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10x Points on Fuel Purchases if You Pay with the BPme app (Activation Required) @ BP Rewards


Possibly targetted.

Earn 10x points if you pay with the BPme app, or double points if you just scan your rewards card, but don't pay with the app.

Make sure you activate within the BPme app before purchasing.

To find a list of BPme enable service stations click here: https://www.bp.com/en_au/australia/home/who-we-are/find-your...

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  • Every BPme 'enabled' location I've went to has strangely told me they don't have it yet.

    Can anyone verify any stations in the SE that they've paid with using BPme?

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      I've used it at a few enabled stations in the East and North of Melbourne without too many issues. Not sure about the SE. Are you sure they're BPme enabled and not just BP Rewards?

  • When using the app, are you supposed to wait at the pump for the app to deduct payment? Takes ages sometimes. Or are we allowed to drive off and park to allow someone else at the pump? Just wondering if the other person starts filling up their car, it'd still be tied to my app

    • I always wait until the payment is deducted before driving off. Don’t want to be accused of stealing petrol or as you’ve pointed out, someone leeching on my account

      • Yeah just don't want the car following me to think I'm just sitting there doing nothing

  • BPme is kinda slow and retarded design.

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      Always been slow since day 1 and never improved.

    • I agree. I usually only use it when they have a deal like this. I’m sure it’ll get better over time as they iron out the bugs.

      • I've been using it for four years now and not much has improved …

        • I think the problem is the overall design. It’s too complicated. They could have just had a barcode reader or tap functionality at the bowser: tap your rewards card, fill up, then payment is deducted automatically from your linked payment option.

  • I click"pay for fuel" on the BPme app but it only pop-up with direction option. How do I pay for fuel on this app? It's annoying to use it

    • Wait for location to pop up of the petrol station you're at. Then select your pump number. Wait for the pump to unlock, then start filling up. Once you've finished, put the pump back into the bowser, then payment will be taken.

      • Thank you

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