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Inkbird ISV-200W / ISV-100W $87.50 Delivered @ Inkbird Amazon AU


It's back, inkbird sous vide for $87.50

Here's the link to the ISV-100W

Still undecided on which one to get but I'm leaning towards the 100W just from this article:

Manual calibration is something I think I might want.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Yeah I was looking at that one yesterday not sure what was better. What is manually calibration? Like adjusting the temp yourself? (Excuse my ignorance lol)

    • if you have a separate digital thermometer you can go into settings and calibrate it manually. But yes otherwise with the sous vide you are setting the desired temperature and the sous vide maintains that temp.

  • I have never used these before, how does the meat in the photo have grill marks? Are you supposed to grill the meat after cooking it in this?

    Also related question, would you recommend this for someone who does not want to spend too much time on meal preparation?

    • My understanding is you sous vide it, then you finish it off in the grill/pan etc.

      I think it’s good if you kind have the time to be honest, if you are looking for a quicker, not too painful you are better off getting a slow cooker. Sous vide is an extra step in cooking.

      I don’t have one yet but that’s how I see it

    • Yes you sous vide to cook the meat to your desired doneness and then you sear it on a very very high heat for a short amount of time to sear it.

      These are great for setting and forgetting. Sous vide for an hour and then BBQ on scorching hot BBQ for a short amount of time each side and its ALWAYS perfectly cooked.

      I have this sous vide and it's fantastic.

    • Level of meal prep depends on what you are cooking I guess and how much experimentation you want to do. If you batch prep then you can chuck a few steaks into individual zip lock bags with seasoning for each meal into the freezer. Pull one out and put in sous-vide an hour or 2 before meal and let sous-vide cook it with no interaction - then you can grill / bake or sear the meat after the sous-vide process for a couple of minutes.

      Probably a pressure cooker would be better in terms of meal prep time required.

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