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[QLD, VIC, NSW, WA] Download Ribs & Burgers App & Claim a Free Burger or Wrap (New App Users Only)


Ribs and Burgers have recently made some changes in their loyalty app and there is a free burger or wrap welcome reward for all new members.

Similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/612209

Email received after joining:

Thanks for becoming a loyalty member!

To welcome you to the blue tier, we have gifted you with a free burger or wrap. Your choice between an old school cheeseburger, butchers original or chicken & mayo wrap. Valid for 30 days.

You will also be awarded 5% cashback on each visit, plus access to exclusive rewards.

We hope to see you soon!

*T&C’s apply, you must identify yourself as a loyalty member during a transaction to redeem your reward. Rewards are only redeemable in store or when ordering online. Reward is valid for 30 days only. Only one reward is valid per transaction.

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  • I enjoyed their old school cheese burger - it was tasty and a tad salty, but it's a free burger! Not sure I'd want to go back for a full priced one though…

  • Not in SA?

  • They have $5 credit to existing users on their birthday (free chips)

  • +4

    Damn! what are the chances…
    I went there for the first time today and bought a burger and now I come home to this! Will have to visit again I suppose😀

    • Ah, I hope you bought one of their other menu items (not the ones offered as part of this offer), then at least you will get to try something different :)

    • Any good taste wise?

      • +1

        Yes I really enjoyed it. Quality is on par with other fancy burger places.
        I tried the Wagyu Royale which isn't part of this offer.

  • *T&C’s apply, you must identify yourself as a loyalty member during a transaction to redeem your reward.
    So it's not free to new user but buy one get one free.

    • +1

      you must identify yourself as a loyalty member during a transaction

      Shoul I kneel?

      • +3

        if you accidentally kneeled, you might find yourself a knight of the ribs and burgers… :)

        • +2

          Lol touche!

    • +3

      It is free for new users, the T&Cs just mean that you will be asked to scan your membership barcode (which is in the app), this is available as soon as you register as a member (no purchase required to register).

      • Thanks. I downloaded but it's only shown as one available but no way to redeem.

        • I redeemed in store at the counter. I can't seem to make it work online either.

  • +4

    Last time I they refused to honour it at south morang by claiming they were not participating.

  • -1

    do they tie registration to the device ID like gyg?

    • +1

      I think it's to a phone number from memory

    • They send you an SMS on the phone.

      Got the free burger with a cheesy fries purchase at The Rocks store.

  • We found out last night that after you get the app, to redeem the burger at participating stores, you have to order in store. Sort of defeats the purpose of having the app, but there you go…

    • Wow - really does defeat the purpose of the app

  • Its pickup only?
    They don't deliver?

  • Does long running mean I can get this offer whenever I download the app? Even if I download it in a months time for example?

  • I like this free burger deal but this leaves a bad feeling about this joint..


    • +1

      well if they are going to hire such diverse labour (nothing wrong with that), and then complain about it in memos, well then they are pretty stupid… but free is free and ill try it,.

  • Which of the few options do you guys recommend? A burger or the wrap?

  • Double patties work 😎

    • Doesn't work in Hawthorn VIC 😥

  • -1

    Can I create multiple accounts with same phone number?

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