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5,000 Bonus Virgin Money Points with Virgin Money Go (Purchase, Direct Debit or BPAY Payment in 30 Days Required)


Same as this deal but the end date is now 31 January 2022.

New Virgin Money Go Account customers will receive 5,000 bonus Virgin Money Points when they make at least one purchase which settle in that month (not pending) with their Virgin Money Go Account or make a direct debit or BPAY payment in the first 30 days from account opening.
For customers who open a Virgin Money Go Account jointly with another person, the points will be split and evenly allocated to both joint account holders of that account once the Monthly Criteria have been met.
Virgin Money reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at anytime without notice.
For further information on the Virgin Money Rewards Program refer to our terms and conditions.
Offer ends 31 January 2022.

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Referees will receive 5,000 Virgin Money Points when they open their first Virgin Money Go Account before 31 July 2024 and meet the Welcome Offer Bonus Points Criteria (1 debit card purchase/direct debits/BPAY transaction in the first 30 days).

Referrer will receive 5,000 Virgin Money Points for each referee who meets the Welcome Offer Bonus Points Criteria, for up to 5 referees in a month.

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  • What can you buy with 5000 virgin money points? ie what is the general exchange value.
    eg FB & ER you can convert 2000 points into a $10 spend credit.

    • $22.50 "One time cash redemption" per the last deal.

  • Do these include referral bonus?

    • Think it's either or. So the new account holder gets 5000 points regardless but if you go via referral, you get brownie points for benefiting a fellow OzBargainer.

      • So it's not 10k total then because referral and referee gets 5k and would it be another 5k for deposits?

        • Best not to bank on it but consider it a bonus if you do end up getting 10k in total.

  • FYI: Referral codes only work if you're applying via the app

    • I didn't get anything. It only gave me 8 virgin money points after my first transaction.

      Is this normal?

  • Guys is this bank account better for daily banking or the HSBC with $100 bonus and 2% cashback?

    By better I mean, which one will allow me to pocket more cash back at the end of the month!

    • +1

      According to my calculations.
      8 points per dollar.
      Can redeem 500 points for $2.25 -> 3.6% cashback equivalent.
      Can redeem 3700 points for $20 Amazon / Coles / Woolworths gift card -> 4.3% cashback equivalent.
      Can redeem 35,595 points for $200 Woolworths gift card -> 4.5% cashback equivalent.

      So I think I'll be switching transactions from HSBC to Virgin.
      + you earn points on all transactions, not just <$100 physical transactions as with HSBC.
      This even works out cheaper than buying some discounted eGift cards (i.e. Amazon @ 3%, even considering the 0.5% Visa surcharge).

      Someone correct me if I'm wrong

      • +2

        It's 8 points per purchase, not per dollar unfortunately.

        • +1

          Oh, that's dumb.

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