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Big W - Coleman 3.6m X 3m Hexagonal Gazebo $68.00 Delivered


I bought one of these from big w after i was at bcf and they wanted to charge me $279 for the same one.

Delivery was fast and i have set it up and it works great.

From the big w site -

Coleman 3.6m x 3m Hexagonal Gazebo is easy to set up in less than 3 minutes, and provide 50+ UVGuard protection and a seam sealed roof.
Simple, exclusive Coleman push button release levers
3.6m x 3.6m footprint for a generous shaded area on a sunny day
Footed poles for easy securing
Tall centre height
50+ UVGuard protection factor
Wheeled carry bag
Optional sunwall available (sold separately)
Size: 366 x 305 x 255 cm
Material: Roof: Poly Ox/ford 150D 600mm Silver PU
Frame: Steel 25mm x 25mm
Weight: 21kg

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    I need one of these for my F1 car when it rains on pit straight! :)

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  • How easy is the setup?

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    I got a no name brand for $80 pick up w/o wheeled bag(important as this is a bit heavy) and size is only 3x3M.

    good deal!.

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      this comes with a wheeled bag, i bought a cheap one from crazy clarks one day, never again. split apart as i was putting it together

  • Good deal. Got one to put over the sandpit for the kids next summer.

  • +ve from me. Great deal, bought one, but I fear the site is being ozbargained'ed…
    Will go great next to the 10 person tent I just bought at big w for $128 (see http://www.bigw.com.au/sports-leisure/camping/tents-gazebos/...). This tent is still available in some stores and they honoured the online price (in fact it scanned up at $128 even)…
    Now I just need a new car that can fit all this stuff in.

  • Are there any pics of it from the underside?

    • kinky ?

  • bought one..thanks

  • My mate has the same one, paid $180 and its amazing, trying to buy one but the site is def being ozbargained!

  • Anyone know if it is possible to just leave this gazebo outdoor in the backyard for an extended period of time (assuming it is properly secured)? Too lazy to setup and dismantle it every time I want to use it.

    • Sure, I had a very cheap cloth version of a car canopy up for nearly 2 years until the cloth ripped. So I would imagine a good quality one like this (assuming here!) should be fine.

  • Nice deal!

  • Does anyone know, is it weather proof (water especially)? Want to use it in backyard above sling which i recently purchased.

  • perfect, thank you

  • You having any luck ordering? Going to blank screen when I try and add it to cart.

  • Worked on Firefox- didn't like Chrome.

    • I ordered with no problem in Chrome.

  • Might be my end- way beyond my level of competence to be sure.

  • Just ordered one! Thanks.

  • Gmail, speaking only for myself, has got really aggro and stupid lately. I have to drag stuff out of spam that doesn't belong all the time. Never happened before. There have been literally hundreds of BigW emails gone to my inbox over the years, including today's free postage offer. So the order details email from BigW for the purchase of this gazebo goes into spam.

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    ~$400 RRP in ENZED Bro! Beached Az.


  • It did not work on Firefox but worked on Explo[sive]rer……….funny :)

  • grabbed one also, thanks OP

  • Thanks, great deal~

  • I got a very similar one from kmart about 2 years ago for $40. However it was square.
    I highly recommend this style of gazebo as they dont have the horizontal poles that cause water to pool and eventually cause the gazebo to collapse.

  • Thanks - just grabbed one, excellent bargain!

  • Just grabbed one. Been looking at getting one for camping for a while now, and this is a BARGAIN!

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    Got one as well, thought for the price it's decent, and a known brand! and heck I'm sure I'll find a use for it sooner or later,

    Also does anyone know as to if it's designed to still be up during rain etc?

  • Coming up with $16 delivery charge for me? How do I get free delivery? I am in Perth metro but it does say free delivery on the Web page.

    • I just had the same thing.
      I called, and they are having "IT issues". They waived the delivery fee over the phone.

      GREAT DEAL!!

  • Anyone know if Big W sells the "Optional twin pack sunwall (2000007425) (sold separately)"? At work and cant call them up.

    • Managed to call Kangaroo Tent City in my break - The twin pack sunwall pack is $75

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        Ouch… might buy a second gazebo to provide shade for the gazebo i bought this morning. It'd be cheaper!

        • Good call - Agreed!!

          Also, Big W does not sell or stock the Sunwall's for the gazebo either. If anyone can find a better deal on the sunwall's please post.

  • Shipping fee is $16, a glitch.

  • I think you'd be able to use another gazebos sunwalls on it anwyay.. they just hook on?

    Mine's still showing as "Order Being Processed" and "In Progress".. Does this normally change? I'm going camping on Friday so It'd be nice to have it then :}

    • Good luck! I wouldn't hold my breath. Just think how many deals this week have involved BigW and therefore how many orders need to be sent out…….

  • Not looking like I'll get this for the weekend… hasn't been shipped yet :(

  • Hopefully next week.. At least I'd get it for the second camping trip!


    • And still shipped.. it's been stuck on "Order in Processing" for three days I think?

  • POPULAR! A small Auspost van just delivered mine, and said she loaded 12 of them this morning. Must have half-filled the van.

    Big-W were advertising these as a "hot buy" for $198 just 3 months ago.

    • Mine arrived about an hour ago! Might give it a setup tomorrow to see if it's all good, then will probably take it away for Easter!

  • Got mine yesterday, anyone found somewhere selling the optional wall kit? Been searching for an hour and still nothing. Coleman's website has "Optional twin pack sunwall (2000007425)", but buggered if I can find anyone advertising it?

    • anyone found somewhere selling the optional wall kit?

      I just got a plastic tarpaulin, and tied bungee+hook to some of the eyelets so it attaches firmly to the frame.
      3.5m width will cover 2 sides.

      • I got onto Coleman Aus direct back in early April, they said there was little stock around but would contact me when some came in. Finally got an email last week asking me to email their customer service dept directly. They have offered a twin wall kit (1 x 3.6m, 1 x 3m) for $70.95 delivered…more than the gazebo itself!
        [email protected]