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Get a $150/$50/$20 Gift Card When You Spend $500/$200/$100 on a Range of Full-Priced Fashion, Shoes & Accessories @ David Jones


Receive a $150 David Jones Gift Card when you spend $500 or more

Receive a $50 David Jones Gift Card when you spend $200 or more

Receive a $20 David Jones Gift Card† when you spend $100 or more on a range of full-priced fashion, shoes and accessories.  

Bonus gift card is valid for 1 month from date of issue. ENTER CODE: GIFTCARD

Terms & conditions

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  • Can spend on gift card and get the bonus gc?

  • +3

    full-priced fashion, shoes and accessories

    Would have been great if bold part not in it and store wide .
    Only 2 problems :) .

    • +3

      That bold makes this no deal here. Are we all agree?

    • no idea why anyone would neg this, it's a joke of a deal 😂

      • -2

        I can make use of it. Not a joke of a deal at all to me. YMMV. HTH.

    • OP should amend the description like the terms and conditions for easier understanding that all these GC promo only for purchases of full-priced fashion, shoes and accessories

      Receive a $150 David Jones Gift Card† when you spend $500 or more^
      Receive a $50 David Jones Gift Card† when you spend $200 or more^
      Receive a $20 David Jones Gift Card† when you spend $100 or more^

      -on a range of full-priced fashion, shoes and accessories

      Date : Thursday, November 18 - Sunday, November 21

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    Pretty sure these free gift cards are only valid for 30 days.

  • Can someone explain to me how this works? Is the gift card only for full priced fashion items??

  • +1

    So in other words buy an over priced suit and get 30% back in another in store credit?


    I get the Ted Baker brand but I prefer some Tom Baker style myself tbh.

    • If it was the full suit, that would be a reasonable-ish price, but that is just for the jacket 😂


      Just another $249 for the pants, it's a steal!

      • +1

        Don't know why you were voted down for pointing out how excessive their fashion is to buy especially when DJ is the only seller in Australia.
        All I know is you're paying full RRP on something that should be selling for 50% less.

        • +1

          Ray Kelvin sitting on OzB or something haha

          • +1

            @lulzenberg: I don't know who he is nor will I Gaggle him.

            (EDIT I did, he's founder of Ted's bargain basement threads)

    • *up to 30%

  • The terms and conditions (and exclusions) of the deal are here for anyone interested.

  • -1

    Can you spend $500, get the GC and then refund the $500 of items right after?

    Asking for a friend.

    • No.

      If the purchased item is returned, the gift card must also be returned, or its value will be deducted from the refund.

      • I'm curious whether some some stores will be oblivious to this? How would they know you received the gift card? Would it be on the receipt I guess?

        • It probably would be on the receipt, but you can always try your luck!

    • You can try the Winona Ryder discount method then sell to your friend for a 500% profit markup.
      I do this with cars all the time.

  • DJ's full price = RRP +xx%

    • -3


  • As above comments, absolute joke of a deal. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE KIDS.

    • +2

      I would never pay full price for kids, there is a reason we have a child labor policy in place.

      • +1

        I'll pay that 🤣

  • -1

    Effectively an "20-30% back in store credit that you can use on anything in the store" promo. I'm good with that.

    • +1

      Username checks out

      • Harrrgh! Well-played

  • +1

    Is it legal for a gift card to be valid for only 1 month?

    • +2

      As this is a temporary marketing promotion, the gift cards are not required to have a minimum three year expiry.

      Gift cards valid for at least three years

      Any gift cards purchased on or after 1 November 2019 must be redeemable for at least three years after the day they were supplied or purchased.

      The three-year requirement does not apply to gift cards that are:

      • able to be reloaded or topped up
      • donated for promotional purposes (e.g. a business handing out $15 vouchers to passers-by for its grand opening)
      • available only for a specified period (e.g. performance of a visiting ballet company)
      • supplied at a genuine discount (e.g. $60 card for a massage valued at $100)
      • part of an employee reward scheme
      • part of a customer loyalty program
      • second-hand gift cards
      • part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. customers buy a certain product from Business A, which provides a $50 voucher to use at Business B).

      Source: ACCC

    • Many will assume a longer shelf life with the GC and forfeit the balance.

      Nice try DJ!

  • There's no mention, but is this available in-store? You don't explicitly need a code right?

  • -1

    Looks like the offer will work on the purchase of the gin advent calendar they are selling. Use the giftcard on more gin and then have a very merry Christmas.

  • These deals are stupid. Pay full price and moronically go along with the marketing hook. Where’s the bargain!

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