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WD 18TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive $448.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


First post,

Not the best price ever but Cost per TB is $26/TB ($470), Cheers.

[UPDATED PRICE]Cost per TB is $24.98/TB ($449.79)

According to CamelCamel Lowest price was $434.35 Mar 23, 2021
Might want to wait and see as the sales goes for 10days and the price may drop again.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +6

    This or wait for BF deal?

    • +9

      wait for beef.

      • +5

        Don't forget to stripe your beef.

    • +5

      It's so tempting to buy these now, prices have been high for so long. But personally I think I'll wait for Black Friday. Even if cheaper prices don't eventuate on BF, I think prices will come down a bit in the coming months anyway due to China cracking down on crypto mining. Chia coin really screwed us over!

    • +3

      This deal ends in 10 days so you can wait. It should be up or down another $10 or so.

      • +1

        hopefully, but OOS could come before the 10th day

  • +2

    The question is, will prices get better in a week for Black Friday?

  • Can I cancel this order if BF has better deal?

    • You can cancel it as long as it hasn’t shipped, it usually takes a few days to ship sometimes a week. If it has shipped you can order again on BF if it’s cheaper and then just return one under the more expensive order.

  • -2

    From my own experience, I would stray away from this. Had the same product which I was very careful to store properly. Tried to turn it on one day and it stopped working. Lost everything on it.

    • +31

      Sample size of 1 is not a good sample size.

    • Also data never exists unless it exists in more than 1 place.. Mirror/backup avoid the hurt next tme.

      • +1

        The advice while correct doesn't change the nature of the feedback however anecdotal.

    • Was the warranty experience good at least? Amazon?

  • 100 TB HODL, goat pr0n needs a home.

    • Pr0n or P0rn?!

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          lol ;)

      • Prawn

        • Spawn

        • That you, Wikus?

  • +2

    Damn paid $460 for 16TB a week ago

    • +9

      Damn paid $460 for 1TB 520 weeks ago.

      • Damn paid $500 for 500Gb 832 weeks ago but ya know what I still have it as a backup storage along with another like it and they still fire up and work when I test them.

        • +2

          Damn, paid $500 for a Lexar 128GB Compact Flash card in 2001.

          • @Sleepycat3: Is it still working though?? 😉

            • @MontyMacaw: The good news is that it has SLC flash, so it is still working perfectly.
              The bad news is that it was not 128GB, it was 128MB…………. Like this one: https://i.ibb.co/G2JJmCf/image.png

              • @Sleepycat3: I remember those. I also remember having a 32mb one pinched out of my 1mp camera which was in my car when it went in for service. The camera came with 8mb of storage in those days so you had to put in an SD card or it was worse than a roll of film for doing anything with. How times have changed in such a short time considering I remember Box Brownies being a fairly common camera as a child.

      • I don't think so. 10 years ago (2010) I bought a 1TB WD Black for about $100. Strange how prices have hardly changed since then.

  • Shuckable? Wouldn’t mind replacing some internal drives on my Plex Server with this

    • +2

      Yes. Easily shuckable. Just insert butter knife between two outer rear edges to release plastic clips and the outer shell will slide off.

  • -1

    These drives have to be shingled (ie SMR not CMR), right?

    • +3

      No i believe these would be CMR and also Helium drives.

      It would be a rebadged Ultrastar 18TB 3.5" Helium hard drive.

      • Really? They can get that density without SMR? Amazing if true.

        • Yeah it's called Helium hard drive technology. It increases the drive size by 50% apparantly.

        • Usually the 8TB & lower in these have SMR drives in them. They use SMR on the smaller capacity drives to save platters, weight and use lower power motors due to the reduced weight.

          The biggest drives are all CMR with certain exceptions.

          • @Monsta-AU: Not true. There are 24TB SMR drives already shipped to partners for testing, not yet available for ordering via normal channels but they do exist.

            • @DainB: Was specifically referring to the WD Elements Drives: "Usually the 8TB & lower in these"

              Also, the second line pretty much says that too. Most of the drives greater than 8TB manufactured today are usually CMR. 8TB and below you could end up with an SMR drive.

