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Barilla Spaghetti/Spaghettini/Risoni $1.36 ($1.22 S&S), Lasagne Sheets 250g $1.70 ($1.53 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime) @ Amazon AU


Some good prices on Barilla Pasta. Cheaper than previous deals in selected varities.

Barilla Pasta Spaghetti n.5 500g $1.36 ($1.22 Sub & Save)
Barilla Pasta Spaghettini n.3 500g $1.36 ($1.22 Sub & Save)
Barilla Risoni n.26 500g $1.36 ($1.22 Sub & Save)
Barilla Penne Rigate 500g $1.70 ($1.53 Sub & Save)
Barilla Collezione Pasta Egg Lasagne 250g $1.70 ($1.53 Sub & Save)

The Lasgane sheets are cheaper than Woolworths/Coles brand after sub & save discount.

Free delivery with either Amazon Prime, $39 spend or subscribe & save (if you already have an active subscription). You can change your Subscribe & Save date here. You can cancel your subscription here. The price is NOT locked in.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Good deal for Roger…

  • best pasta out there

    • Definitely however certain ones in the range are only available either in Coles or Woolies but not both. Annoying

    • Try Rummo ones if you can find them in stores anywhere or online. You will thank me!

    • +2

      Might be at the price point but compared to actual high quality stuff, it's nowhere near the same. Kinda like comparing Domino's to proper wood fired pizza.

      • +1

        Seriously? Is the difference that big? What brands are 'high quality stuff'?

        • +1

          This is going to sound cliche but the best pasta is the one you make yourself.

          Especially, if you're using a good recipe such as those from Modernist Cuisine or chef steps.

          • @Haliax: Unfortunately I'm just never going to do that.

        • +1

          I'd say so. Not that I religiously only buy $5-8 per packet pasta, but you definitely notice a difference, especially the texture for me, the sauce coats good pasta in a completely different way.

          Bit of reading if you feel like it :)

        • Seriously? Is the difference that big?

          Not really, there's a bit of a brand loyalty/tradition thing surrounding Barilla, even in Italy itself.

          Our family actually prefers egg-based pasta, such as Guzzi, and I believe it's superior to non-egg pasta in both flavour (richness) and texture (firmness). Also really like the stickiness of egg pasta, which also helps the sauce stick to it.

          Guzzi linguine is our go-to, it's also Australian made and owned.

  • +1

    The lasagne sheets are some of the best you can buy, esp at that price

    • +3

      Can't see the lasagne sheets - must have sold out already

  • +1

    Is it just me? or Barilla Pasta Spaghettini n.3 is not purchasable?

  • Got 6 of the risoni, thanks op!

  • I dare to say one of the best dry pasta out there in the market & Zafarelli being one the worst.

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