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[PS4, PS5] 12mths PS Plus $53.30, Tsushima $32 (Dir. Cut $76), Demon's Souls $49, Nioh Coll. $64, Last Of Us 2 $19 @ Amazon AU


Some nice deals from Amazon to kick off Black Friday promo.

Delivery is free with Amazon Prime or $39 spend.

PS5 -

PS4 -

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Demon's Souls still the best looking game ever, and one of my favourites of all time

    • +24

      I haven't personally seen anything better than gta remaster /s

    • +1

      Its really not.

      • I primarily game on PC, and I concur with the OP, nothing really matches Demon Souls in terms of graphical fidelity and polish.

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            @Jacked: Played and finished, graphic fidelity not as good. Artistic styling not anywhere near Fromsoft games.

            • @HentaiEnjoyer: Will have to Demon's Souls another go. Couldn't get into after when having to effectively restart every time I died. (True novice comment, I know).

        • +1

          You have never played Gears 5 cranked up clearly

    • Agree, it looks amazing

    • -1

      a bit violent though.

  • +3

    This is the cheapest I've found Demon Souls and Nioh Collection. Bought both.

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    Any reason to get the PS5 version of Ghost Director's Cut over the PS4 version if you're playing on PS5?

    • +1

      PS5 version add dual sense controller specific features.

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      Increased visual fidelity, DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers functionality, reduced load times, 3D audio, Japanese lip sync, auto-pops PS4 acquired trophies so potentially double-platinum.

    • +2

      I may be incorrect here but I believe the PS4 version is capped at 1800p 60fps, whereas the PS5 version can be played on 4K at 60fps.

      • I found the same thing - enough that I will go directors cut I think - although I might wait till it comes down a bit further.

    • +1

      Sorry guys, I mean can you get the upgrade with the PS4 version so it becomes a PS5 version? But I'm wondering if there's any catch like a hidden upgrade cost?

      • +4

        I played the PS4 disc version and bought DC+PS5 upgrade in the PS Store when it came out. I just need to have the PS4 disc in to play.

        Biggest change I noticed was load times, when fast travelling I would get loading screens on the original game, with the PS5 upgrade fast travel was fade out/fade in then continue playing.

        • +4

          It's so fast that it actually throws me off at the start haha, was preparing to put my controller down for a drink aaaand it loaded already

      • +1

        There is an upgrade cost to go from the PS4 version of Directors Cut to the PS5 one. I think it might be $15.

    • It’s back only just below the “launch” price of $79.

      Edit: Was that $79 price legit?

      • +1

        It was $79 for only a short time before going back up to $109.

    • Based on opinions of some people on PS Discord, not really. A bunch were saying to buy the PS4 version and then the DLC, but skip the extra-paid PS5 "upgrade".

      That said the PS5 version seems to be the same price now as PS4 + DLC + upgrade

      $77 vs $32 + $30 + $15 (roughly, idk?)… $77?

      I already purchased the PS4 version of Tsushima a couple of sales ago and still haven't gotten to playing it, so I'll personally pass on both for now haha

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    Dual sense controllers are on discount too
    Red controller for $89.95 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B094WRT8PD

  • +6
  • My wallet will not like this

    • im already in deep

  • Black/White Dualsense controllers also on sale for $81.95

  • so this black friday is sony day?

  • 1 item limit on the PS Plus just FYI

    • ah, that's disappointing. guess i'll pick up the other one from JB Hifi then

      • It’s on the PlayStation store as well for the same price

  • Thanks op, got demon souls but arrives 29/11. 😬

    Don’t forget to add this to your order: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664109

  • Ooh demon souls is tempting. Have $10 off as well from the mobile app promo.

  • Use "MAX10" to get $10 off on mobile app.

    • Doesn’t work for me

    • Where would you add that?

      • Amazon gave it to users that haven't ever used the app and gave $10 for the first app purchase.

        That's what I think it is anyway

  • Can wait for PlayStation store promotion if prefer digital copy or have language preference. JB, amazon, PlayStation store promotion are pretty much in sync except PS store promotion will be a little bit late from past experience.