              You won't see those archival drives which you are referring to for sale generally, they are very specific devices for enterprise or datacentre archiving. They are not available at MSY.

              • @Monsta-AU: They're not available anywhere yet, only engineering samples shipped out, but top limit for PMR technology is somewhere around 20TB and everything above it will have to be SMR.

                The point I'm trying to make - it seems there is a common misconception that all drives 10TB and larger from both Seagate and WD have to be PMR, while in reality SMR drives of same sizes already exist but not yet available to general public. So one day you might buy 18TB drive and find there SMR drive. I'd say it's going to happen by mid-next year.

    • +3

      Yeah the WD 18TB 3.5" hard drives are in fact CMR with Helium technology.

      "Western Digital's EAMR Lineup

      Western Digital's family of energy-assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) HDDs currently includes three capacity points: 16 TB and 18 TB drives that use conventional magnetic recording (CMR) and are aimed at a wide range of capacity-hungry applications."


      "All of these hard drives are based on the 6th generation HelioSeal platform that features a nine-platter design, a 7200 RPM top and bottom attached motor, and triple-stage actuators."


      • +3

        I linked a similar article above - that side photo of the 9 platters and heads is crazy. Amazing they don't fail more often given the complexity and tolerances.

        Thanks for the info!

        • Yeah my Seagate Exos 12TB Helium HDD has enough platters and is heavy. I would hate to think how heavy these 18TB hard drives are. It's however been a very reliable drive.

    • +1

      These are CMR helium filled. Model WD180EDFZ. Originally, it was an Ultrastar HC550, so you can search for the HC550 for more info. I've been running mine since March.

  • This is a really great price

  • How much lower could a BF deal go? considering the shortages and stuff… really tempted to pull the trigger on this to back up a 16TB bought earlier this year.

    • +1

      Boy Friend deals typically vary, but max, you'll end up saving $10.00. It's already its lowest.

  • I bought a 14tb for the same price about 6 months ago…

    • +1

      That's unfortunate, 12 months ago I got a 14TB for $300.

  • +1

    wat do people store on this? lol

    • +7

      Linux ISOs…

    • +3

      For me it's my Plex server.

    • +2

      I have 46TB of blu ray and 4K rips that I have created over the years

      • +1

        what do you do about corruption and wear out ? you said over the years, but hard drives don't last forever

        • +1


        • +1

          RAID (for redundancy) and backup to another NAS (also with RAID)

        • +1

          I have 46TB internally…. What I didn’t say was how much I have externally :)
          It’s a lot more than 46TB. Everything is backed up

          Edit: my plan is that new drives replace the old ones. But I don’t delete the old data. Yes that means older drives are more susceptible to wear out but I buy drives often enough to keep the train moving along

          • @beatsntoons: Isn't your old DVD collection would be bit out of date with 4K quality?

          • @beatsntoons: DVDs and Blu-Ray I’ve been slowly replacing with 4K if there’s an update.

        • If you buy good drives (and I run raid on the more important stuff) hdd last longer than most people expect.

          My oldest drives in the server are sitting on 8.1 years run time with no signs of failure (caveat, 2 of the drives in the pool experienced non data loss failures in this time and were replaced)

          I believe overall that hdd in a server last longer anyway, usually there is a good power supply and the drives are running constantly, not powering on and off.

          • @mudvin: I have an old WD 1.5 Tb drive (the one with the rubber bookend type of finish that has been constantly spinning for 17 years and I’ve moved countries and locations many times. So technically that means it did have some power downs but essentially yes continuous operation. It’s not my oldest drive but the one that has been used the most.

      • Blasphemy!

        He means Linux ISOs folks, put the pitchforks down.

    • +2

      I believe the entire PS3 ISO collection might just fit on this.

    • +1

      4K Movies & TV Shows. It's not uncommon for a single 4K movie rip to be around 90GB or even 100GB. You need heaps of storage space for those needs. I even mostly filled up my Seagate Exos 12TB HDD.

  • Cheers I've been eyeing this at the original price for a few days now but pulled the trigger at this price

  • +2

    Got one. Lowest price ever was only another $36 off. Happy to pay current price to get it sooner and not risk missing out altogether.

