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Wahl Ear & Nose Trimmer 95% off (Out of Stock) / Clean & Smooth Precision Detailer 97% off $0.95 Ea @ Shaver Shop in-Store Only


Part of Shaver Shop's Black Fridays deals for those that require excess hair removal in various body regions

Clean & Smooth Precision Detailer

Delivery is $7.95 (or free if you spend $50)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • -3

    Shipping kills the deal.

    • +9

      click & collect ;)

      • click & collect & snip

  • +1

    Ordered 1 for free click and collect

    • How? Unavailable in any store around Sydney CBD or south.

      • In Melbourne

        • +1

          Short Click but Looong collection :(
          Too expensive to be bargain

    • +18

      Bought 53 and got free postage

      • How much are you going to resell for?

        • +5

          $1 each and total $2.65 profit, win.

    • Sir, did you manage to sort out how to use it? I put it in my noses, but nothing was trimmed….

      • +4

        Have to spin it around really fast.

  • Purchased for pick up $0.95, thank you.

  • +1

    Nice find op

  • +6

    I can finally trim my nose hairs after all these years.

    • +1

      may need a hedge trimmer LOL

  • +1

    Why not, I’ll get it ready for when I get old man hair in my nose

    • I've started getting black ones from on random spots on my ear, definitely feel old now, but at least they ain't grey!

  • Thanks OP.

  • I order but didn't got the confirmation

    • Mmm same

      Edit: got it!

  • +1

    Dont need one but bought it anyway.

    • +4

      "This is the way"

  • +1

    Actually needed one. My current one doesn't work well. Thanks

  • +1

    just ordered. C&C for the win!

  • -3

    Cheers. Bought a few

  • +9

    Got the soft case for a dollar. Thanks OP


    • If only they showed the inside too, but for $0.95 I'll risk it

      Yellow available too

      • Yeah but can’t go wrong for a dollar. I wonder if it’s really 27cm long. Got one of both colours.

        • Hehe

        • +1

          Yeah it is. No Wahl label on the front. Doesn't feel like $20 quality, so glad not to have paid full price. It'll do to store clipper guards in.

    • +1

      Thanks I bought 10, they'll come in handy

  • To trim your nose hairs you are better to buy specialist scissors. FYI

    • +2


      • +25

        the thrill of sticking a pair of scissors up your nose!!!

        • +1

          You are meant to have nose hairs as they keep your nose healthy so trimming them with a special type of scissors is better for you.

          • +2


            You are meant to have nose hairs as they keep your nose healthy so trimming them

            Shouldn't be done?

            • @spaceflight: The specialist scissors must have a special blade that doesn't upset the nose hairs :)

  • +3


    There's also a razor blade sharpener

    Link is for products <$3

  • +1

    Precision trimmer supposedly for bikini lines and whatnot, also 95c, down from $39.95

    • No online option. Online in store

    • I have the Remington version of this, as a gift. It's used for the ear/nose hair, and far better than the rotary tool, posted here.
      Will go in and get this one ^, as a spare.

  • +15

    Real men just pluck their nose hairs with their fingers.

    • +2

      this is true ozbargin way! I rip them 5+ at a time, love it :D Also, this way you don't have stubbie itchy hair

      • +3

        Its so satisfying when you get that pop sound and see the full root pulled out.

    • +20

      I do this when I am tired when driving long distances to wake myself up. Tears generally follow to also help lubricate dry eyes. This process saves me $6 from buying a red bull at a servo.

      • +4

        Where do blowflies go when they die?

        Up old men’s noses.

        Like you, I do this when driving but wait till I’m at a busy intersection.

    • I find I sometimes get ingrown hairs inside my nose when I use this method, not worth it. I'll stick to my Philips nose trimmer I found on special on OzBargain.

      • +1

        username suggests you might have bigger problems

  • -3

    Never had the problem of having too much hair in my ears before… is that really a thing?

    • +3

      Guess you've never been to a nursing home.

    • +7

      Usually happens once you hit puberty.

  • +1

    It thought it would be sold out by now but I can pick it up today apparently, thanks OP!

  • Thanx OP

  • Thanks!

  • +7

    Love the fact you can pay it off in 4 installments!

  • +1

    Welcome code no longer an option?

  • +1

    Chris cringle for work sorted!

    • +5

      If a female gets it, she'll have a complex lol

  • Thanks op. Click and collect done 😎

  • +14

    Who nose if they'll honour this price

    • +4

      Nice one! Logged in specifically to upvote this. And these dad jokes probably confirm you're getting to the age where you'll need these lol.

      • 'snot often jokes are of this calibre in OzBargain :)

    • Do they work?

      • Not sure but at $1.95 i will give it a try 😁

      • +2

        You are the one who should be working, not them

    • what a confusing product photo, there are no blades in that razor on the photo. Are you supposed to remove them for sharpening?

    • Got one of these as well - I’m more interested in the mirror and shower holder

  • +1

    Is anyone else not able to check out?

  • Thank you

  • I would have to spend 10$ back and forth for pickup :D

  • Thanks OP bought two nose trimmers, got the order confirmation email in 15 min then noticed the link for razor pit blade sharpener link above so bought that one as well. waiting for its order confirmation email :-)

  • +2

    thanks. not needed, but bought one anyway. I think that's the spirit of being a OZbargainer

  • +1

    don't forget cashback….lol

  • +9

    bought two, one for each nostril, makes the deal better

    • 😆

    • Dual wielding.

    • saves time by simultaneous interlacing

  • Damn was checking out then became unavailable

    • Worked for me

      • +2

        Must have been because the store I selected for pick up sold out… some other Ozbargainer beat me to it!

  • +6

    Don't forget 8% ShopBack.

    • lol

    • +1

      Yeh won't forget the extra 5c saving

  • No email for confirmation.. anyone same?

    • Me too, sorry, got the email now

    • +1

      Got mine straight away….will be surprised if they have stock though

  • +6

    Cheers, took the 4 interest free payments of $0.24

  • sorted

    • I had to log in for it to give me C&C option.

      • yea thought i had it sorted but dont… The option for instore pickup is there, but wont click…..Must need an account for click and collect.

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