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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 6G/128GB $409 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Part of Black Friday sale. Available in Black and Violet
6GB RAM/128GB storage
Specs here

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • The only downsides seem to be non-vanilla android, and lots of bloatware.

    The upside is that OneUI is very similar to vanilla, and the bloatware isnt "system" marked so is removable.

    The nit-picks, for me personally are that i dont need a locked 60/120hz screen, id love to lock 90 or have an 'auto' mode for battery life.

    Also, while the subject of a video is crystal, the reviews seem to show it REALLY struggles in low light, also, when not filming a human; it just seems unable to accurately pull focus. Also, the display is slightly warm tinted, while the photos are the usual 'samsung cool green' saturation flavour. They look OK on the phone with this mix; but if you share your photos, you'll want to fix colours in post.

    Upside? This mentioned blur seems to only be in video modes. Low light and scenery stills, look as crystal as any other. Colours can be fixed in post; but some love the samsung 'cool and green' flavour.

    I dont like the 4500mah battery; I tend to 'demand' a 5000mah, but thats a personal preference.

    Things it beats most competition with, are its proper waterproof rating, and stereo speakers.

    Very tempting…

    Personally, im in the market, butm y only real hesitation is the horrible video blur. Phones 10 years old shouldnt be beating modern tech anywhere, and when stationary, the video is fine.
    But move at all? Its visually like the camera switches between 360p when moving and 1080p when you stop. Its actually really woeful performance; and it has to be software. The hardware is 'better' than this.

    • Can someone explain why this was negged?

      I just re-read it all, and i'm correct.
      Did some frame by frame stepping to confirm, and compared some colour temps after having them professionally printed.

      Do people just hate this phone and think I shouldnt recommend it so hard?

      Or do people not care about camera and screen anymore and its all about CPU performance; and they're upset I didnt go into that?

  • I had ordered the same phone from kogan for $605 and just cancelled that order after finding this deal.
    What do you genuinely suggest about this phone performance guys?

  • Have been waiting for a deal on the Motorola edge 20 fusion <$400 but this is probably better. Slightly smaller with smaller battery and super amoled vs OLED screen but maybe better camera overall. Better IP rating too. Really wish Samsung would move on from the screen based optical fingerprint sensor. Could actually work if you don't put a screen protector on but who does that.

    • I don't use a screen protector. I used to use them but because they're cheap and scratch easily you just end up using a phone for it's lifetime with 'scratched' screens… so you think they're doing their job but they're not really, they're just detracting from your device. So I took a risk and used a phone without a protector and you know what….. Gorilla glass did it's thing and I've barely a blemish. Haven't bothered with a protector on my last 2 phones as a result and haven't regretted it yet. The only thing I do take some care around is sand if I go to the beach but otherwise it's in my back pocket, thrown into cupholder in car or into similar in motorbike without a thought.

      Having typed all that if you're planning on reselling your phone I imagine you'd want a totally pristine screen for max value.

      • because they're cheap and scratch easily you just end up using a phone for it's lifetime with 'scratched' screens.

        If you buy in quantities, plastic films are usually only $1 per protector.

        And if you like glass, often $2.

        If you change them monthly they're usually pretty clean still (though you're right, they do scratch).

        $24 a year isnt too much to add a layer of drop protection for me; but ymmv.

        • And the extra stress of trying to get it completely bubble free :D

          • @Willywolfy: Nah, apply in a steamy room, you're usually fine.

            If you arent good at applyinh them; easy solution is to then place it in any sort of weak vacuum (I have a kitchen 'vacuum sealer' for plastic bags) makes it a 10 second job.

            My mate who repairs LCD screens uses a "vacuum bag" designed to store blankets and attaches to a normal vacuum.

    • @helenn

      Motorola edge 20 fusion <$400

      Just noticed this at Woolies. $399 + delivery (less 5% discounted gift cards if applicable)

  • Hey guys, whats the different between the A52 and A52s?

    • +1

      Performance improvement from new chip, which is like 30%

    • +3

      Seems there are 3 things that are different/ better with the A52S compared to the A52:

      "In all honesty, there's just one major difference between the A52 5G and A52s 5G — and that's the processor. The former is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, while the latter has the Snapdragon 778G. Both are octa-core chips, but the 778G benefits from a more efficient design. Where the 750G is based on an older 8nm fabrication, the 778G is a 5nm chip. That should result in slightly better CPU performance and potentially longer battery life. The A52s 5G also has a more capable Adreno 642L GPU compared to the Adreno 619 in the A52 5G. There only other benefit of the A52s 5G is its Bluetooth performance — offering Bluetooth 5.2 technology compared to Bluetooth 5.0 on the A52 5G.

