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Steelcase Gesture w/ Headrest $1,495 + $99 Delivery (or Free Pickup from TNT Depots) @ ARKI Environments


about $40 cheaper than last deal


Was about to buy this from steelcase directly, but headrest model is out of stock via steelcase with their 25% off sale. And this is the nicer grey colorway

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    Is there a PU Leather version?

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      I am disappointed JV said "PU Leather".

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    Thanks grabbed 7

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      Did they combine delivery?

      I'm looking at getting 6 for our dining table.

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    for 1600.. why not herman miller?

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      cause aerons are $2k and the gesture has a superior armrest and dont punish u for sitting cross legged

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      I've tried both aeron and embody and this had way better back support as well as an option to have a headrest

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      Because the Gesture is a superior chair - it's more comfortable, has the best arms in the market and doesn't have hard mesh which is really not comfortable after long hours.

      Not sure why everyone jumps in the Aeron bandwagon. FYI, big businesses buy the Aeron at $700 so retail is way overpriced.

      • I know Aeron is way overpriced but haven't heard much about this one.

        would be great if there's a place in Melbourne where we can directly compare all these

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          Well Steelcase is the 2nnd largest furniture company in the world, HM is first (after buying Knoll) and Haworth is 3rd as a comparison.

          Also they all have different dealers so you won't be able to do a side by side. But they both have showrooms you can check out.

  • Will this chair be suited for someone around 170cm?

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      I remember watching a review for it and the guy is 170cm(5’6)

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      Check out the review that Jayztwocents just posted on YouTube - it should be good as he is 6”4’ and his cameraman is 5”2’ and they both loved it https://youtu.be/ngDdmPDKZFw

  • Does anyone know where I can find the seat width? Doesn't seem to be included in the specs.

  • Surprisingly not available for SA…..

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    Geez i could buy office works chairs for the next 15 years at this price

    • You know except this chair would likely last the next 15 years on its own

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    I can't believe people pay 2k for a chair :/

    I managed to score a Steelcase Leap V2 for $280 today 🤣 to be honest, it doesn't feel like a $1300 chair to me
    I guess these companies are loving it these days.

    Someone was selling one for $500 too, both said their work paid but back at office now.

    So I imagine nationally there will be alot of used office chairs going up for sale

    • +2

      this is a steel case gesture and not leap

      also not used by 100 people in a corporate environment that was never cleaned

      • This was at his house, aka people have been working from home the last 1-2 years.

  • I'm seeing $60 for pickup from TNT depots with free pickup only from Arki depot.

  • Only showing in stock for me when doing 60 dollar pickup option.

  • Just got this chair… built like a tank (32kg, you can tell) forces you to sit up straight but I find the lumbar support too aggressive. I used to have lower back pain (with the HM Eames high back office chair) now I get now I have mid pack pain. Good for semi reclined seating due to the headrest. Fabric finish so time will tell if it will last as long as the genuine leather of the Eames. (Eames is 11yo and counting - just needed one with a headrest)

  • ARKI are one of the worst companies to deal with. We are using them for work equipment, and they sent me multiple chairs and the wrong desk, and they take FOREVER to respond (if they respond), and the worst thing is, when they do respond, they don't full answer emails

    eg; i send them an email with multiple questions, but they'll only answer the first question

    • But how's the quality of the chairs themselves?

    • You must be from Telstra. I got my desk and chair a few weeks ago. I had a very different experience and just happy to have been given a desk and chair in my home from my employer.

  • This deal hasn't expired?
    Anyway, steelcase is having their own sale starting 26th.

    Gesture with headrest will likely be same price as Arki.
    Gesture with arms no headrest likely be cheaper, $1178 vs $1300 at Arki

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