    • +6

      That's not the Ozbargains way… The Ozbargains way is to use stacked money off coupons, converted gift cards and Cashrewards/Afterpay rewards and order another exact same item when it goes on sale again for $1 dollar less on Black Friday. Send the original item back for full refund to recoup the $1 saved. Winning!!

      This Is The Way

      • If there's a price drop before it ships, that's exactly what I'm doing.

  • +1

    Tempted. But then my Unraid parity becomes 18tb and will have to use my 12Tb in the array hmm.

    • +2

      But then you'll likely never have to upgrade your parity again! (Or at least for a reasonably long time)

  • Hmm, need to upgrade my Synology NAS but looks like it only supports up to 16TB drives.

    • +1

      Check the firmware updates to see if they added over 16TB HDD size support. The support would be in the firmware.

      • I'm on the compatibility list page for my 1817+ and there's nothing above 16TB.

        • What about the firmware update notes. Any thing about added hard drive support?.

        • +4

          Apparently the compatibility lists aren't always up to date with the latest drive sizes, but looking in the Synology subreddit I could see a few mentions of people installing 18TB drives. The only limitation I can see is the total volume size of 108TB, so you won't be able to load up your 1817+ with 8x18TB drives in a single volume.

  • Yikes - do I really want another one of these when I haven't even installed the first 2 I got in March…? I mean obviously I do want it, but do I really need it?

    Also, any chance that shopback or cashrewards will do a Black Friday amazon sitewide cashback…?

  • Bought one, thanks OP. Upgrading my NAS setup over the holidays (DS918+ to DS1821+) so this drive will be handy for temp data backup before I migrate the drives.

  • +1

    Price went down to $469.89

    Cancelled and reordered at the lower price haha

    • -1

      That's quite risky just to save 11c. What if right after you cancelled that the price suddenly shot up to some thing like $800. Then you're stuffed.

      • +1

        order again first and then cancel original, either way your saving 40c

        • -3

          Then suddenly the first order suddenly starts to the shipping stage and gets automatically charged right after the second order is made and before you could get around to cancelling the first order. And then the next thing you know suddenly the second order also gets automatically charged and you're again charged another $470 or so. And the system won't let you cancel the orders any more because it's got to the shipping stage. Then you're stuffed being charged for two units. Not worth the risk for a measly 11c saving.

          And how is $470 - $469.89 equal to 40c?. Do you maths correctly please. That's only a measly 11c. Hardly worth it.

          • +1

            @hollykryten: You're talking about literal seconds in-between ordering and cancelling here, even if the order had gone to the shipping stage you are still able to cancel it unless it's been a while since it's moved into the shipping stage.

            The price was $470.29 or would you like a screen shot? damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

  • good price

  • +1

    The 16TB drives are also now $430.73 ($26.921/TB), slightly higher per TB than these 18TB drives at $469.89 ($26.105/TB).


    • The 14TB's are also at the lowest they have been for a bit too. Looks good for BF.

      I ordered two of the 14's anyway, I have just had a NAS failure and need a couple of drives to recover data to.

      • I have a 3 x 12tb unraid array now with 1 dribe being parity, any idea which size would be better for me to expand in my case ?

        • Your only option is increase the parity drive first if you want to expand. I am also in the same boat.

          Just recently upgraded my parity to 8TB but now in 2 minds about increasing the parity size again as the drive is not even 3 days old.

          • @spasto: Its frustrating right! Unraid's only limitation is the size of the parity drive limits the max data drive size you can have!

    • Updated 16TB for $415.19 ($25.949/TB).

  • What drives are inside?

  • Hmm, a couple of TBs short to store the NFT archive… :/

  • +3

    fyi, price dropped to $449.79

    • Was checking my order and saw the price drop. Cancelled and reordered.

  • Fell asleep. Missed cancelling and re-ordering (shipped 30 minutes earlier). Had two orders of one drive. Got a promotional credit for one (didn't tell them about the second order). Went on chat to try my luck with the second drive, but they found the previous chat and wouldn't do it twice.

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