      Outside of those three components, the rest of the experience is identical between the A52s 5G and A52 5G. Taking a look at the cameras, both have a 64MP primary camera, 12MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, and 5MP depth sensor. There's also a 32MP selfie camera, a 4,500 mAh battery, 25W charging, 6-8GB of RAM, and 128-256GB of expandable storage." - from ScreenRant (https://screenrant.com/samsung-galaxy-a52s-a52-5g-comparison...)

    • s

  • So the A52s is the one with the new chip?

    • Yes

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 1. Deal seems amazing for mid range phone!

  • Got this price matched by JB, so no need to wait for delivery. Had been waiting on a deal on the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, but this seems like it has better build quality. Battery isn't quite as good, but the battery life should be comparable once I strip out all the bloatware. Will need to find a fast charger for it though, apparently the one bundled with it is only a 15W charger.

    • Only get a fast charger if you need that ability.

      If you're the "plug in when i sleep" type, then finding a 5-10w charger is better.

      My testing of similar samsung devices suggest this is about a 7 hour 5%-100% charge.

      Ideal if you sleep 8 hours, and want top battery health.

  • Thanks Op. Bought one to replace my current phone which the battery is failing.

  • Thanks for sharing this dealio, isn't this the samsung phone with really good battery performance?

  • About to dive in on this. Is there a capacity limit on the micro sd card slot? I'm keen to put 256gb into it.

    • +1


      Even on devices that list a limit, its usually because that was the biggest that type came in, sd, vs sdhc, vs sdxc.

      Companies list the 'current biggest' as the max; because of the 'what if' factor that the next capacity might change storage controller (such as in the above mentioned ones).

      This should take up to a 1Tb card just fine.

      Since its an item you 'buy once' can i suggest getting a "high endurance" version of whatever you choose? Suddenly dead SD cards have near zero recovery options unless you're very lucky.

      • Awesome. Thanks for the thorough response :)

  • Amazing Find. Just placed an order. Cheaper than EP Price too.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to get JB to price match and then used 5% off gift cards to get it down to $388.55.

    I asked if I could use the same price match on Wednesday (to leverage the 15% off TCN cards), but was told the price match was for today only as that is when the Amazon sale ends.

  • +1

    Amazon changed price?
    RRP: $649.00 Details
    Price: $547.00

    • just looked, still $409 for me.

      • Might just be the violet colour. That one is showing $547 for me, but the black is still $409

      • It was the black colour already showing me with the higher price

    • +1

      Purple one went up.
      Black still cheap.

    • +1

      Only black model is this price. Violet is 547.

  • +1

    oos now

    • But still able to buy; just not instant dispatch.

      Edit; and now gone for order also. Rats.

  • Good price for those who were able to get it at the $409 price. Now showing price of $547 for black and violet

  • Cheaper than Samsung store, local stock warranty from Amazon AU I assume?

    Less Ram but faster processor I assume OK right?

  • +2

    A52s is also $371 on the Samsung Education store if you can get the $50 voucher for signing up to the mailing list, $421 otherwise.

  • anyone know if they chuck in a free clear case in the box?

    • +1

      I just received the package from Amazon. There is no clear case inside the box. From other unboxing video it appears there should be one included but it is not the case with me here.

      • thanks jeeg! Maybe it's an Australian thing to not include a free case ahaha

        • hmm….that might be it! :-)

  • Arrgh! I've been hoping for this to come on sale. Need to replace my V30+ which is dying and loved the IP rating and camera on this. 😢 Too slow by half…

  • +1

    What the chances of this price coming back?

    Would be perfect for my mother and don't have access to a student email to take advantage of other deal.

    • Would love to know this too. JB HiFi have it for $497 currently. I desperately need to replace my ailing LG V30 but would prefer not to spend an extra $90-ish unnecessarily…

      • Same here, did you have a look at the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion 5G at JB HIFI? $400

  • Is it A52 soft case will fit with A52s?

    Is it already comes with screen protector?

    • no screen protector. A52 case will fit.

      • Thanks

        As my understand all S series already have a protector like my wife S21 just wondering why not with A series

        • The A52s does come with a screen protector already fitted.

          • @Lets Go Brandon:

            The A52s does come with a screen protector already fitted.

            Yes received it comes with screen protector, bought it for like $370 from corp store with $50 voucher.

  • This was a great deal, $600 now

    • It was even better here if could get the $50 coupon & had the access to the edu store. Came down to $371.85


      • It was even better here if could get the $50 coupon & had the access to the edu store. Came down to $371.85

        My son bought it the same price from Samsung corp store.

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