expired Nintendo DSi XL @ $173 with Free Delivery (Only Burgundy or Brown Available @ This Price)


The title says it all.

Couldn't find anything cheaper ATM.

But of course, there's always some smarty who knows better.

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    You can get it for 0.50c if you trade in your left eyebrow, 2m of garden hose, 4 Dinner place mats and a Tv remote at JB Hifi…

    (I wanted to be the smarty)


    but if the 3ds has been selling at $199 wouldn't it be better to buy the 3ds


      Thats what I was thinking initially, but the fact is this is the best price around for a DSi XL.

      The screens are much larger than the 3DS and a lot of people are still hesitant to jump onboard when it comes to the 3DS.

      Consider aswell that the 3DS still doesn't allow you to play a lot of games you purchased through DSi ware, so if you have invested heavily in DSiware, the 3DS is not a replacement for any of the normal ds's… yet.


      We bought the XL because it was going to cost about $100 including labour, parts and 2-way freight to repair a broken DSi.

      Originally, we WERE looking to buy the 3DS because it seemed like much better value than another DSi.

      But there are many reports of complaints from people getting headaches etc, while using it.


      Plus there are problems with some legacy games and other software.

      So in the end the larger screened DSi XL at $173 shipped was a much more cost-effective path.


        You aren't going to have any headache issues with the 3DS if you just turn the 3D off.

        There are no issues with (non pirated) legacy games excluding games that require the GBA slot (which a DSi doesnt cater to anyway) and dsiware.

        If those are the reasons you bought a DSi XL over a 3DS, unfortunately you made a really bad decision.



          I don't know why anyone would buy an obsolete gaming system, especially when you can get the current one for less than $20 more.

          The 3DS is backwards compatible with every DS/i game there is. What software were you referring to?

          The headache reports were blown out of proportion when the 3DS was released. If you do feel any discomfort you can just adjust the 3D slider accordingly.

          Unfortunately you are going to miss out on some very good games.


        You should have bought the 3DS instead: $155 shipped from Fishpond.com.au


        Paying more for an older system doesnt make sense to me, especially when the 3D function can be turned off.

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    3DS has more games, but DS XL has larger screen. I chose the latter for my aging eyes.

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