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Kambrook Stainless Kettle 1.7L $7.35 (Was $49) @ Woolworths


Same design as the Kambrook 2 Slice Toaster $7.35. I would call up individual stores to see. You can see where there might be stock here.

Be sure to use the woolies app to prove that it costs around $7.35. As others in the toaster have said they were declined.

Here are some quick searches:

State Postcode Location
NSW 2150 Merrylands
NSW 2148 Blacktown
NSW 2067 Chatswood
WA 6008 Subiaco Square
QLD 4151 Coorparoo
VIC 3067 Abbotsford

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  • Now that's what you call a bargain, thanks Sheng

  • To save you the trip/call - Northbridge is OOS despite what the app says.

    Chatswood is showing as OOS for me?

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    Not honoring the prices lol

  • +1

    Have some in stock at Carnegie North.

  • +1

    Not lucky this time in my local woollies!

    Btw available in quite a few stores in WA

  • Do they have CLick and collect ?

  • Its unavailable in Woolies app :(

  • Nice post OP, I wonder who inspired you to post this deal ;)

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      You made me browse on the woolies app for a good 10 mins on the half-price section.

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    Good luck finding stock lol
    These were sold out a while ago as I looked around everywhere for them. Found toasters but no kettles

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    I would avoid any cheap kettle which has plastic parts touching the boiling water. Even though the plastic is designed to withstand high temperatures, it still deteriorates over the time and I think the less microplastics in my tea, the better.

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      i have this Kettle.. it states PBA free on the package… its 90% plastic free.. even the glass and all stainless steel kettles have plastic via the water level indicator.. you can only minimise it not remove it all together. unless you want to use a stove top. and then if your using GAS to cook with the fumes that escape ware WAY worse for you then the micro plastic from the kettle… or an electric induction cooktoop is like 1000 mobile phones in RF waves lol.. you can never win. .. i guess a standard electric non induction cook top is the best option.

      • electric non induction? Huge amounts of >100terahertz radiation. You can even feel it from a distance.

      • "BPA free" is basically a marketing term. It means that the plastic does not contain Bisphenol A, but it's likely to contain Bisphenol S (BPS) or some other BPA alternative which is also not safe. If you care about microplastics in your tea, you can find safe alternatives, such as Viomi V-SK152B which has full stainless steel interior, or glass kettle with the heating base.

  • Tried Abbotsford, staffs tell me they have the silver variant (49$), not the brown-ish one.

  • +1

    Ordered 2 of the kettle and toaster, cheers.

    • Omg. I think your the true winner out of everyone here. Damn what stat you in?

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    Couldn’t find any at Moonee Ponds Woolies.

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    Any flip potential on these or the toaster, we reckon?

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      You taking the piss?

  • Thanks champ for Location.

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    I bought these in March this year and kettle already shows signs of rust at the rim where lid closes, so while it's a good deal they most certainly not worth $50.

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    Shout out to the Ozbargainers my wife met at the Cannon Hill Woolies service desk.

    • -2

      did someone meet your wife's boyfriend?

    • Your wife met my wife and my sister 😁

      • +1

        I hope they enjoy their toasters!

  • App shoes unavailable?

    • +2

      Means out of stock for that select/default location in your app.

      • legend! Of course I meant "shows" 😄

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    No luck on the Kettle but got a Toaster from Gawler SA.
    Wouldn't have seen the toaster deal if it weren't for this one so thanks OP!

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    Garbage kettle; I currently own one. I bought it when it was full price. It was only about $20 (I guess they increased the price to $49 to make the discount greater??).

  • If only there were more half prices like this.

  • Got one, thanks!

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    wtf… 10k clicks?

  • Got one too - Kwinana, WA.
    Thanks so much.

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