computer glasses. All largely paid for by my health fund.

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