  • Buy now or wait and see if they go lower on Black Friday….

    • The ps+ won't get cheaper. Games can wait if you're not going to play immediately.

  • +1

    Days gone $19

    • Thanks mate, that's the price point I've been waiting for 👍

      • +1

        I think its free on the PS Plus collection.

        • You're right it is, thanks mate. For $53 a year I should probably consider it.

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  • +2

    Sackboy A Big Adventure PS5 is $54 (PS4 is $49)

  • Here's hoping that Miles Ultimate Edition breaks through that $75 barrier 🤞

    • +1

      was 70 a few weeks ago so I’m guessing they will drop it during black friday

      • Thanks mate. I'll keep an eye out next week.

  • +1
    • Yep. Just cancelled this order. Whew..

      • Its 49 now on Amazon.

        • I just cancelled and reordered from Amazon.

          • @agentsmith1999: Yeah what a loop… well at least it's the same price now as Big W, so i'm not that salty.

  • Demon souls now down to $49 at Amazon

  • Any reason to keep PS Plus? The free games are normally crap, and I don't play online.

    • +3

      Some games have a huge discount if you buy from the PS store if you have PS Plus.

      Even I don't play online but sometimes the free games are not too bad. Its just $53 for a year that is a good value.

  • +3

    PS Plus 12 month membership is also the same price on Ebgames. I normally buy it from Ebgames to increase my points.

  • Got Ghost for PS5. This is the first PS5 game I have purchased for my Ps5 and its not even a Ps5 game. God of War has kept me busy… also not a Ps5 game lol.

    • +1

      PS5 games are defined by the next-gen features that are not present in the PS4 generation. Namely increased visual fidelity whether resolution or framerate, DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers functionality, SSD speed reduced load times, 3D audio, activity cards etc.

      GoT on PS5 is absolutely a PS5 experience.

      God of War isn't though as remains PS4 title without those features (albeit with 60 FPS patch).

    • not a lot of Ps5 only games are available. I guess they dont want to let their biggest console base let go just yet

  • Deathloop is $44. Would rather get it for PC, but that's still $79

    • $39 soon when JB sale goes live, Amazon should price match.

  • +2

    Nioh 2 for PS4 is $19!

  • +1

    Noob question:

    Ghost of Tsushima for PS4: I know you can play it on PS5, but the question is: will there be any difference in quality, etc?

    Why spend $77 just to get the white-bordered PS5 box?

    EDIT: Found it, if you want upgrades, you will have to pay.

  • Just curious if anyone know can ebgames or JB price match amazon like the GOT director cut?

  • PS Plus deals are live now too if wanting digital versions

  • +1

    Nioh 1 & 2 remastered for $65? Money well spent, sign me up. Thanks!

    • Dang it - bought Ghost earlier this morning and pulled the trigger on this now too. Price goes down to $64 at checkout.

  • The Nioh Collection is now $64 :)

  • +1

    Is the Ghosts of Tushima ps5 version much different as far as the visuals are concerned? I dont really care about the extra content. Should i just buy the ps4 version for my ps5?

    • +2

      Not a HUGE visual difference but better 4K resolution and fidelity.

      The other features are DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers functionality, reduced load times, 3D audio, Japanese lip sync, auto-pops PS4 acquired trophies so potentially double-platinum.

      If none of that matters to you, stick to PS4 version. Iki Island content was pretty good though.

  • +2

    I regret getting ghost of tsushima before the directors cut that cover looks so good

  • +1

    Somehow I've manage to accumulate PS Plus till 2028.

    • PS6 console might be available by 2028.

  • +1

    PS5 - Ghost of Tsushima: Director's cut(amazon.com.au) - $77

    Now dropped to $76

  • Demon‘s Souls is OOS

  • Ghost of Tsushima - Director's Cut on PS4 no longer available for $49 :(

    • Still is on Big W online store. Act fast because not too many stores have stock.

  • PS Plus is $53.30 again, on backorder so probably won't last long.

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